Prediction 3: The Volcano Errupts

First the ground shakes, tremors everywhere. Then the volcano errupts violently with such a massive display of smoke, fire and lava between the 20th and the 22nd. There is next to no time to evacuate that placed called “Pinto”.

Mount Pinatubo has a volcano in the Philippines. Indonesia has several volcanos that sit by Mount Pinto, including the Sibayak Volcano. A more vague translation would be valleys in Mexico, Costa Rica, Columbia and Chile. They were very adamant about the word “Pinto” and its association to the location.

Expected time frame: Spring of 2012 around those dates, 20th and 22nd

2 responses to “Prediction 3: The Volcano Errupts”

  1. Rachel Palmer Avatar
    Rachel Palmer

    Did this prediction ever happen? There is a volcano in Columbia that is showing a lot of activity. It’s the Nevado del Ruiz volcano but Columbia’s current president is named Petro.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      No I don’t think it did

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