Predictions for 2014

A window of things to come:

  1. There is going to be a Lee Harvey Oswald moment.. terror.. decoy.. a visual of the presidents house burning.. 2:45
  2. The biggest earthquake of 2014.. in the west banks.. March
  3. Mass suicide unfolds for nothing but a lie.. in America.. south.
  4. Al Assad will finally fall.. Syria will seem unrecognizable as lawlessness ensues.. Alawites told to get out.
  5. Israel will have a bloody conflict with its neighbor
  6. Nick is the most powerful man.. replacement
  7. The US government drastically alters.. the president ready to set a more positive tone..  compromise.. togetherness return.. unfortunately much of it due to the issues that face the nation.. later the US government becomes more blue, as the red dwindles.
  8. The bugs land in Taiwan.. discord.. upheavals.. rough seas.. not its best year.
  9. Ireland kept away from the desk.. explodes in violence.. bloody
  10. Kim Jong Un slices and dices leaders.. a Brutus moment approaches.. one will fall bloody.. they try a coup.. the end.. not now, later, North Korea will become China.
  11. A much better global economy.. finally..  moving forward! The global economy will rise, fall, and rise again in 2014.
  12. The Vatican.. the criminal acts will be dealt with.. the chalice is filled with dirty water.. it will be poured out and the water will be made crystal clear.. from clear it will be made white.

Eric’s Comments: They mentioned it wasn’t a very good year, unlike the 2013 rollout that had a mixture of great news and bad, this set seems to reflect a violent year. Good news the Pope really pushes forward, two butchers are going to fall from power and finally improvement with the world’s economy, but with a hiccup, two steps forward and one step back. I believe 2:45 could be a reference to the second half of February. We will predict the hurricane season as it approaches.

Glossary Reference: Red and Blue



Notes on 12-22-13

“There is going to be a Lee Harvey Oswald moment.. terror.. decoy.. a major event” a visual of the presidents house burning.

I had a visual of a brown emblem with the number 4 on it.

I had a visual of a spider crawling down a wall and moving hastily across the floor. Then I saw a fire starting with flames at a door or entrance. Then I had a visual of a person falling.

I had a visual of the US flag, then a large acre of land by what seemed like a compound.

The 23rd is marked.

Glossary Reference: Spider

Eric’s Comments: Its unclear if these two events are related. For my fans outside of the US Lee Harvey Oswald infamously assassinated President John F Kennedy, it implies a president will be assassinated. Even though they are using a vilified US individual be cautious not to assume this event is in the US. It was implied that perhaps the assassination might have Russian ties, perhaps a nation between Russia and Europe, but foggy. The 23rd is talking about a previous prediction, perhaps the earthquake.