Power Station Attack In Washington

I also had a visual of a spider sitting in a jail cell crawling on a bed. I had a visual of electric towers all put together. Perhaps a message of a large power outage, I need to ask for more details.

Notes on 10-19-13

Stay Safe Washington. This 2013 world prediction happened again, the Spider represent Terrorism. This 2013 prediction would be the first time we predicted and discussed the dreaded virus coming, the Covid Virus. Someone catch the Grinch doing all this.

Hopefully my last post for the day. Busy day here at WP.

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5 responses to “Power Station Attack In Washington”

  1. Sara Avatar

    There was a similar incident in early December, vandals damaged substations in North Carolina.

  2. rocky morraine Avatar

    There is something going on here, that is not being told to the American people. I have read multiple stories about Washington and all over the east coast lately. They all say the same thing, that these were robberies, but there was nothing taken. Some of the articles mention that the FBI is working on it, and others say they don’t know if the FBI is working on it. However, all say they have no suspects. Since Eric always refers to them as Terrorism, then it leads me to believe that the Terrorists have entered through the wide open border and there are significant numbers of them all through the states. They are slowly testing the vulnerabilities, until they carry out the next 9-11. Thoughts?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Well, I say we ask Spirit. Let me work on that.

  3. kim Avatar

    Two men were arrested in connection to this attack. They claim they wanted to knock power out so they could rob a nearby business.


    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks! Posting soon.

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