Righteous Hand

A prediction for this Century.

” Look over their something new!” I saw mass construction of buildings and roads. “The path of Libya, of Tunisia now set and riddled with happiness.. the tone of Islamic law is about to shift.. rigidness out.. the Great Prophet slams his righteous hand into the desert of Africa and the Middle East crushing oppression.. oppression will fall in the sights of success.. it’s not a matter of if but when” — A symbolic message that tone is about to shift in the Muslim world. It’s once focus on rigid absolute law seems to be fading out and replaced with a renewed need to stamp out oppression in all of its forms on a global scale. Also is an overall prediction that oppressed governments in those areas will be crushed as the century unfolds. The great prophet is a symbolic reference to the Prophet Muhammad. It’s an awesome message where the people prevail, with only time against them.


Terrorist Claim Hostages

Prediction 52 Posted 11-1 is unfolding as of 1-16 under Prediction 52; A New Wave of Terrorism it reads:

In the coming months a new wave of terrorism unfolds both foiled and successful. As one example; on a global stage they will kidnap both demanding and killing hostages. Brace yourself world the rats and their sinister acts are back in action.

The Facts: On 1-16 Islamist militants attacked a gas field in Algeria on Wednesday, claiming to have kidnapped up to 41 foreigners including seven Americans in a dawn raid in retaliation for France’s intervention in Mali, according to regional media reports. The raiders were also reported to have killed three people, including a Briton and a French national. Quoted News: http://news.yahoo.com/islamists-seize-japanese-french-nationals-algeria-sources-093252520.html

Even though 2013 is an overall better year then 2012, one huge stain 2013 is marked with is terrorism.

U.S. Strikes Taliban Commander

This prediction has happened it reads under Prediction 38: US Strikes Its Enemy:

The US targets its enemy. The missile hits the target with dreadful success. ‘We got them’, a brutal reminder not to cross the United States.

The Facts: On Jan 3rd, a U.S. drone strike in northwest Pakistan killed a top Taliban commander and nine others responsible for engineering attacks on U.S. It is unrelated to Libya. Quoted News, LA Times: http://www.latimes.com/news/world/worldnow/la-us-drone-strike-in-northwest-pakistan-kills-top-taliban-commander-20130103,0,2024000.story

4: Libya

Prediction 4

Whether it’s the coming president or the next, a leader comes to power in Libya who will bring prosperity, peace and wealth back to the people of Libya. A man of the people, we will be praised and seen as one of their greatest leaders of Libya, iconic in every way.

US General Passes Away

This event predicted December 5 under Coming Predictions has happened. It Reads:

The General or Military leader will pass away

On December 27th Retired US General Norman Schwarzkopf died  at age 78. Rest in Peace. Quoted source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-20855725

Coming Predictions

Here are several predictions that are coming, and others subjects rolling out, on top of that we are working on several 2013 predictions that aren’t listed below. Some of these will of course cross over to 2013. We are working on the details now but we are running out of time so I thought I would share the basic information.

  • The General or Military leader will pass away – We are working on a Month.
  • There will be mass flooding that will blanket a large mass of land in Pakistan or India – It’s the next major flood but When?
  • A small earthquake in Southern California – Expected fairly soon but when exactly?
  • An earthquake strikes the Caribbean Island, Haiti and/or Jamaica – The time frame is less than two months but we are working diligently to get a clear date.
  • A larger earthquake strikes China – No time frame given yet
  • A coup or large government upheaval out of Columbia
  • A visual of a war plane opening up and dropping a large destructive bomb, “The bombs will fall.” – Overall Clarity needed.
  • Canada is also a huge focus. It’s about time as many of my fans come out of Canada what I know so far is that it will be a freezing winter in Canada, record-breaking.
  • Other items on the list: The Fiscal Cliff decisions before Jan 1st, next Secretary of State, a revamp timeframe of when Al Assad regime falls.
  • Finally the notes of the Prediction that is holding everything up Mass Destruction: A visual of mass smoldering smoke covering a massively large area. Smoke has in the past represented destruction. The scope of the destruction was massive and the scene showed an icy land, but is that symbolic to an icy, cold tone? I assumed it meant a volcano and that’s a strong possibility, because I can’t really imagine anything else creating such enormous damage. But there are other more questionably cautious possibilities, a bomb, a chemical attack or spill.  One message said, “Anyone who stays behind will probably not survive.”.  This situation is slotted for the end of December and was given the number 22. In some ways I hope it’s a Volcano eruption because the other glaring possibility is the sum of fears out of Syria.

Prediction 52: A New Wave of Terrorism Unfolding

P52 Posted 11-1 Reads:  In the coming months a new wave of terrorism unfolds both foiled and successful.

As one example; on a global stage they will kidnap both demanding and killing hostages. Brace yourself world the rats and their sinister acts are back in action. Original Post: https://worldpredictions.wordpress.com/2012/11/01/prediction-52-a-new-wave-of-terrorism/

The Facts: On 11-20 Reuters Reported – “Four men with ties to Southern California have been arrested and charged with plotting to kill Americans overseas by joining up with al Qaeda to engage in “violent jihad” or Islamic holy war, the FBI said on Monday.” Quoted News: http://news.yahoo.com/four-men-charged-california-terrorist-plot-220103977.html

A foiled plot of terrorism.