The Awesome and Flawed Life of Eric Leigh-Pink P3

At the request of the Spiritual Realm, we now show you the other side. Are you ready. Now I show you the Spiritual Realm from their view, in all of its exceptional glory. We start with something very simple; Language. The question; Why don’t the Spirits just speak English? I get it.. but in my head I think.. Hmm? We will come back to this question later.

I love watching horror movies. Love them all. Supernatural films. But the persnickety, anal retentive individual I am, I sit there and criticize every part. I compare them to the reality I live. I watch the show “Supernatural” pour salt all over the floor and say, “Your doing that all wrong!” Three movies and only three, the rest are utter fantasies, really accurately reflect the Spiritual Realm. For todays conversation the Movie I am referring to is the “Stir of Echoes.” With Kevin Bacon.

The movie is so utterly accurate on all fronts. From the ghosts unwilling to give up, she is determined to have her moment no matter what. Once they want something they rarely let go. The symbolic mute of the tongue. To the orange juice, sweets, I always want sweets after working. I am eating a brownie right now. To the pain in ones head. To the child who can see so clearly before he has been stamped with all that adult garbage. The part that cemented it for me was, how the boy knew the police officer was also a Spiritual medium. Thats a thing, we can see each other. We can see who’s eyes are open. And which ones are the liars. The link in the other post, that link of an ocean tide, that link recognizes its own. Another part of the movie is a part when Kevin Bacon can’t remember a song. He hears it in his head but.. what are the words? He tries to play it with his guitar. What was the tune? And it plagues him, obsesses him, but his more powerful psychic son already knows the song. Try this daddy. And boom!

Right now, playing loudly in my head is Pointer Sisters: Jump, The song will play and play and it will not stop until the message has arrived. It is very annoying. Within the song is a message. It’s normally hidden. But once the message is given, then the language is cemented. So the next time I hear the same song, I will know exactly what it means. For instance these songs:

“She’s into superstitions black cats and voodoo dolls
I feel a premonition that girl’s gonna make me fall.” By Ricky Martin Living the Vida Loca.

That one line a Premonition “Gonna make me fall” a month later I fell hard. I had a heart attack, covid, panic attacks, work and everything else just crashed and burned. I actually feel bad, because I love Ricky Martins music. But if I hear that song again. I will probably have a serious massive panic attack.

“The scars of your love remind me of us
They keep me thinking that we almost had it all
The scars of your love, they leave me breathless
I can’t help feeling
We could have had it all-“ Rolling in the Deep Adele

When we write these world predictions, sometimes I just can’t look. There is only so much of Putin’s nightmares I can look at without going madly insane. So, yes sometimes I say no. Sometimes I say, sorry not looking today. Putin horror show is not on Eric’s agenda for the day. Then there are the mistakes. I misunderstood or they misunderstood. The last time they played this song was the Indonesia Soccer Match Stampede because of the explosion I thought.. terrorist. Seriously that explosion seemed so much bigger when I was there. But none of that applied. The minute I post, this song will play, Saying, “I can’t help feeling, we could have had it all.” So I know how good I am doing depending on how many times I hear this song play.

Music, the Spirits love music. Macabe loves ABBA. I will start playing it and its like birds dancing. They use all of our music as messages to send. But why?

I can’t write their language with letters because they have more letters and symbols. But listen to how it sounds “Uk Da Ven Dos Ma. UTT-me Ka.”. Now all I am saying, is stop. Thats it. Don’t move. But in the Spiritual realm, in heaven language is art. Language must have all the symbols and beauty behind it. It should even be presented like art. They always want perfection. Nothing mirrors there language more than song and poetry. That is why they love and use music. Because it is the closest we have to their language. But there’s more to this strange language.

Macabe is the Conductor. As the conductor he is the Spiritual advisor for the entire southern region of what you call the Milky Way. These Spirits that guide all of us, guide 1000s of others, all of them utterly foreign to us. They are a spiritual force, serving an agenda set for their region of space and the future of that region. Make no mistake they are pulling at all the strings to ensure the future. Its what the Spirits call the “Plan” and it holds your Karma in its hand. They have a much larger plan at play here. The languages he encounters are in the millions. Somewhere out there symbols, stories, must be paramount because what I do know is this, the language seems to be a mish mash of all the times and all the spaces together.

