Reminder Class Today: The Language of the Spiritual Realm

I Look Forward Too Seeing You all There!
May 12th at 6pm pacific time.
Join us.

Email Eric Leigh-Pink at
to reserve your zoom Spot

If you have reserved your spot and have not received a Zoom Link please email me immediately

In the first class this is the plant that almost died in the rain. Its thriving now, just as Eric is. That’s why I put Mini Me in there. Note his beard.

As apart of the daily process, every morning, I infuse my Qi into the lavender plant. Qi is everywhere, it fuels all life and provides endless energy, I infuse it in the plant as it grows, daily adding and adding my own Qi and that of the Spiritual Realm. Then I clip the ends and burn it in the large silver bowl. While it burns the Qi returns to me with twice the power, so I can see tomorrow.

See you at class tonight! Still time to join!

12 responses to “Reminder Class Today: The Language of the Spiritual Realm”

  1. petemedium Avatar

    Today’s Blog is the fourth in the Series from my Spirit Friends. It gives us a glimpse of what is to come for humanity, and Creation generally, in this up coming Aquarian Age: Could this be the Hippy Age returning?

    1. Joaana Simmons Avatar
      Joaana Simmons

      Your website is broke, when you click view all post on the homepage, it just reloads the same exact page. You can only view the last two post on your home page.

      1. petemedium Avatar

        Hi Joanna, yes I mentioned this in the previous Blog. At either of those two blogs, if you click on my name, next to the date, it will open you up to all of the blogs. I’m not the best at computers and I’m trying to find out what has happened. Apparently WordPress does have problems that just appear without warning. Sorry for the inconvenience. Pete

        1. petemedium Avatar

          Hi Joanna. I will be putting the link to all my Blogs at the end of each Blog, along with all the other links, including Eric’s. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Pete

  2. javamyworld Avatar

    What a happy plant! Love the painted rocks; especially the black rock with attitude! 🤣

  3. javamyworld Avatar

    Forgot to say: see you there!

  4. TW Longtime Lurker Avatar
    TW Longtime Lurker

    Thank you.

  5. Sanles Avatar

    Dear oh dear I do not like this website I cannot find anything like I used to. It was once easy to navigate. I realise that spirit pushed for the change, but I think this time, with all due respect, that spirit stuffed up.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you for the feedback.

  6. Itk Avatar

    I found this recent news about Lukashenko:
    He seems to be ill; we’ll see if this will have any repercussions. There’s a prediction related to his end, and this might be the first of the events eventually leading to it.

  7. Itk Avatar

    Sorry, the previous link didn’t work: this is another one:

  8. Itk Avatar

    Eric, have a look at this:
    Another sign that there will soon no longer be “business as usual” for Russia.

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