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Notes on 11-21-14

Good News Eric! Al Assad.. Finally, Al Assad.. (president of Syria) his bloody book is closing. The family will try to take over but it will implode. At the time around the Great Prophet’s festivals. The Alawites unprotected are forced and told to get out. – Spirits Voice

I had a visual of a man being shot, then another man killing himself.
Is the visual a separate situation or are they implying Al Assad is assassinated? We have another prediction that talks about a presidential assassination. Also they have made similar messages about this topic before. The Great Prophet is a reference to Muhammad, making it a Muslim festival. Here are the previous predictions to click on:
Notes on 12-22-13
Notes on 5-18-13

The skater passes so too does the money grubbing charlatan.
The skater might be referring to someone who skates by, cheats, or maybe they are talking about a skater athlete. Now the money grubbing charlatan would be a Bernie Madoff like man, they have used that message before.

The unrighteous religious man is forced to swallow his cruel nasty words. The voice of the masses demand it. Why he represents our father… we have no ideal?

US Weighs Air Strikes in Syria

This Prediction is unfolding. I can’t speak to the number but the US and Kurdish forces have pushed back ISIS and their position has diminished, but now a decision has to be to made to strike ISIS in Syria, which in turn would support or at least help the butcher Bashar Al Assad.

Notes on 8-16-14  “In a short amount of time 50,000 lives taken.. war has arrived to the fat spider.. from the sky the spider must back step (retreat?).. their position diminishes.. ISIS now backed in the corner.. t will spill even more blood.. the military in the sky demands a blunt foreceful unwavering broadsword attack.. whether or not it happens is unknown yet.”

The Facts on 8-25 by Fox News: “US military weighing air strikes in Syria, defense official confirms.The U.S. military is considering air strikes in Syria to thwart Islamic State militants, a senior defense official said Saturday. The official told Fox News he does expect anything “imminent,” but such a plan is being weighed amid the militants’ deadly roll from Syria into Iraq and the recent beheading of American journalist James Foley.” Quoted by http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/08/23/us-military-weighing-air-strikes-in-syria-defense-official-confirms/


Notes on 3-11-14

I had a vision that the Pope Francis stood with a staff in his hand, the Pope glowed white and the emblem of the staff had white fire all around it, president Al Assad of Syria was standing by him, Al Assad shrank and became sickly (diminished).

“The volcano will erupt soon.. 787”

Glossary Reference: Numbers

Eric’s Comments: The Pope and Al Assad? Perhaps it symbolically means a ‘holy man diminishes the oppression of Syria? A spiritual force? It’s difficult to see the actual Pope have such an active role in Syria but we will have to wait and see, he has a knack for surprising us.  I know from previous messages that to shrink means to diminish and white fire represents a spiritual God like power. It was a beautiful vision.

787 could be around the 18th as it is in 7 days. Still working on a location, it was implied to be Central America but that contradicts previous snow messages. They also showed a man with two different eye colors which could mean two different locations.

Syria’s Starving People

Unbelievable, the ‘debate’ part of this prediction has come full circle as Al Assad is willing to feed his starving people as long as they meet his conditions. The Prediction reads:

Notes on 9-27-13
“A great man-made famine will sweep Syria, What a truly wicked butcher, what unrighteous neighbors (UN). You will actually debate whether or not to feed them as we gasp.” — Spirits Voice

The Facts on 12-26: “Syrian government officials promised to allow food into a rebel-held town near Damascus that has been under military blockade for months, on condition that
residents raise the Syrian national flag and rebels hand over heavy weapons,
said activists on Thursday.

Activists have warned for months that malnutrition is rife among its estimated 8,000 civilians. They have said children and the elderly have been badly affected and frequently fall sick with illnesses exacerbated by hunger. The council spokesman, an opposition activist who goes by the nickname Qusai Zakarya, said the deal allowed for the daily, limited entry of food, ensuring that residents could be quickly blockaded again.” Quoted by: http://gulfnews.com/


Notes 11-30-13

Cuba will be devastated by one of the coming storms.
Syria will be attacked by its neighbor, fed up.

My Comments: They are still set on damaging weather affecting the Florida area, even though Hurricane season is officially over.

Notes on 9-15-13 Syria

They showed one battle ship in the ocean by a large body of land. “The battleships will move away.” — I am assuming this is about Syria, but it was separate from the rest of the message.

“In the field don’t believe everything they say.. As that is what they say, they created.. Their laughing with their lies.. You can’t do that.. They moved it before you even brought it up.. keep an eye out.. the hands of righteousness will bring order.. finally hijacked.. the French out of patience.. It’s not working we tried.. the girl let her go.. I am not taking military action.. but there blowing them up?.. your being played as he tortures.. two players.. so many more months.. the US and coalition will end this.. 4 is key.”

