Prediction: Assassination in Europe

I had a visual of a president or prime minister, he was smiling or happy, then he was shot.

I had a visual of the number 11 then 12.

I had a visual of a newspaper that read: “The president killed by Nazis”

They implied a young leader. The Nazis might be a reference to a radical right. I have to assume they are still talking about the heart of Europe. Which implies France and Macron. Please take caution France, please ramp up your security. 

I had a visual of the center of Europe then a wave extending out. A ‘shock wave’.

A shoot out.. the leader is dead.. so much tragedy.. terror. in the heart of Europe.

This might go with an old prediction but for Europe not the US, the emotional pain in this last post felt very similar, so much sadness:  First it was blackness, I heard a shot then screams, then a tragic wailing noise. Then I was in a parking lot. A tall older man was comforting Jacqueline Kennedy who was wearing the bloody tattered pink dress she wore on that fateful day in 1963. The older man had his arms around her tightly with his hand cradling her face, which I could not see. She wept and whaled into his chest, the cars in the background were from this time frame.  I stepped out of the vision because it became to emotional for me



25 thoughts on “Prediction: Assassination in Europe

  1. On Sunday Nov 11th, Emmanuel Macron will give a speech in honour of the 100th anniversary of the signing of the armistice.

  2. I don’t like that President Trump and the First Lady will be in France on November 11th, 2018 which is a master 33 number day. It’s also the anniversary of Armistice Day which is why they will be there that day. I worry because our POTUS is not as well guarded and protected in France as he would be in the USA; and with declassification coming, efforts to derail revelation(s) including wrongdoings by many international players would bring down the “old guard”. The stakes couldn’t be higher, in my humble opinion. I’ll be praying for ALL

    • Nothing to worry about since predictions about Trump while in office go beyond November 11th, 2018. And there will be ‘revelation(s)’ in Nov and Dec that expose corruption by Trump and associates, according to predictions.

      • Perhaps but an assassination attempt doesn’t mean it will be a successful one.
        Even a failed attempt could be injurious and create a shift in the focus if the news we find out about.

      • but I think spirits are talking about trump assesination, because they talk about kenedy assenisantion and remenber taht last year they told that TRump aren’t going to be president on christmast this year (and also tehre are a lot of prediccions about trump assesination at someones he dies and in someones he is so harmfull taht is imposible for him to be president anymore.

      • I plan to ask them directly who is being attacked and which month to verify it’s now. In the visuals everything pointed to European leaders. However he is visiting

    • Linda,
      Master 33 number day, what is that? Is it related to astrology? I’m very clueless about that stuff so. I’ll definitely need a layman’s-terms explanation.

  3. Armistice Day on the 11th November
    Ceremonies to mark 100 years since the end of the first world war

  4. I am wondering if the Chanel suit
    is a reference to brigitte macron
    either because both she and Chanel is french
    or because brigitte macron is
    famous for dressing classically
    french in Chanel and Vuitton

  5. There was a plot to kill Macron recently in the news, six men were arrested. Police described the plot as being “imprecise and loosely formed”, but there could be other would-be assassins/extremist-cells out there.

  6. Eric,
    Any updates on this earlier prediction?: “I had a visual of what look like the Empire State Building, there was a very large storm behind it. “Bomb.. November”

  7. Eric
    Yes I was hoping too that the last attempt that was thwarted was the end of it ..but I too have just had a French flag..alert that is .. from singer guide .Lilly Marlene song ..
    Along with heavy sent of a baby powder flower type smell at same time ..

    Surrounding Macon with love and light …
    Blessings to you and Bea..💓

  8. Eric,
    Ref;; 70,000 migrants…
    Preparing to swarm Europe..

    A mass of 70,000 migrants has gathered in the Balkans where they are preparing to swarm Europe via the “Soros Express,” Hungarian officials are warning.

    Hungary announced it has mobilized 2,300 troops to be deployed to its southern border on short notice as thousands of migrants threaten to penetrate into Croatia 🇭🇷 from Bosnia ,where they have been accumulating for months and are now actively engaging Croatian border forces in violent clashes.

  9. There is talk of nationalism/Nazism in the news and of a lot of conflict between the French people and their president.

    Crucially, Trump has strong fans among the nationalists who abhor Macron, and who are now sharpening their knives for the European election campaign, sensing that they have the political support from a much more powerful leader than the ones in their own countries…”

    This would be on the 11th…
    “thousands are expected to demonstrate against the U.S. President in Paris’s Place de la République on Sunday afternoon, with organizers saying they will protest what they see as Macron’s too-polite relationship with Trump.”

    • Thanks for that information. I did not know that, I was under the impression that Macron was seen very highly by the citizens of France. I plan to ask for clarification, so that I can verify we are talking about Macron and not another European leader.

  10. The heart of Europe could be Brussels the EU’s head quarters.. The EU has 5 presidents. Several European countries have both a prime minister and a president.

  11. my understanding the nazi still exist and are still active in a changed form. they never lost power but made it seem they did.
    i believe the world is still run by this group.
    the nazi are part illuminati etc.
    same group same system but just a new form.
    this european leader will try to speak out like j.f kennedy but we all knows what happens when you speak out.


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