Eric Leigh-Pinks’s World Predictions Major Events Predicted:

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“Putin now plans to take action against Ukraine.” I had a visual of either a large missile or rocket flying in space, behind it was a black cloud implying ‘trouble’ I had a visual of a ship with one massive hole. In the visual it looked like a very large ship, part of the ship was red. The hole was protruding out implying an explosion.

World Predictions 12-26-18

I had a visual of China, in the eastern coastal region semi close to Taiwan, that was marked. On the map was the number 2. “An epidemic is coming that will move with such fury.” Then it shifted to show people in tents coughing. I had a visual of a map showing an area between France and Spain in the more northern region. Then the area turned red, the red are grew outward, getting larger and larger.

World Predictions 10-6-19

I had a visual of a calendar with the 6th blackened out. I had a visual of the US flag wrapped around its poll upside down. “Liberty.. which was held sacred at one time.. will be under attack.. trampled”

World Predictions 4-5-19\

Civil discord.. Civil upheaval.. Civil war.. Iran. The authorities will beat the protesters in the most egregious way.. bloody and broken.. the actions will create the opposite effect.. meant to achieve oppression.. it will lead to even bigger protest and a clear rage from the public.” Sounds like Iran.

Iran uprising.. their government begins to crack 20-24


“The worst mass shooting in US history will be out of Texas.”

I had a visual of an old blue door with the number 23 on it. Then they showed the lock of the door turn back and forth (that means lockdown) “One of the worst shootings” Then it shifted to show a graveyard. “Too many!”

“Texas” I had a visual of someone shooting people. There where holes in multiple places implying a massive shooting spree. Is this the prediction about the worst mass shooting in US history?

Prediction 9-27-18 Predictions 7-9-18 Predictions 6-10-18

I had a visual of people sitting on benches in a stadium, everyone was looking up while clapping, than under the bleachers, behind the people, an explosion happened, people began to scream and everyone scrambled for safety.
“Terror.. terror”
I had a visual of two metal poles, one on the left side the other on the right. A white ball slowly rolled down from one pole and stopped a little bit over half way on the field, then there was an explosion.
“Eric there is a threat to Paris.. focal point.” — Spirit’s Voice

Notes on 7-4-14 Notes on 7-16-14 Notes on 2-24-15

“Nerve agent.. 150.. so evil.. poisoning” Perhaps Al Assad and Syria again?

Predictions 4-1-18

I had a visual of an explosion, fire.
China.. 18.. such a horrible tragic event.. terror.. around 650.. a massive situation. Vehicles destroyed.. one of the absolute worse.

Notes on 7-16-15

Mars “History in the making.. water!” Spirit’s Voice I had a visual of the planet Mars“In your search for life you only need to look at your own backyard.. both sea creatures and bugs (insects?).. outside from Earth.. but still in your own solar system.”

Notes on 3-10-15 Mars

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Syria Chemical Attack, Nerve Agent

It was Nerve agent used in the chemical attack. Such a horrible act against the basic decency of humanity. So wrong, so evil. The prediction:

Predictions 4-1-18  “Nerve agent.. 150.. so evil.. poisoning”   Perhaps Al Assad and Syria again?

The Facts on 4-12-18:  France’s President Emmanuel Macron says he has “proof” that the Syrian government attacked the town of Douma with chemical weapons last weekend.  He said he would decide “in due course” whether to respond with air strikes.  Urine and blood samples from victims of the attack have tested positive for chlorine and a nerve agent, media reports quote US officials as saying.  Quoted by BBC:

Does that mean these other predictions will follow soon?

Predictions 4-9-18  “They will strike”  I had a visual of a demon dressed in a suit sitting in a room, you could hear bombs drawing closer and closer.

Notes on 5-18-13   The Butcher Al Assad.. kills on an unprecedented scale.. poison plagues Syria.. death to anything in its path.. A coalition forms no longer asking for permission.. bombs begin to fall.. soon afterwards the Al Assad regime falls.




Notes on 9-30-15

I had a visual of a man in a latin american community trying to shoot a leader, it was unclear if he was successful. But then he went on the run, and was later caught.

A sequel to this prediction: “Like John Wilkes Booth.. go out there and catch him, he is on the run.” — Spirits Voice

The mad man will raise his gun in a crowd and shoot to draw everyone’s attention. The crowd will run and hide.

They mentioned a mad man before in Greece. It could be a sequel to that prediction

Notes on 7-30-15  “A mad man.. will commit a great horror.. one of the worst.. Greece.”

