World Prediction: The Connection

The Journal continues, how do you amplify ones ability to speak to the Spirit. How do you talk to your deceased loved ones. How do you connect with heaven?

Recently someone called me for a reading, a wonderful splendor of a human being, who I read for, her Qi is always so pleasant, like warm baked cookies at Christmas. So I am excited to hear her voice. She has an emergency and needs a reading right now. But right now I am with my two boys and we are playing on the beach, having a great day. There is a real emergency happening. But I explain to her I can’t. It does not work that way. I have to prepare. I have to meditate. I cannot just do it, I need to connect. So even though she is disappointed we set up a reading for the next day. But the conversation I had with her brought me here.

Why not? I mean why can’t I just call the Spirits to the beach and ask them to answer this nice ladies emergency questions. Would that not work? But again it comes back to my link. I need to prepare. So how do I prepare. Now you might think I am going in the room with your name in hand, and I am focused on that name as I mediate? You might think I am focused on your emergency. No, doing that would accomplish the opposite of what I want. No I need the key that opens the door to the accuracy behind the Spiritual Realm, I need the key to open that door. It is the same key daily, but doing it right, taking the proper time to do it is essential to accuracy. So I mediate a very specific way for a very long time, the key, the link:

Take your pick, a tree, grass, the ocean. For this introduction, its all about the Ocean. I sit comfortably on the beach with my eyes closed. First I practice basic Buddhist breathing meditations of mindfulness. Focused on every single breath here and now. I imagine the air entering my lungs. I imagine my lungs expand and the air filling up. Then I imagine the air exhale. I do this for a good time until I feel calm. Then I slowly imagine my fingers which lay in the sand turning into the ocean water, then the water slowly moves up my hands working its way up my arm, then my feet slowly melting into water, then I imagine my legs turning to water, I imagine each and every part of my body slowly seep into the ocean that surrounds me, until there is no more me and I have become apart of the Ocean. Each sound of the waves bring more motion. Then I imagine sinking, sinking, sinking, and like solvent I expand down, becoming attached to all parts of the ocean. I imagine dancing against every wave above the ocean, continuing to expand outward. I imagine dancing on each wave, and traveling at warp speed because I am everywhere now. Then it shifts again, now I expand to the depths of the ocean, I feel the calm, the peace, the warmth. Slowly it gets darker and darker as I turn and expand outward. As darkness slowly takes hold the ocean becomes space. Suddenly there are stars and I am floating in the depths of outerspace. Then I feel total peace, total calm, and a clear alignment with the entire universe. I feel attached to the universe. I feel we have become one and in that moment I feel absolutely perfect. I plugged myself into the universe, into the great Tira, the planet we are all standing on. Now with the door open, the visions start.

So those of you seeking an audience with Spirit, those of you trying hard to connect with your loved ones, consider that the first step must be towards the universe. It is the universe and its creator that holds the keys to that door. But it doesn’t end here. Just as there is a process for opening and plugging in, there is a process for closing it down. There is a process for disconnecting, that is equally important and that must happen daily. A conversation for tomorrow.

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  1. Cheryl Avatar

    Loved reading this. Thank you.

  2.  Avatar

    It’s honestly amazing how simple it is, just takes a lot of practice. How do you keep your focus when you’re doing a reading? I feel like the most minor distractions break me out of it.

    Unrelated, what have you seen about the midterm elections in the US?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      There is a part 2 coming that talks specifically about that, my hope is to have it out tomorrow.

  3. Shakugan Tan Avatar
    Shakugan Tan

    Hello Eric, seems you have achieved the Oneness, where there is no Me and Them, no duality.

  4.  Avatar

    Steve, they have made some mistakes in that article, Putin’s daughter did NOT die in a car bomb. It was Dugin’s daughter.

  5. Tirin Avatar

    Eric, Idk if I ever asked you this but do you know the concept of Levitation? Is that something a Psychic or someone highly spiritual can do?

    I’ve hit dead ends on that subject.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Sorry I honestly don’t know.

    2. petemedium Avatar

      A particular Catholic Saint was Martin de Porres who, it is claimed, regularly performed miracles. He could levitate, bilocate (appear in two places at once), and communicate with animals. He died a famed and much-revered figure in 1639. Miraculous cures were claimed at his tomb almost immediately after he was interred, which led to a papal enquiry in 1660. (Google)
      The movie The Green Mile was said to have been loosely based on the life of Martin.

  6. Shannon Avatar

    Wow, I find this fascinating. Looking forward to the next installment.

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