Prediction 58: Mass Destruction, The Black Smoke

I was determined to bring clarity to this difficult shattered version of prediction which is mentioned in several other posts, but they want me to focus on the issues in 2013. So unfortunately here is all I have in regards to this prediction:

  • A visual of mass smoldering smoke covering a massively large area, smoke usually represents destruction.
  • The smoke covered a massively large area so much I saw little of anything else.
  • One event is expected in December
  • The number 22
  • An airport where the black smoke blanketed the outside, if it’s a Volcano it could represent a hinderance to air travel.

Now the new information. It is the mixed workings of two or three different predictions. One is in fact a volcano, the other is vague and they have made it clear that it is a grossly dark situation. I have a tendency to get very emotional with the darker tragedies they predict and in this case they are intentionally hindering my view for my own peace of mind. But what they do say is a ‘mass death’ either by someone elses hands like war or a mass suicide, that unfolds all at one time. The one visual they did give me was a gruesome view of several bodies lying around. The location was also a focus and they presented an icy land, a ranch, and Costa Rica.

2 thoughts on “Prediction 58: Mass Destruction, The Black Smoke

  1. The Far Sight Institute conducted the largest, scientifically managed remote viewing project ever conducted around 2008. They remote viewed to June, 2013 and what they saw with two timelines seen was of all cities viewed, there was evidence of an asteroid hitting earth, causing tsunamis that go inland for 60 miles and more. Maybe this is relevant to your vision?

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