Indonesia Soccer Match Stampede

I had a vision, I was staring at a field, a sports game was playing in the background. Then suddenly an explosion.

World Prediction: 9-28-22

This prediction has happened. Prayers for the lives lost Indonesia. Details I need more details. Then together you and I can change these tragedies from ever happening. We can work and create our own future, on our terms.

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3 responses to “Indonesia Soccer Match Stampede”

  1. Sara Avatar

    That’s horrible; I hope all the injured people make full recoveries.

  2. Gloria Avatar

    Hi, Eric, you say you saw this as an explosion, and when I saw it on the news I instantly thought of your prediction and saw it as an `explosion’ of anger, rather than an actual explosion. Is it possible this large explosion you see from Russia could also be a metaphor for the anger of it’s people as they realise the truth of what’s going on? I’d rather see that than a nuclear type explosion.

  3. […] the mistakes. I misunderstood or they misunderstood. The last time they played this song was the Indonesia Soccer Match Stampede because of the explosion I thought.. terrorist. Seriously that explosion seemed so much bigger when […]

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