As I wrote the message down I begin to edit the notes which they quickly halted, because they want the message word for word even though it sounds choppy. This seems to be the sum of the situation in Syria for the coming months. Each verse could be seen as another changing event.

Notes on 9-4-13

Next in Syria
Yes is the answer.. Syria will be bombed.. key in two days (6th, 7th).. expect escalation.. it unfolds easier than expected.. Bashar Al Assad will fall, he is already crumbling — “Yes” being the answer from the US house perhaps?
October was their original timeframe of when the Al Assad reign ends.

Syria Waiting

This part of the Prediction is happening, my original assessment is incorrect. Its obvious now the message is about the overall worldwide watch dog whether it be the UK, the delays of the US and other nations, ‘watch dog’ action seems exactly that, off to the side in a waiting pattern, unproductive. We will continue to ask and report what is next in Syria prior to it happening. The Prediction  posted 8-25 reads:

The Butcher Al Assad
“Syria? I saw in the dark a small dog standing under bushes, waiting, and waiting. – Dogs in the past have represented a sort of watch dog. Recently in the news it has been reported that the UN is now allowed to visit those areas in question of the chemical attack by Al Assad. My guess on this message is that even though the UN has been told that access will now be available, the message contradicts that by implying that the “dog” will wait off to the side, unproductive.”

Syria Crosses Red Line

This prediction is happening, several other parts have unfolded as of June 13th, it reads under Notes on 5-18-13 and Notes on 5-23-13 :

I saw smoke cover a land area with such horrible damage. Whether connected or not it was followed with; “Evil.. Persian weaponry.. they would destroy the ground they are living on how absurdly idiotic they are!.. we recognize a need for a hero.. likely aid..” This one again really sounds like chemical warfare.

The Butcher Al Assad.. kills on an unprecedented scale.. poison plagues Syria.. death to anything in its path.. A coalition forms no longer asking for permission.. bombs begin to fall.. soon afterwards the Al Assad regime falls.

The Facts: Bloomberg Reported:   “Obama Boosting Syrian Aid: ‘Red Line’ Crossed  Syria has crossed the ”red line,” the Obama White House says and the Syrian opposition will be getting more assistance from the United States — not only humanitarian aid, but also still publicly unspecified stepped up support for the military council opposing the Assad regime.” Quoted News: http://go.bloomberg.com/political-capital/2013-06-13/obama-boosting-syrian-aide-red-line-crossed/

I really hope to complete this ongoing prediction with the final fall of the butcher Al Assad of Syria. A coalition is starting to come together to side directly with the rebels.

Syria Using Chemical Weapons

This Prediction is unfolding the last part has not unfolded yet, it reads under Notes on 5-18-13 and Notes on 5-23-13 :

I saw smoke cover a land area with such horrible damage. Whether connected or not it was followed with; “Evil.. Persian weaponry.. they would destroy the ground they are living on how absurdly idiotic they are!.. we recognize a need for a hero.. likely aid..”
This one again really sounds like chemical warfare.

The Butcher Al Assad.. kills on an unprecedented scale.. poison plagues Syria.. death to anything in its path.. A coalition forms no longer asking for permission.. bombs begin to fall.. soon afterwards the Al Assad regime falls.

The Facts:  On June 4th, United Nations human rights investigators confirmed they had “reasonable grounds” to believe that limited amounts of chemical weapons had been used in Syria and warned that the shattered country was in “free-fall”.


More notes are coming in, I have had some of my own pitfalls so I am falling behind on all of these predictions. Here are the visuals of what events are coming down the line.
A visual of Japan, there were strange tracks on the ground mangled and destroyed. Pieces of them in odd places. “Double time unfolding in Japan so unfortunate” At first it seemed that they were talking about a train or large vehicle accident, but with that message another possibility is an earthquake. I am working on more details.
China is a focal point and so too is the very south part of Florida, Florida’s tip. It’s already on the works but in 2013 their will be a superstorm that strikes Florida, I am not sure if this message is related.
More vague information on the “Mass Destruction” prediction. This time I was standing in an airport that looked very unkept. There were windows for walls and outside a huge mist like black smoke blanketed the entire area. You could not see outside of the airport just smoke. As I mentioned before the smoke represents destruction. At this point it looks like they are intentionally hindering the clarity of the information. They perhaps don’t want to show me too much because it’s too horrific.
The emblem of the United Nations.
Then another visual of a city under fire being destroyed, by war like acts.
I apologize for all the vague notes and very little actual detailed predictions. I am not saying these as actual predictions but precursors of what we are working on, but we will run out of time for some of these events. I should be up to speed soon.
In other news they are expecting one of the more major predictions to unfold in the next few days. They also mentioned that the ‘Queens passing’ will unfold soon. Be cautious not to assume any specific queen as they did not mention who exactly.

Coming Predictions

Here are several predictions that are coming, and others subjects rolling out, on top of that we are working on several 2013 predictions that aren’t listed below. Some of these will of course cross over to 2013. We are working on the details now but we are running out of time so I thought I would share the basic information.

  • The General or Military leader will pass away – We are working on a Month.
  • There will be mass flooding that will blanket a large mass of land in Pakistan or India – It’s the next major flood but When?
  • A small earthquake in Southern California – Expected fairly soon but when exactly?
  • An earthquake strikes the Caribbean Island, Haiti and/or Jamaica – The time frame is less than two months but we are working diligently to get a clear date.
  • A larger earthquake strikes China – No time frame given yet
  • A coup or large government upheaval out of Columbia
  • A visual of a war plane opening up and dropping a large destructive bomb, “The bombs will fall.” – Overall Clarity needed.
  • Canada is also a huge focus. It’s about time as many of my fans come out of Canada what I know so far is that it will be a freezing winter in Canada, record-breaking.
  • Other items on the list: The Fiscal Cliff decisions before Jan 1st, next Secretary of State, a revamp timeframe of when Al Assad regime falls.
  • Finally the notes of the Prediction that is holding everything up Mass Destruction: A visual of mass smoldering smoke covering a massively large area. Smoke has in the past represented destruction. The scope of the destruction was massive and the scene showed an icy land, but is that symbolic to an icy, cold tone? I assumed it meant a volcano and that’s a strong possibility, because I can’t really imagine anything else creating such enormous damage. But there are other more questionably cautious possibilities, a bomb, a chemical attack or spill.  One message said, “Anyone who stays behind will probably not survive.”.  This situation is slotted for the end of December and was given the number 22. In some ways I hope it’s a Volcano eruption because the other glaring possibility is the sum of fears out of Syria.

Prediction 50: War Escalates – Syria Invaded

Turkey does in fact escalate to war with Syria. It’s only soon after the battles unfold that Bashar Al Assad the butcher of Syria surrenders.

An extension and correction to clarify prediction 44

Notes: Here is the symbolic messages from the spirits that created this prediction, feel free to create your own translation.

  • W-A-R in big bold letters
  • The border of Syria, an army is gathering: Turkey just recently added soldiers to its border next to Syria. Note the fact they never really mentioned Turkey, its possible we are talking about the UN or NATO, but looking at the current situation Turkey crossing the border in more plausible. Syria is invaded one way or another by an outside force.
  • The army crosses Syria and the battle begins.
  • “He surrender’s”

Prediction 44: Al Assad of Syria Surrenders

A meeting unfolds in the coming days of October. Great news, Bashar Al Assad surrenders. The news is followed by massive celebration.

This prediction is expected to unfold very soon. Its unclear if Al Assad and or his regime surrenders, either way great news.

Notes: Here is the symbolic messages from the spirits that created this prediction, feel free to create your own translation.

  • A picture of a private meeting
  • The words “I give up, I surrender”
  • Two groups of people sling black mud at each other. “A horrible situation”
  • “This is coming in a few hours, very soon” (hours means days) perhaps around the 9th.
  • A beautiful scene of celebrations in the streets. “A good day and great news”

Prediction 33: Syria, Al Assad’s Reign Begins to Unravel

Bashar Al Assad will continue to slaughter both the rebels and innocent civilians. Because of his cruel workings more and more Syrians join the rebel side. The inner circle of Al Assad crumbles to pieces. The Brutus’s to Caesar are on the rise.


Prediction 28: The Fall of Bashar Al Assad

Around October 2012 Bashar Al Assad will be dethroned from his position as Syria’s leader.  The people of Syria rejoice! Rejoice! The bloody butchers reign is closing. Finally Peace!

Everything really starts to unfold in September and carries over to October. This prediction is posted fairly early, but in the coming weeks you will see a shift in regards to the war in Syria.

Prediction 5: Sound Bites

This is new to the blog and something I thought I might try, Sound Bites. These aren’t full predictions just small little nuggets of information that are a reflection of the news coming. They will be random, simple and small.

U.S. Politics: It’s all over the news Rick will be in the media spotlight over a slimy little deal.

Update on “P. 3 Volcano Erupts”: The Volcano will erupt in the Asian islands. It is looking more and more like the Philippines or Indonesia

Syria:  The enemies of the Syrian government surge against him and takes the upper hand. Unlike Gaddafi who fought till the bitter end Al Assad steps down. They are skipping to the end of this nightmare, we are still focused on how it will play out and when will this unfold.