“When the workings of Russia and the butcher Al Assad drop bombs on the innocent the middle east will make Russia know their rage. ”

I had a visual of several middle eastern leaders throw Putin in a room that was empty, alone.

Spirit will there be Hurricanes in the US this year, and when? I had a visual of a large wooden container filled with pumpkins, someone smashed the pumpkins down with a lid.

I believe they are implying a ‘ruin of Halloween’

O and O, the countdown for two predictions are about to happen.

Notes on 11-21-14

Good News Eric! Al Assad.. Finally, Al Assad.. (president of Syria) his bloody book is closing. The family will try to take over but it will implode. At the time around the Great Prophet’s festivals. The Alawites unprotected are forced and told to get out. – Spirits Voice

I had a visual of a man being shot, then another man killing himself.
Is the visual a separate situation or are they implying Al Assad is assassinated? We have another prediction that talks about a presidential assassination. Also they have made similar messages about this topic before. The Great Prophet is a reference to Muhammad, making it a Muslim festival. Here are the previous predictions to click on:
Notes on 12-22-13
Notes on 5-18-13

The skater passes so too does the money grubbing charlatan.
The skater might be referring to someone who skates by, cheats, or maybe they are talking about a skater athlete. Now the money grubbing charlatan would be a Bernie Madoff like man, they have used that message before.

The unrighteous religious man is forced to swallow his cruel nasty words. The voice of the masses demand it. Why he represents our father… we have no ideal?

US Begins Airstrikes on Syria

This prediction is now happening as the bombs begin to fall.  Even though this is a fight against ISIS it should be interesting to see if Al Assad will fall in October as they previously predicted.

Notes on 5-18-13
“The Butcher Al Assad.. kills on an unprecedented scale.. poison plagues Syria.. death to anything in its path.. A coalition forms no longer asking for permission.. bombs begin to fall.. soon afterwards the Al Assad regime falls.”

The Facts on 9-22-14: “Pentagon says U.S. and partners begin airstrikes in Syria” Quoted by Yahoo news.


Pope Francis Condemns Religious Violence

Could this be what Spirit was talking about, a truth they are acknowledging.  The Prediction:

Notes on 3-11-14  I had a vision that the Pope Francis stood with a staff in his hand, the Pope glowed white and the emblem of the staff had white fire all around it, president Al Assad of Syria was standing by him, Al Assad shrank and became sickly (diminished).

The Facts on 9-21-14: “Pope says religion cannot be used to justify violence.   Tirana (AFP) – Pope Francis warned during a visit to Albania on Sunday that religion can never be used to justify violence, making apparent reference to the bloodshed wreaked by the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria”Let no one consider themselves to be the ‘armour’ of God while planning and carrying out acts of violence and oppression,” the pontiff said in speech at the presidential palace in Tirana
“May no one use religion as a pretext for actions against human dignity and against fundamental rights.”
The 77-year-old spiritual leader of the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics made the declaration at the start of a packed one-day visit to majority-Muslim Albania, which he held up as an “inspiring example” of religious harmony” Quoted News:;_ylt=AwrSbD1mEh9UqwsAxDFXNyoA

Notes on 3-11-14

I had a vision that the Pope Francis stood with a staff in his hand, the Pope glowed white and the emblem of the staff had white fire all around it, president Al Assad of Syria was standing by him, Al Assad shrank and became sickly (diminished).

“The volcano will erupt soon.. 787”

Glossary Reference: Numbers

Eric’s Comments: The Pope and Al Assad? Perhaps it symbolically means a ‘holy man diminishes the oppression of Syria? A spiritual force? It’s difficult to see the actual Pope have such an active role in Syria but we will have to wait and see, he has a knack for surprising us.  I know from previous messages that to shrink means to diminish and white fire represents a spiritual God like power. It was a beautiful vision.

787 could be around the 18th as it is in 7 days. Still working on a location, it was implied to be Central America but that contradicts previous snow messages. They also showed a man with two different eye colors which could mean two different locations.

