World Predictions: 12-18-22

I had a vision, of the number 8, then I had a vision of the number being black out. I had a vision that showed 8 as the hour. Then it shifted to show a scroll of words: “stadium.. arena.. the two different enemies at each other’s throats.. explosion.”

I had a vision of one large black spider.
The spider had a very large backside, fat, and overweight. His feet looked razor like. Then Spirit focused on the background. A massive large web. A web built intricately

Spider means terrorism. An act of pure unwavering evil.

So after posting: World Prediction: China Protestors, Xi is Coming The Adele song started playing. Just like I mentioned in
The Awesome and Flawed Life of Eric Leigh-Pink P3
, which means, what I posted in the China protestors prediction is wrong. But this time, they tried to correct it with the message above. This is just a small message clarifying the Spider is something else. China has nothing to do with the Spider, however they do plan to silence their detractors in the most ruthless way. We still need a more specific location for this attack and the details need ironing. Moscow comes to mind, but I need to verify. We are also expecting terrorism very soon, I can taste its foul taste in my mouth. This message still holds.

I had a visual of a clock that was about to strike 11.
“Now.. it has arrived”
I had a visual of a terror attack on a church or temple. So many bodies where being pulled from the structure including children.
“Turkey.. Erdogan your actions have unleashed a horror against you and your country… so much death.. as Christmas arrives.”

Also, this is coming:

I had a vision of train, the train was completely on its side, a horrible derailment had unfolded.

So now I search for the details, and I have to choose one over the other, train or terror attack? My gut tells me we are running out of time.

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14 thoughts on “World Predictions: 12-18-22

  1. Do you think we can expect a most sinister act (bomb-related) by the Russians on the 24th? I think this was implied in one of the predictions…

    1. On Feb 24th the Ukraine War begin, they marked the date, as they did on the 6th of January. This message has passed, and those bombs keep falling.

  2. Eric, Adele is performing in a residency at the Coliseum at Caesar’s Palace most weekends from now until March. Las Vegas has been the site of domestic terrorism before.

    1. “You could have had it all.” Rolling in the deep. The song plays every time I make a mistake, i have heard it before. Its a message of error. Like playing a song in your head. So I am not expecting any issues with Adele. I would love to go to one of her concerts though.

  3. The World Cup is going on now, the last match to decide which country wins the cup. Maybe fans of the losing team freak out and do something? It’s a wild guess on my part, though.

    1. I thought about the World Cup. The problem there is who are the two hateful factions, who is the enemy? Still very possible. I feel personally we are looking at Russia, Turkey, or Israel. But we will see. My hope is to confirm. But time seems short?

  4. “I had a vision that showed 8 as the hour.” Does this mean the attack happens at 8 o’clock, or does the 8 reference something else?

      1. And the part of the prediction that reads, “I had a visual of a clock that was about to strike 11”, is that a date too? If so, any idea what month we’d be looking at for either the 8 or 11 predictions?

      2. Is the number 11 also a date? If so, any idea which months the 8 and 11 predictions are referring to?

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