The Leigh-Pink Curse A Christmas Story

That weird guy that predicts doom and dread is sharing a Christmas Story? Yes he is! 🎁

I have waited 10 years to tell this story.

Eric Update: For the safety of my foster children, and family, In Person Readings will Begin January 1st. I will continue to do Phone Readings all December. Please Contact Bea at for all the details. To be fair, if you would like to set up a reading now for a “January In Person Reading” at the fee it is now, please email Bea before January 1st before it climbs.

All the site bugs are gone with the exception of payment button. However you can now find that button on the Personal Reading Page. Now we need to get back to work. We still plan to try something new and focus on time itself. Since the birth of World Predictions it has always been a focus on the events. Now we aim to peak at time itself. For instance 1:20 is marked. Now I need to look, what is going on in that timeline? If this works it would eliminate my greatest flaw,.. timeframes.


8 responses to “The Leigh-Pink Curse A Christmas Story”

  1. petemedium Avatar

    This Week’s Blog: Letting Go Of Old Guidance:
    “Thank Them sincerely ….. ask Them to leave you. Don’t try holding onto Them in any way.”

  2. Tony S Avatar
    Tony S

    You are predicting world war 3 around 2036. Can you give more information on if people will be forced to go to war like back in world war 1 and 2. Will millions of lives be lost? Which countries are involved and where can we go to be safe from this?

    How is world war even possible when there are nuclear weapons?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Oh my no, let’s not go to far in that dark space otherwise dread will take over. 2036 is just when he rises to power. Hitler rose to power I believe around 1930-33 before the war. Same here. Countries. For some reason in this timeline the maps are different. The world heads towards back to conquering each other, so we seem to be moving towards two different mega sides. Like the European Union vs the nations. Also this twit has a counter “the Ambassador” someone who changes the world in a brand new direction.
      Unfortunately that is the biggest threat, the sum of all fears becomes a reality.

  3. Zzz Avatar

    And what about Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia right now? Empty on the Spirit side?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Are you reading the blog?? We have talked about all those nations extensively. So???

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Also Russia is the lead of this WW, so if anything we endlessly talk about Russia. Am I missing something? Ukraine was one of the most accurate predictions that unfolded. Very confusing message.

      1. Sara Avatar

        There seem to be tensions ratcheting up between Russia against Ukraine and NATO, some people are concerned about Putin invading Ukraine. Have the spirits said anything about that recently?

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          It’s already there, a bit old, war is coming. Putin plans to take another chunk of land. It does turn on him, people grow tired of the same old story. There are a few old predictions we actually plan to rewrite. So I expected to see it again. As we get back to work (Tonight 😉) and revive the missing World Predictions.

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