Predictions for 2014

A window of things to come:

  1. There is going to be a Lee Harvey Oswald moment.. terror.. decoy.. a visual of the presidents house burning.. 2:45
  2. The biggest earthquake of 2014.. in the west banks.. March
  3. Mass suicide unfolds for nothing but a lie.. in America.. south.
  4. Al Assad will finally fall.. Syria will seem unrecognizable as lawlessness ensues.. Alawites told to get out.
  5. Israel will have a bloody conflict with its neighbor
  6. Nick is the most powerful man.. replacement
  7. The US government drastically alters.. the president ready to set a more positive tone..  compromise.. togetherness return.. unfortunately much of it due to the issues that face the nation.. later the US government becomes more blue, as the red dwindles.
  8. The bugs land in Taiwan.. discord.. upheavals.. rough seas.. not its best year.
  9. Ireland kept away from the desk.. explodes in violence.. bloody
  10. Kim Jong Un slices and dices leaders.. a Brutus moment approaches.. one will fall bloody.. they try a coup.. the end.. not now, later, North Korea will become China.
  11. A much better global economy.. finally..  moving forward! The global economy will rise, fall, and rise again in 2014.
  12. The Vatican.. the criminal acts will be dealt with.. the chalice is filled with dirty water.. it will be poured out and the water will be made crystal clear.. from clear it will be made white.

Eric’s Comments: They mentioned it wasn’t a very good year, unlike the 2013 rollout that had a mixture of great news and bad, this set seems to reflect a violent year. Good news the Pope really pushes forward, two butchers are going to fall from power and finally improvement with the world’s economy, but with a hiccup, two steps forward and one step back. I believe 2:45 could be a reference to the second half of February. We will predict the hurricane season as it approaches.

Glossary Reference: Red and Blue


Syria’s Starving People

Unbelievable, the ‘debate’ part of this prediction has come full circle as Al Assad is willing to feed his starving people as long as they meet his conditions. The Prediction reads:

Notes on 9-27-13
“A great man-made famine will sweep Syria, What a truly wicked butcher, what unrighteous neighbors (UN). You will actually debate whether or not to feed them as we gasp.” — Spirits Voice

The Facts on 12-26: “Syrian government officials promised to allow food into a rebel-held town near Damascus that has been under military blockade for months, on condition that
residents raise the Syrian national flag and rebels hand over heavy weapons,
said activists on Thursday.

Activists have warned for months that malnutrition is rife among its estimated 8,000 civilians. They have said children and the elderly have been badly affected and frequently fall sick with illnesses exacerbated by hunger. The council spokesman, an opposition activist who goes by the nickname Qusai Zakarya, said the deal allowed for the daily, limited entry of food, ensuring that residents could be quickly blockaded again.” Quoted by:


Aleppo Bombing

These incomplete predictions have happened. We failed to provide an accurate location.

Notes on 11-27-13
I had a visual of a building wall with one very large hole as if a bomb exploded. There was rubble everywhere.
A Prediction is due: In half an hour. (half a month)

The Facts on 12-17: Aleppo Bombing Kills At least 76 Syrians, Including 28 Children


Notes on 10-29-13
“A massive jam, huge, unmoving situation, everyone stuck. “
They implied Canada, but not entirely clear

The Facts on 11-27:  Weather caused nearly 500 flight cancellations and more than 3,600 delays around the country as millions of Americans travel home.– Not Canada but US.

Notes on 9-15-13 Syria

They showed one battle ship in the ocean by a large body of land. “The battleships will move away.” — I am assuming this is about Syria, but it was separate from the rest of the message.

“In the field don’t believe everything they say.. As that is what they say, they created.. Their laughing with their lies.. You can’t do that.. They moved it before you even brought it up.. keep an eye out.. the hands of righteousness will bring order.. finally hijacked.. the French out of patience.. It’s not working we tried.. the girl let her go.. I am not taking military action.. but there blowing them up?.. your being played as he tortures.. two players.. so many more months.. the US and coalition will end this.. 4 is key.”

As I wrote the message down I begin to edit the notes which they quickly halted, because they want the message word for word even though it sounds choppy. This seems to be the sum of the situation in Syria for the coming months. Each verse could be seen as another changing event.

Notes on 9-4-13

Next in Syria
Yes is the answer.. Syria will be bombed.. key in two days (6th, 7th).. expect escalation.. it unfolds easier than expected.. Bashar Al Assad will fall, he is already crumbling — “Yes” being the answer from the US house perhaps?
October was their original timeframe of when the Al Assad reign ends.