“Uk Da Ven Dos Ma. UTT-me Ka.”. Great moving water (Spring clear water) do not become a river. Hold to being a puddle. In the name of Ka. Thats what it means. Saying Stop would be like just saying a random word. They need a story. Look at all their religions. All beautiful lush stories. They love to tell stories. This language wasn’t just built for its beauty. It was built to keep Spirits doing one thing. Act. The Spiritual Realm is a force of action. Its that way because you tend to shut up, unless you have something important to say, no art in an empty message. This message of a river is how Spirit moves. Spirits move like a flowing river. So stop flowing and become a puddle is a message of flow. Ka is our leader. Prophecy is a staple of his. His story is truly awesome. We are all attached to the great Ka and everything he symbolizes. Just to give you a peak into that figure, Imagine the ultimate Bruce Lee. Someone completely undefeatable . A warrior feared by the darkness. Macabe is a sort of general to Ka. General implies war, but think more like the air force.

So why don’t they just learn English? Well they actually are learning English right now. We are trying. Take note to the strange verbiage we use, Sometimes the words are backwards, sometimes the message is out of order, but in the ancient days thats the way it was presented. So its a work in progress. I leave you with the ultimate riddle. What do you think the message is. Keep in mind its just one line of the verbiage. the Pointer Sisters Jump, because it has something to do with this site.

You know I peaked right. Macabe tells me he oversee a region of our Outer Space and I just had to know what was out there. Such amazing splendor.

The series will eventually be called “Our Backyard” and I have every intention of predicting exactly whats in outer space before humanity gets out there. But unfortunately its a bit of a wait, first I show you them. I share the splendor of the Spiritual Realm. But as I have already hinted I have a secret, that brings it all together. December 1st.


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  1. Carlo Enrico Avatar
    Carlo Enrico

    Hello Eric,

    really, really thank you for sharing these. Predictions are useful for a very practical purpose, but also this kind of posts give people a glimpse of what is out there, and give them a chance to sneak a peak on how vast and beatiful the true reality is, and open their mind.
    It made me feel like sharing my own experience with the Spirit, so here we go!
    First of all, my experience is quite different. I work much more with my Higher Self rather than the Spirit Friends, but they also are always there and their presence is much more vivid in the most difficult moments of my life.
    Most of the messages I receive are totally “non-invasive”: they just come to my mind like thoughts that are clearer than the others. A sudden moment of illumination, comprehension, realization.
    My messages are words, that bring with them the impression of being totally right and precise. When I find such a word, I find another part of my being, and my awareness and power increase.
    It’s a work of logic and inner analysis on how mind, soul, and body interact and ultimately function. The purpose is to go throughout the human experience of mind and soul and understand it. The result will be the possibility to explain the functioning of our mind and soul on such a precise level that people will be able to understand their mind like they understand the gears of a clock when it’s split in half.
    It’s been almost 15 years to know, and I’m almost ready. When I will be, I will create a handbook about our spiritual anathomy, that will be free for everybody to read on the Internet, just like you do with your predictions. The goal is to help people on their personal way to enlightenment and help them to get the power to change their own lives.
    Also, I have always thought it’s not a coincidence that I have stumbled upon your website, Eric. Maybe we’ll have a part to play toghether. Who knows? Well, maybe you… 😉

  2. T W Longtime Lurker Avatar
    T W Longtime Lurker

    I truly believe some of the unknown is meant to be that way. I thank all of you for your service. Your work is no joke and I pray the “right” people come to this blog and change tomorrow for the better. We all can do it.

  3. Itk Avatar

    You once mentioned that some messages you’ve received have been in Latin.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  4. Shakugan Tan Avatar
    Shakugan Tan

    I think I had the very very rare privilege to have caught a snippet of heavenly music (it sounded like music of rejoice) some years back so i understood the importance of music in heaven you mentioned. Strangely to me it sounded that they yodel along to music (or sounded like yodeling) ??? I am asian and yodeling is the last thing in my mind, but the music was absolutely Joyful Celebration. So to those earthlings who thought heaven spoke english, mandarin, spanish or whatever language, I think it is neither!! And after this rare privilege I tried to prevent myself from thinking or overindulging in bad thoughts as heaven can see them.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That sounds awesome.

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