The New World Prediction Works

China.. Budget.. Budget.. Budget.. Then a vision of black tar splashing against multiple places across the country. The internal order of China begins to crack. As its people turn on their leaders.

Our new site is arriving, a humble one that reflects the Spiritual Realm, a palate designed like an old newspaper that pays respect to the past that brought us here. For over 10 years we have predicted the future. Do you see there is something there? Because now we reset this site with a very different idea. I want to be the fountain of boundless Spiritual information. I want to be a spout of everything the Spiritual Realm has to offer. Not just the world predictions, but solutions. Let the great heaven I know shine through here and now. Let them inform us with knowledge, truth, information.. everything they have to offer, a spout that will flow daily. Let me be your fountain of information. Let me allow the Spiritual Realm to flow here and now.

So here we begin again. Many of you hold on your wall a sacred picture of a King breaking bread at a table with others. Consider breaking bread with your neighbor today. Consider that all your problems can be solved at a table together. Consider the picture is a message of what you need in this moment of division.

World Predictions: 7-11-22

In July we reset our World Predictions with a new idea. We will show you what is coming next. Always showing you the very next major event in our world. We will continue to predict what is coming, again and again. Showing you what is coming and what you need to prepare for. But that wasn’t enough for Heaven. No. They wanted more, they wanted solutions to the moments you are in. They want to crush all that is wicked with your world. So in this moment as we answered: Whats was coming next? The people of China will turn on their leaders… oh by the way, to prevent the next horror, not this one but the next one, to diminish and alter the next tragedy . “Share.” Share your bread, Share and welcome your neighbor with splendor, do it with all your neighbors, especially the ones you don’t know, you might not know it yet but they have strategy now. We have a plan to crush the darkness. They are manipulating the future, here and now. This act ruins tomorrows nightmare. But in all things Spiritual it is entirely up to you to save this world or let it slide into oblivion.

This World prediction has happened, exactly the way we said it would. Now its time to heed their advice and listen to their unyielding wisdom in our moment. A being that just predicted todays events is giving you advice and they hold solutions. Consider its importance. I can say with certainty these ‘new’ world predictions are not only better, but I am in awe and as you can imagine that never happens. I for one plan to bake cookies and give them out with splendorous joy and do it knowing in some small way the tide will shift. No looking back here, this new way works better and it will be our way moving forward.

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