Syria Waiting

This part of the Prediction is happening, my original assessment is incorrect. Its obvious now the message is about the overall worldwide watch dog whether it be the UK, the delays of the US and other nations, ‘watch dog’ action seems exactly that, off to the side in a waiting pattern, unproductive. We will continue to ask and report what is next in Syria prior to it happening. The Prediction  posted 8-25 reads:

The Butcher Al Assad
“Syria? I saw in the dark a small dog standing under bushes, waiting, and waiting. – Dogs in the past have represented a sort of watch dog. Recently in the news it has been reported that the UN is now allowed to visit those areas in question of the chemical attack by Al Assad. My guess on this message is that even though the UN has been told that access will now be available, the message contradicts that by implying that the “dog” will wait off to the side, unproductive.”

Notes on 8-30-13

I had a visual of an icy river bed with grey and blue odd-looking ground underneath the water. “They will find the ancient remains of a river bed on Mars, and with it what is needed” — It was odd because in this historic visual there wasn’t much of the familiar red copper looking ground. But it was clearly not earth. Expect to see outer space as a new focus, this century will be an amazing time of discovery and exploration.

A picture of Al Assad, in the background was the number 4. – My guess is a countdown to the 2nd-3rd, or the date the 4th?

“We stand by our truths, and our opinions.” — We have taken a lot of heat for calling Al Assad a Butcher. That criticism is directed towards me, but this is their opinion, their words. I have always made the greatest effort to give you exactly what they have said in honor of them.  Just as the referred to Breivik as a filthy spider with razor like legs, or the US congress as bratty little toddlers that needed large bibs for their inflated egos. They have referred to Al Assad as a butcher and their truth squarely puts the blame of the chemical attack on him. In the past we excluded the opinions of the spirits, kept it out of the predictions. But their opinion is one of crystal clarity. This is a force that can see past the fog of propaganda, political agendas, and a collective national opinion. Which brings us to the purpose of sharing their opinion. Because in some not so distant future there will be that once again leader standing at a podium screaming in the microphone while his hands gesticulate and the crowd will be filled with pride and excitement while the spirits predict this leaders future sharing with you an opinion, he’s the devil incarnate.

We are debating the opinion status. Is it worth the mess that comes with it? Its debate has gone to the bosses on the other side. They have more pressing matters so I am not expecting an answer anytime soon.

Chemical Attack by Assad

This prediction has continued to happen, again, each time getting worse and I honestly thought this prediction was too deplorable to become a reality. Where are the righteous hands? How we all just allow such a monster to rule a country is beyond me. The Prediction reads:

Notes on 5-23-13
I saw smoke cover a land area with such horrible damage. Whether connected or not it was followed with; “Evil.. Persian weaponry.. they would destroy the ground they are living on how absurdly idiotic they are!.. we recognize a need for a hero.. likely aid..”
This one again really sounds like chemical warfare.

The Facts: ‘Chemical’ attack by Assad regime in Syria kills 1300 in ‘massacre’, the  opposition says. The images showed lifeless children – wrapped in simple white cloths, their pale  faces unmarked by any wound – lined up shoulder to shoulder in a vivid  demonstration of an attack Wednesday in which activists say the Syrian regime  killed at least 1300 people with toxic gas.

Read more:

Notes on 6-15-13

Here are the notes from spirit on June 15th

I had a visual of me standing on a beach, people where playing on a beach and a stadium was off to the side of the shoreline. Then a massive dirty wave crashed into the land and consumed the stadium. — They are now pointing to a specific place where damage is overly excessive. I open this up to conversation, who has a stadium very close to the shoreline?

I had a visual of a President and Senator riding in a plane in what seemed like Russia and it crashed into a forest like area, actually they showed it in a tree. The good news is they seemed to have survived.  Just a few notes we seem to be talking about a plane crash, who is the president, could it just be a president of a company, that doesn’t fit with the senator.

“When Al Assad falls, and the borders open,  the reality of horror is far worse than what the news has been reporting”

The message of breakfast — which means Break Fast, as if to say one of the incompleted prediction is about to happen that needs to be completed quickly. Usually we fail to complete them. A few come to mind, like the Volcano, it’s expected to blow but they never gave a location.

Also I want to clear something up, those of you who have followed ‘Spirits’ world predictions for the past two years have seen these predictions drastically morphed. I originally received messages from Spirit and created my own version of its meaning, filtering out several key points. Now I present their message unfiltered, exactly as is, which includes some wild cryptic messages as well as their opinion on the subject. Yes just like you and I they have an opinion on the events of today. They truly believe as written that the US leaders act like bratty little children, they truly believe that its idiotic to use chemical weapons in any fashion, and they truly believe Al Assad is a butcher and coward who needs to go as quickly as possible.  I knew going into this it would be issues, but that’s what I promised is their words unabridged, unfiltered, and exactly as is. We will however make a point to clarify whether what is written is my opinion or theirs. Previously it has been intertwined.

