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Drone Attack on Saudi Oil Fields

This prediction has happened. Please pray for civility.

PREDICTIONS 9-12-18 I had a visual of Saudi Arabia, in the corner Spirit showed several dots popping. They could be talking about Yemen. Something horrible was taking place. Perhaps massive bombing.


World PredIctions 9-13-19

I had a visual of someone with blood on their hands.

Then it shifted to show cameras everywhere as if this was global news.

The impression given was that a leader or government related individuals were killed. Assassination? They implied a stabbing, however it could have been a shooting. At first it implied the UK then the US. This is expected very soon, within days.

The continued conversation about Greece:

I had a visual I was looking at a current world map. Then they showed a map from a very distant past showing that Greece at one time use to be a much larger land mass, almost twice its size. Then it shifted again to show an entire region buried under the ocean in pieces.

I had a visual I was in a distant past looking at different regions of the world. From Rome, showing individuals holding swords dressed in old garb looking up to the sky filled with smoke. Israel had columns of smoke from a distance. Then it shifted to show Greece where everything turned black with smoke, lava was a raging river on the floor while in other parts of the region lava shot up high in the air like huge explosions. . An epic volcano eruption that would crack a portion of Greece’s land, leading it to sink into the ocean. The history of our past.

Imagine a volcano so huge in size the smoke can be seen from great distances.

World Predictions 9-7-19

I had a visual I was walking up a set of short stone stairs outside to see an entire community of homes burned down, everything brought to ash. The trees in the background seemed like black thin sticks of the trees they use to be. Then I heard a voice say “Again!”

I had a visual of the hands of a man planning a shooting spree. The visual shifted to show young adults outside, its uncertain if their presence was related to the message or not.

The location of this shooting spree is uncertain. At first the implication was Ohio, then they showed IN. In regards to the horrible fire, with “again” being used they might be talking about California.

I had a visual I was looking at a current world map. Then they showed a map from a very distant past showing that Greece at one time use to be a much larger land mass, almost twice its size. Then it shifted again to show an entire region buried under the ocean in pieces.

I am still working on the details on when and what exactly happened to dramatically change the landmass which is now Greece.

As I continue to focus on my health I plan to dramatically slow down here for the next few months. I will still be posting just not as much. The plan is only temporary as I focus on working to improve myself. The plan is to go back to the beginning of old meditation practices to retool my gift while working on fixing my health woes. If all goes well I plan to come back swinging with a renewed strength. I will continue to be doing readings as normal.

World Predictions 4-8-19

I had a visual of a man walking with a gun in his hand. “Unhinged.. 5.. Washington.”

I had a visual of one massive explosion. In the visual it had a mushroom cloud. Then the visual showed the explosion again on a screen with numbers in the corner and a small target in the center of the screen implying a test of some kind.

“With the treaty between Russia and US over, Russia blatantly shows it’s aggressiveness.”

Predictions 1-19-19

I had a visual I was looking through a camera and then the ground shook violently. A large earthquake is coming.

I need to gather details on the quake.

“Evacuate the building” I heard someone scream

“New York 21..22”

It sounds like the date is changing again for the New York attack they keep warning us about or perhaps there is uncertainty over when the attack happens? There is still time to foil this nightmare from happening. My hope is to focus on the details of this New York attack.

Spirit showed three zeros back to back which means we are expecting multiple predictions to unfold.

Truth 10

Ancient Pyramids exist in Egypt and South America, but they weren’t the first. There was another location where it all began. In Antarctica there is an entire ancient civilization that many other locations were inspired to be like. The hub of the world. This is the same society that was advanced before humanity would digress.

To share with you the overwhelming differences of how they lived let me tell a story. According to the Spirits this was a warrior society. Warriors were seen with idol status. The society revolved around them. During a certain time of the year, every year, warriors in their prime would be sacrificed on a large alter up high in the sky. It was believed that once the warrior had achieved its greatest glory that warrior should die to ensure its glory. making them legends. The warriors were more than willing to participate in this tradition.  Spirit compared this tradition to the way we cut roses (killing the rose) in todays society, we cut them down at the peak of their beauty to marvel at them and display it accordingly.

It should be understood that at this time in the world life was rough, hunting required killing the fierce beasts, and the weather infringed on agriculture. The resources were scarce, and children were the first to receive all the resources and food, the elder generation just did not happen. Again Spirit wanted to explain that at this time in history the planet had a different axis, this part of the world would have been rotating on the side, it would not be the frozen tundra it is now sitting at one of the poles.

This is apart of a theme in their version of our history. They feel the historians are wrong. That we did not entirely all evolve from caveman. The first major society, had two different type of humans that were always at war with each other, the society was advanced and on their way to becoming our equals, but then it all fell apart, and humanity digressed, and we returned to our caves. 

It should also be noted the similarity of their history and a certain story. Though Spirit hasn’t said it out loud. Two different humanities at war with each other, the peaceful one loses. A society set to be beyond advanced falls apart all at once due to its own hubris and power.. Adam and Eve, Cane and Abel. 

However crazy this society might sound, they believed in nobility, self sacrifice, and taking care of the young at any cost. Right now our own children are protesting in the streets, asking our leaders to help them, protect them, save them from dying, while leadership ignores and deflects. I ask you which society will be judged more insane. 

This prediction is a sequel to Truth’s 1


Thank you everyone for your well wishes, we are still hoping for the best for Bea! Your support has been so welcome, and I have shared every message with Bea.


The Most Accurate Predictions

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The Most Accurate Predictions