More notes are coming in, I have had some of my own pitfalls so I am falling behind on all of these predictions. Here are the visuals of what events are coming down the line.
A visual of Japan, there were strange tracks on the ground mangled and destroyed. Pieces of them in odd places. “Double time unfolding in Japan so unfortunate” At first it seemed that they were talking about a train or large vehicle accident, but with that message another possibility is an earthquake. I am working on more details.
China is a focal point and so too is the very south part of Florida, Florida’s tip. It’s already on the works but in 2013 their will be a superstorm that strikes Florida, I am not sure if this message is related.
More vague information on the “Mass Destruction” prediction. This time I was standing in an airport that looked very unkept. There were windows for walls and outside a huge mist like black smoke blanketed the entire area. You could not see outside of the airport just smoke. As I mentioned before the smoke represents destruction. At this point it looks like they are intentionally hindering the clarity of the information. They perhaps don’t want to show me too much because it’s too horrific.
The emblem of the United Nations.
Then another visual of a city under fire being destroyed, by war like acts.
I apologize for all the vague notes and very little actual detailed predictions. I am not saying these as actual predictions but precursors of what we are working on, but we will run out of time for some of these events. I should be up to speed soon.
In other news they are expecting one of the more major predictions to unfold in the next few days. They also mentioned that the ‘Queens passing’ will unfold soon. Be cautious not to assume any specific queen as they did not mention who exactly.

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