Ebola Outbreak

”As heat rises disease will propagate.” I had a vision I was walking through a thick jungle of heavy brush, a river like the Amazon was in the background. Then the vision switched, I was now walking in a desert, there was elephants in the distant. Then it switched again and I was walking on a sheet of endless ice, the cold wind blew heavy against me. Three different locations that will propagate disease because of altering temperatures.

World Predictions: 8-31-22

There is a coughing disease rising in South America without an official name, and now this. This prediction is forming.

For 10 years we have shown you the horrors of tomorrow, we have predicted everything from Covid, to Trumps dual Impeachment, to the Australian Fires. But now the Spirits are preparing for battle, like an armada waiting on a mountain top. A new plan is forming. A new way with a specific strategy to tackle these horrors I predict. We now aim to start altering these nightmares with your help. “The Flashlight” post is coming soon.