Predictions 12-19-16

“Secretly the leader unclear if he is sitting on dirt or gold.. contemplates his decision to strike.. boldly the eagle strikes the spiders den.. the king of terror is dead.” — Spirits Voice

I had a visual of a large eagle sweeping down to grab a spider and squeeze it with its claw until it was dead.

The eagle in the past has represented the United States, Spiders in the past represent terrorist, or sinister acts. It sounds like the US is striking the leader of a terror organization. There is only one king that I am familiar with and that is Abu Bark al-Baghdadi the leader of ISIS. — Eric

I had a visual of a massive inferno consuming an entire city or town. It was so massive it had to be either a horrible accident or volcano. They showed an Asian city name, unfortunately I did not write it down quick enough.

Perhaps related to this previous prediction: I had a visual of one massive fire with massive amounts of smoke surrounding it. The inferno was so massive I could not see anything else. “So many lives lost.. everything in its path liquefied.” — Spirits Voice

“We will be both right and wrong with the terror attacks predicted.. we cannot cover the full scope of this act.” — Spirits Voice


Notes on 4-4-14

Many of you have been asking about future natural disasters; whether or not more massive quakes are coming and Yellowstone national park volcano. Here is their answer to our concerns.

I had a visual of a large storm coming in, the wind chimes went wild and begin spinning fast and furious, everything became very windy.

“Tornados are coming, very soon, the countdown coming dangerously close to zero”

“The volcano will erupt where the Danish live.”

Eric’s Comments: The Spirits are switching their concerns from earthquakes to tornados, and circumstances that will unfold very soon. They vaguely mentioned that the Yellowstone area might have a smaller earthquake but clearly point to the Iceland/Denmark area as to where the volcano will erupt. They again pointed to the middle east on some future earthquake, but again their focus and concern seems to be coming tornados.

Notes on 9-28-13

Here is the sum of all the predictions we are working on, but have plans to go back now and add dates to several of these predictions. When we do have dates, expect us to repeat them. We are also working on the Path of the Florida Hurricane. Here is the voice of Spirit on several different subjects.

“Because of the sun there will be a shutdown from space.”

“In October the volcano will erupt and require an expeditious exodus. Take caution as it will damage the town” They showed a picture of South America. Then they showed flags with limes on them. Peru in the Lima area perhaps? “The damage!”

“One of the Supreme Court Justices fall gravely ill.”

“I am a survivor!” .. “A deadly plane crash with its miracle”

“An oddly strange frosty chill will sweep though the southeast quarter of the US, doing extensive damage to its crops” — They implied a very blistering cold timeframe in the coming months, worse than the norm.

“Baby Bibbers (US congress) at it again, the stocks will plummet”

Being 9-28 I am hoping for a calm uneventful day without any spiders. We have all had enough of these violent acts.

Notes on 7-16-13

Here are the notes from Spirit on July 16th.

“5 – 1” Big and bold — Five in the past has represented a complete prediction. From their message to me, to a material reality. One is a message of a very close arrival, as if to say one of the predictions is expected in the next couple of days. The 19th? We also have the marked time between the 20th and 22nd.  One of the more major events predicted is about to arrive by the end of the month at the very latest.

I watched as a black smoke surrounded a building. There was a tragic horrible feeling that went with it. — Black smoke in the past represents destruction, tragedy, and death. This smoke seemed symbolic. I will ask for more details as it is vague.

I saw again a massive explosion from a Volcano, there was so much smoke billowing out of it.



Notes on 6-16-13

Here are the notes from Spirit on 6-16-13 with Q&A

I had a visual of a pot boiling in the back burner. Fire was under the pot and the water was about to boil over. — Any time they use a burner of a stove it represent ‘fire’ like forest fires. I believe they are telling me that the incomplete prediction that is expected to happen soon is the Volcano. With the timeframe now in the next few days all we need is a location. Those of you out there who have a psychic connection, that point out what they are picking up in the comment section, I would love to hear your assessment of the location. Where do you see the Volcano happening?  I will try to focus on a specific location tonight, but its timing is pretty much now.

I have been riddled with the number 8 every time I close my eyes, on a train, in the sky, on a beach, written over and over.  When you try to get your point across and the other person doesn’t understand then we usually repeat it in a more aggressive tone, almost yelling it. That’s what I think they are doing for me.  If that’s true, and this is my opinion, 28 and 8 in regards to the Tsunami would mean August.

Prediction 58: Mass Destruction, The Black Smoke

I was determined to bring clarity to this difficult shattered version of prediction which is mentioned in several other posts, but they want me to focus on the issues in 2013. So unfortunately here is all I have in regards to this prediction:

  • A visual of mass smoldering smoke covering a massively large area, smoke usually represents destruction.
  • The smoke covered a massively large area so much I saw little of anything else.
  • One event is expected in December
  • The number 22
  • An airport where the black smoke blanketed the outside, if it’s a Volcano it could represent a hinderance to air travel.

Now the new information. It is the mixed workings of two or three different predictions. One is in fact a volcano, the other is vague and they have made it clear that it is a grossly dark situation. I have a tendency to get very emotional with the darker tragedies they predict and in this case they are intentionally hindering my view for my own peace of mind. But what they do say is a ‘mass death’ either by someone elses hands like war or a mass suicide, that unfolds all at one time. The one visual they did give me was a gruesome view of several bodies lying around. The location was also a focus and they presented an icy land, a ranch, and Costa Rica.