World Predictions 3-8-21

I had a visual of a large ship. Then a large explosion. Smoke bellowed from the side.
Sounds like an attack.
“China” I had a visual of a large flash of light, then one epic explosion that reached far and wide destroying everything in its path.
We are expecting both these short messages very soon.

21 thoughts on “World Predictions 3-8-21

  1. Hope this isn’t the start of the ‘Pacific Retro Syria’ my guides told me about in 2017. Altho for China the best time to start anything would be now when the US has a very weak President with dementia.

    1. I do not think the Usa has a weak president with dementia.. I think the Usa has people who refuse to see both sides of the story and only believe what they want to believe and what they have been brain washed into believing. And i think the media are the culprits. when are you guys on both sides going to wake up.

    2. Can you provide proof of the allegations that the US President has dementia?
      You have a right to post what you want but, such allegations should follow with, “It is my opinion.”

    1. The second prediction could also be some kind of accident with explosives. There was something like that in Equatorial Guinea recently, where dynamite at a military base caught fire and the explosion killed at least 17 people. They’re still searching for survivors.

      As for the first prediction, I can’t guess what exactly is going on in it. Hopefully Eric can get details soon.

        1. China attacking the ship of another nation?
          Will it be a Navy ship or a merchant ship?
          Thanks for your blog, Eric.

      1. Do you mean like the explosions of chemical plants in China like they had at Tianjin in 2015 and Yancheng in 2019.

  2. Eric,
    Do you think the two predictions today are connected to each other, or are they separate incidents?

      1. The second one seems like it might be a largish meteor strike, not an act of war.

  3. “I had a visual of a large ship. Then a large explosion. Smoke bellowed from the side.
    Sounds like an attack.”

    At least 31 people died in multiple explosions at a military base in the port city of Bata, in Equatorial Guinea, the Central African country’s health ministry confirmed in a statement on social media Monday.

    Resident Carmen Alebeso said the scenes resembled the detonation of an atomic bomb. Alebeso told CNN she was in her car when the first blast happened at around 2 p.m. local time on Sunday.

  4. Interesting story at Reuters today that may relate:

    “NEW YORK (Reuters) – Three ships carrying ethanol were heading to China from the U.S. Gulf Coast, three trade sources told Reuters on Monday, a sign that ethanol exports from the United States to the country are increasing drastically.”
    “The ships each have a capacity of around 30,000 tonnes, or about 240,000 barrels of ethanol, the sources said, though the exact amount of the renewable fuel onboard was not immediately clear.”

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