Syria Crosses Red Line

This prediction is happening, several other parts have unfolded as of June 13th, it reads under Notes on 5-18-13 and Notes on 5-23-13 :

I saw smoke cover a land area with such horrible damage. Whether connected or not it was followed with; “Evil.. Persian weaponry.. they would destroy the ground they are living on how absurdly idiotic they are!.. we recognize a need for a hero.. likely aid..” This one again really sounds like chemical warfare.

The Butcher Al Assad.. kills on an unprecedented scale.. poison plagues Syria.. death to anything in its path.. A coalition forms no longer asking for permission.. bombs begin to fall.. soon afterwards the Al Assad regime falls.

The Facts: Bloomberg Reported:   “Obama Boosting Syrian Aid: ‘Red Line’ Crossed  Syria has crossed the ”red line,” the Obama White House says and the Syrian opposition will be getting more assistance from the United States — not only humanitarian aid, but also still publicly unspecified stepped up support for the military council opposing the Assad regime.” Quoted News:

I really hope to complete this ongoing prediction with the final fall of the butcher Al Assad of Syria. A coalition is starting to come together to side directly with the rebels.

Notes on 5-18-13

Here are the Notes from Spirit for May 18th. Major events and cryptic messages.

The Butcher Al Assad.. kills on an unprecedented scale.. poison plagues Syria.. death to anything in its path.. A coalition forms no longer asking for permission.. bombs begin to fall.. soon afterwards the Al Assad regime falls.

It’s starting.. Vietnam is closed.. walls and barriers..
I had a visual of a small bathroom with two doors next to each other on the right. The doors closed. Right of Vietnam is China, my guess is that Vietnam closes its borders to China. The bathroom could be a symbolic message of the reason, perhaps an epidemic.

The grifter (or perhaps they said drifter)  snaps his neck.
In big bold letters the number ’35’ and then I saw ocean waves coming in. Also the numbers 57 and 337. Which means the 5th is marked. As for 33..?

When a fairly large earthquake (or close one) is about to happen I feel the ground shake under me, usually it happens in a matter of days. That shaking happened this morning. I will do my best to find out the where or when as it relates to an earthquake or perhaps the Tsunami.

I have recently shared my melancholy of constantly watching these horrible events only to see its horror in real time weeks or months later, without one ounce of change. They in turn responded:
Our circles continue to improve.. with every passing one we become closer to perfection.. Our loyalist (you) will continue to listen and view and as the circles form closer to perfection they will share more and more.. awareness will come.. We will have our day.. All of us will have our day.. be patient our work not in vain.. the future will be ours to conquer..
Circles are used to describe their predictions, from the point they create the prediction to the cycle of when the prediction happens.

Whats Coming

“The terrorist are busy bees with dirty plans. There sinister acts are in full preparation.” This again sounds like Prediction 17, 52, and what I believe is 31. The Bridge attack is still on the table for the future, so too are these kidnappings. There is a reference to the anniversary in prediction 17 which they have clarified as a warped play on the number 9 and 11.  There is still time to foil these plans. Change through awareness P 31,17:

Massive storms are projected for the North East part of South America (Brazil) and then again Mexico plus Central America, both will cause massive deep and destructive flooding, mud slides, and raging rivers on land. One of the storms is expected at the very end of November and/or the first week or two of December. Prediction still coming, need more details

Syria’s predictions are still going to unfold, they are wrong with their timing but the rebel meeting they predicted has already unfolded in predicted 44. Al Assad the butcher of Syria will fall and the several predictions about this are still coming, good riddance Al Assad.

Change comes through awareness, making individuals aware provide opportunity to foil sinister acts by the rats who make them and prepare people for coming storms. There is still time to act, with your help we can still change and alter whats coming. If you have it in yours means to make the right people aware please do so. Change has and always will be the core purpose of the ‘World Predictions’ .

Prediction 28: The Fall of Bashar Al Assad

Around October 2012 Bashar Al Assad will be dethroned from his position as Syria’s leader.  The people of Syria rejoice! Rejoice! The bloody butchers reign is closing. Finally Peace!

Everything really starts to unfold in September and carries over to October. This prediction is posted fairly early, but in the coming weeks you will see a shift in regards to the war in Syria.