Prediction: Assassination in Europe

I had a visual of a president or prime minister, he was smiling or happy, then he was shot.

I had a visual of the number 11 then 12.

I had a visual of a newspaper that read: “The president killed by Nazis”

They implied a young leader. The Nazis might be a reference to a radical right. I have to assume they are still talking about the heart of Europe. Which implies France and Macron. Please take caution France, please ramp up your security. 

I had a visual of the center of Europe then a wave extending out. A ‘shock wave’.

A shoot out.. the leader is dead.. so much tragedy.. terror. in the heart of Europe.

This might go with an old prediction but for Europe not the US, the emotional pain in this last post felt very similar, so much sadness:  First it was blackness, I heard a shot then screams, then a tragic wailing noise. Then I was in a parking lot. A tall older man was comforting Jacqueline Kennedy who was wearing the bloody tattered pink dress she wore on that fateful day in 1963. The older man had his arms around her tightly with his hand cradling her face, which I could not see. She wept and whaled into his chest, the cars in the background were from this time frame.  I stepped out of the vision because it became to emotional for me


Prediction: A President Assassinated

This prediction is expected very soon.

The new president will be assassinated by the radical one, but with it is an epic scandal. The old guard does not like this president. The president made too many waves, and so they either let it happen, or opened the door of opportunity for his demise.. the president now dead.. when (or by) the weeks end.

In a previous message they implied the assassination would take place ‘around’ March 11th.

They implied the culprit was either a radical Muslim or radical anti Muslim. I asked where several times but to no avail. In a previous prediction they pointed to Duterte, President of the Philippines, however in that prediction it was presented as a threat to his safety. So its possible we are talking about two separate events. They later said ‘French connection’. Does that mean a nation where the French language is prevalent or perhaps a former colony of France which points to Africa, or France itself? 

The Spirits don’t feel we can hinder this act, however they want the truth about this vial old guard to be known so that the people can act accordingly. 

Another prediction:

Nuclear disaster.. a horrible mistake.. those in the area will be hit hard with radiation.. Mao.. May.

They implied Asia, it could be China. 

I had a visual of several people abandoning a ship. Some of the individuals jumped into the ocean.

This message is either literal or could be symbolic to the Nuclear disaster, perhaps an indication of how poorly the situation is handled. 


Predictions 5-19-16

“Its time”

I had a visual of a man who was guarded by others, but someone got through the security and shot him.

Perhaps a reminder of this prediction:

“He is about to speak.. then assassinated.. espanol, Spanish.. in the hallway.. 5 o clock.. Latin American.. ‘V’.. it will unfold very soon.”


“Its not one attack on the US but multiple.. it’s coming.. then again in December.”

I had a visual of the map of California then tourist sites of Washington DC, New York, and Boston.

Predictions 5-3-16

“The Butcher is dead. Many will celebrate his demise.” – Spirits Voice


A Butcher has been used to describe an evil leader. They have in the past referred to President Al Assad of Syria as a Butcher. But they have also used it for other leaders. 

Its unclear what 9:57 means, usually 57 means the 5th or in 5 days. This means the 5th or 8th/9th is marked. But what does 9 mean? 

“In India a great famine is coming, this year. One of the worst.” — Spirits Voice

They also pointed Africa, the Refugees of Syria, and other parts of the middle east, they are saying that famine is coming with a vengeance, and it starts this year.

“A horrible train crash.”

I had a vision I was crossing multiple trains but one of them was completely black.

Spirit implied Germany. It could be a derailment.

Predictions 2-14-16

“Daesh  (ISIS)  in New York.. attacking multiple locations.. on a Sunday or Monday the plans set.. when football would normally be played.  Such a horrible nightmare, like a war zone” – Spirits Voice

I had a visual I was looking down at a digital watch that read ‘2’.

Are they saying 2 days from now? Or literally around 2:00

“He is about to speak.. then assassinated.. espanol, Spanish.. in the hallway.. 5 o clock.. Latin American.. ‘V’.. it will unfold very soon.”

“There will be an economic collapse for the nation. The president failed to make changes. It gets worse as he turns on his own people. They need to ask their neighbors for help.”

Spirit did not say which nation has the economic collapse but the implication was Venezuela.

I had a visual of a flyer laying on the ground with Donald Trumps picture. Rain was pouring down making the street and the picture soaked. Then the visual switched and I saw Trump speaking at a podium with small insects coming out of his mouth.

Rain symbolically represents sadness or troubling times. To me the fact that it was on the ground would imply someone disregarding his image, ‘throwing it down or throwing it away’. This might or might not have ties to the previous prediction below:

Predictions 1-7-16   I had a visual of the US flag flying high, then it became entangled, crumped up.
“The rich one, the loud one, creates a tone that in turn invokes violence. Violence against others. The top leaders reign ends.. its over.. his place.. no more.”
“Leaders you have a responsibility to the tone you create.”

I had a visual of this massive flood sweeping up everything in its path, like a raging river, structures were turned to rubble, the debris floated along with the current.

I had a visual of a world map, the Spirits marked the Northern shore of Australia, the overall image was very small making it difficult to narrow down a specific location, however it was in the central part putting it in the Northern Territory of Australia “This will be flooded within weeks.”

A massive breach.. huge hacking.. US taxes (IRS?).. creating a horrible jam.. they are lying.. Devils due, they are very wickedly clever.

I had a visual of computers running wild, an office drawer opening up but nothing inside. In the distant background was a white, red, blue flag laying across the desk. Russia? Or perhaps they are just using the US colors?

Notes on 10-8-15

Big change in creating our world predictions, this is how we will predict timeframes moving forward.

