Philippines Volcano Erupts

This prediction happened. But we failed to present it correctly. In 2019 we made a prediction that ended up being the Taal Volcano: Taal Volcano Erupts . The Volcano erupted the next month ”January 2020” Here is that old prediction:

WORLD PREDICTIONS 12-27-19 I had a visual I was under the ocean looking up to see a massive volcano erupt. In the visual the eruption was so huge and violent. Then I heard “10..11.. minutes” (Minutes mean days) 

Then in 2022 we made this prediction:

World Prediction Volcano Again The Volcano is about to erupt again.”- Micah 1:20 or January 20th was the original marker and we are drawing closer to that forecast.

Now I made a horrible mistake, the prediction was made January 23 so saying the event would happen on January 20th seemed odd but I went with it? But I failed to recognize that what Micah was really trying to say was The Volcano from “the past” 1-20, he was referencing the first time it erupted. A wrinkle in our work that will now be ironed.

Stay safe my friends in the Philippines, we will get this back on track. I know how much you read our work! I forget sometimes how Spirit sees time.

Taal Volcano Erupts

Stay safe Philippines. Our prayers are with you.
The day of 10..11 fits, as when this first started, and the visual is identical especially with the volcano surrounded by the ocean, but they implied a different location?

WORLD PREDICTIONS 12-27-19 I had a visual I was under the ocean looking up to see a massive volcano erupt. In the visual the eruption was so huge and violent. 

Then I heard “10..11.. minutes” (Minutes mean days) 

Philippine Volcano Erupts Again

This tragic prediction has happened. For those in the Philippines please stay safe.

Predictions 1-21-18  Evacuate.. do it now.. the volcano is about to erupt.

That sounds like the Philippines, which they talked about in a previous prediction, It could also explain the burning houses from yesterdays predictions.

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Philippine Volcano Eruption

Is this prediction happening? Its possible they are showing two different locations and the first ‘Asia’ one was unclear to them then Indonesia would be next. I do hope everyone stays safe in the Philippines.

2- day Gap

Prediction: Indian Ocean Tsunami Arriving I had a visual of one massive volcano eruption. They first implied Asia, I asked for more clarity and then they implied Indonesia.






Philippine Volcano Spews Rocks

This Prediction has happened, it reads under Notes on 5-1-13 :

I had a vision of people playing and relaxing right next to this massively large steep mountain and then out of no where a loud sound followed by rocks falling from the mountain onto the people below. Everyone scattered as the rocks fell.

The Facts: Philippine Volcano Spews Rocks, Killing 5 Climbers. On May 7th, one of the Philippines’ most active volcanoes spewed huge rocks and ash after daybreak Tuesday, killing at least five climbers and trapping more than a dozen others near the crater in its first eruption in three years, officials said. Quoted News: