Russian Ghost Ship

World Prediction: Norway Submarines
I had a visual of the Nordic region. An image of Finland, Norway and Sweden at a distance above. Then I flew down to see happy people living in their communities. Then I went to the depths of the ocean, hidden, unknown was submarines covertly moving.
World Predictions: Baltics
I had a vision, Putin was alone in a room of gold. Sitting on a thrown of gold. His hands collapsed in his face, he looked sickly, pale, sweaty. Then it shifted to show his thoughts as if we were in a comic book with the little cloud above him. In the cloud you could hear ’Baltics.. Latvia” then it shifted to show a large dark room of computers. There were rows of people all typing, meddling. The petulant toddler on his thrown of gold wanted revenge for those who stood against him.

The Facts of the moment have arrived and everything points to Russia, this 2020 prediction has happened:

The First Two Steps. I need to take before doing any of my World Predictions and two other Steps I have not written about:

For my students, recognize I am giving “Intent” with my visions of the nightly Beach.

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  1. petemedium Avatar

    This Week’s Blog Continues The Series On The Major Changes Necessary For Humanity To Discard The Age Of The Anti Christ And Enter The Creator’s New Age Of Aquarius.

  2. TW Longtime Lurker Avatar
    TW Longtime Lurker

    I remember this prediction. Thank you for reminding us when they come to pass.

  3. Itk Avatar

    Just a small distraction amid these troubled times: have you seen this video?
    It’s about a grim visitor to the coronation ceremony. Eric has previously talked about haunting; this case is very difficult to explain by any natural cause, as all the visitors were listed and there were massive security arrangements in place.

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