“The ‘Booth’ prediction is coming now.. 10..”  — Spirits Voice

Predictions on 9-23-15    “Like John Wilkes Booth.. go out there and catch him, he is on the run.” — Spirits Voice

John Wilkes Booth: was an American stage actor who assassinated US President Abraham Lincoln in 1865. Booth was a well known actor of the Booth theatrical family. He was also a Confederate sympathizer, and strongly opposed to the abolition of slavery by the US.  After the assassination Booth went on the run and the US mounted a historic man hunt. Booth fled on horseback to Maryland, eventually making his way to a farm 12 days later, where he was tracked down. Booth’s companion gave himself up, but Booth refused and was shot by a Union soldier after the barn in which he was hiding was set ablaze.
Facts taken by:

World Predictions Change: This is the new system for creating ‘timeframes’. We are moving away from predicting timeframes when we present the initial prediction, instead we will come back later, remind you of the event and predict that this event has arrived. Some of the predictions will have a numeric ‘code’ that will be used to describe the prediction, then when it is about to happen Spirit will provide a visual of that code. Expect this countdown structure to dominate our new order in making world predictions.

In this previous prediction I truly believe one of these numbers are a code: Notes on 10-3-15 Airplane Bombing

I had a visual of an explosion within an airplane.
I had a visual of a flight attendant walking around ending her journey in the front of the plane by the cockpit.
Spirit wrote: 67 or 77 (which implies around the 6th or 7th.)
Spirit wrote: 23.. 359 (I know they wrote 35 but unclear of the last number, I believe  it was 0 or 9. I am unclear what these numbers represent)
“International.. terror.. trapped” — Spirits Voice

Presidential Assassintation

We are expecting this prediction to unfold soon, they implied it should unfold before the end of February. 2:45 could be seen as three-fourths into the month of February, making it a rough timeframe sometime around February 21st.

“The Assassination is coming next.. very soon” – Spirits voice Here are the predictions I assume they are talking about:
Predictions for 2014 There is going to be a Lee Harvey Oswald moment.. terror.. decoy.. a visual of the presidents house burning.. 2:45
Notes on 12-22-13 “There is going to be a Lee Harvey Oswald moment.. terror.. decoy.. a major event” a visual of the presidents house burning.

It is possible this prediction might have ties to Ukraine as the last part seems similar to facts being reported in the news:
The Facts on 2-18: “KIEV: Ukrainian opposition protesters on Tuesday attacked the party headquarters of embattled President Viktor Yanukovych as fierce clashes with police erupted again in Kiev for the first time in weeks.
Protesters briefly seized the party headquarters after several hundred attacked it with Molotov cocktails and smashed their way inside but later withdrew as smoke continued to billow from part of the building, an AFP reporter at the scene said.” Quoted News:

Notes on 12-22-13

“There is going to be a Lee Harvey Oswald moment.. terror.. decoy.. a major event” a visual of the presidents house burning.

I had a visual of a brown emblem with the number 4 on it.

I had a visual of a spider crawling down a wall and moving hastily across the floor. Then I saw a fire starting with flames at a door or entrance. Then I had a visual of a person falling.

I had a visual of the US flag, then a large acre of land by what seemed like a compound.

The 23rd is marked.

Glossary Reference: Spider

Eric’s Comments: Its unclear if these two events are related. For my fans outside of the US Lee Harvey Oswald infamously assassinated President John F Kennedy, it implies a president will be assassinated. Even though they are using a vilified US individual be cautious not to assume this event is in the US. It was implied that perhaps the assassination might have Russian ties, perhaps a nation between Russia and Europe, but foggy. The 23rd is talking about a previous prediction, perhaps the earthquake.

Notes on 8-12-13

The Prediction that is coming next.
I saw the head of a man landing on Mars or it could have been Mercury, they look similar. “The failed prediction will unfold”. – Who is this person? Head of State? President Assassinated? A situation expected Tuesday or Wednesday. Mars could also be seen as war.

There are two other old possible predictions besides the list presented earlier, but its a prediction about a leader:
President Assassination: A man standing at the doors of UN he had odd-looking glasses dressed in black and the floor said ‘death’ .. “President Murdered” – The UN reference I believe is to point to an individual outside of the US, as if to say a global figure would be murdered.
The Passing of F. Castro was another very old prediction.

Planets are old school, and  they are bringing it back, it’s a pun in which the head of state or leader, lands on Tuesday or Wednesday:
Monday – Diana or Moon
Tuesday – Mars
Wednesday – Mercury
Thursday – Jupiter
Friday – Venus
Saturday – Saturn
Sunday – Sun

Also coming soon: “The earthquake looms” – There are only two predictions: Mexico earthquake 1,2 that would be damaging and the Tsunami.

Notes on 7-26-13

Here are the Notes from Spirit on July 26th, these are countdown messages of what prediction is expected to unfold very soon.

“Next” I had a visual of an area of land turned to ash, completely destroyed. I then saw a burner raging with a boiling pot bubbling over.
My Opinion: Bomb, Horrible Fire, Volcano? All of them fit, and again they are pointing to it and saying this is coming very soon. There was mention of ‘Honduras’ but uncertain if it was related.

“An ancient prediction is about to unfold, ‘the leader’, old one, three, three empty plates, look it up, the countdown to zero has almost arrived”
My opinion: An old prediction that never happened is about to unfold with its title being one about a world leader, even with my previous post there are other predictions as possibilities. Here are a few I don’t want to discount. The key I cannot figure out  is “Three” which fits with none of them. Perhaps three is related to the 30th or 3rd.  Any thoughts on which prediction they are talking about?

  • There will be an assassination of an unknown president.
  • The male European leader in Royal garb will pass away.
  • The unraveling of  Al Assad and Kim Jong Un’s regime.