The Truth: The Source of Power

How was I capable of predicting Covid in 2019? How did I predict the Paris Attacks of 2015? Hurricane Matthew of 2016? and now Putin? The source is how.

In the last post World Prediction: The Connection I explained the beginning of the day by sharing the ultra strange step of sinking down into the ground, the ocean, the land and becoming a part of the earth. Attaching myself to the universe. Now it’s nighttime and the hour dictates its time to do World Predictions;

So with Lavender burning in the back, I gaze into my scrying tools. The hematite sphere in hand, I gaze intently into it. Then I imagine again, standing on the same beach I was earlier, melting, infusing, collapsing, into the ocean, becoming water. But now I am under the nights sky. Then I open my eyes to my reflection. Then I imagine again the night beach, the night waves crashing against the shore and then I open my eyes again, to my gaze in the reflection.

Each time I open and close my eyes, there is a pinpoint light right where my eyes are, I focus entirely on that pinpoint light in the reflection of my scrying tool, only focused on the light in my eye, after a few hours later, boom. The light glows in my eye as if briefly becoming the night star. Suddenly I am in outer space staring at a large star in front of me, and then boom I feel like I am flying so utterly fast across the stars and when you move at super speed the universe bends and flattens and all the stars looks as it truly is, one massive endless blanket that we are all on and attached too.

The world prediction has now been received and now I write it down in my leatherback book. As a vision presents itself. So many messages form this way, from predicting Covid, to Paris attacks, to the multitude of natural disasters we predict. But how do we know? I hold a secret. I hold an understanding of the universe that few seem to acknowledge or accept. Where? Where does this information come from? From heaven. But where is heaven?

Heaven sits as the center of the entire system. Heaven is the eye of the storm, the eye of our entire cosmos, we are just another infinitesimal speck in its midst. From the center they control all motion and direction. Heaven is a massive bud of one very colorful large flower that endlessly grows. Heaven is here. Here at the center of all the stars, all the galaxies, all the space and time itself. From this position, we can look from the highest of mountains staring down at all of you, from all directions with Heavens massive telescope, or flashlight. From there we sees all paths, at a distance, we know the pitfalls, the mountains before you climb them, we know when you could climb and the holes you could fall in. They have position themselves the perfect view. They see it all, and for the last 10 years they have been warning us, of every horrible event coming.

So understand, my link to the ocean, my link to the planet, my link to the universe, are all steps leading to the ultimate path, the place I need the future from. Heaven. This is how I predict the future. A system of providing messages that goes back and forth, from a place up there in the stars.

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  1. Shakugan Tan Avatar
    Shakugan Tan

    Hi Eric, I had to find time to read all of your posts regarding your experience of the divine.
    You really Got It.
    My question is how can we practise to further ourselves?
    What was your past life path and spiritual practises that made today’s you? Is it ok that you share?
    The rest of us, we got to step by step follow the path lifetime after lifetime to keep on reaching for the divine, and not waste each incarnation.

    1. Angieraye03 Avatar

      Shakugan Tan,
      This! How can we practice to further ourselves? Excellent question and one that is probably different for everyone, but one that might have a similar starting point?
      Everyone has an intuition, which I believe has everything to do with the spiritual realm and our guides letting us know what to do, not do, avoid ect… Its the active attentiveness that sometimes alludes me.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Again I encourage that “Detachment” I just talked about. This world feeds us so many lies. Fun fact I stopped doing my “Detachement” my QI Gong and meditation, I always do it outside and this was the height of Covid. But I got sucked into the worlds orbit. Started to believe the hype about Covid being created in a lab. Then I had a scheduled meeting with Spirit. I asked them. They all laughed. I mean is was a hand slapping laughter. Then they demanded I get back to clearing my mind and detaching myself from the endless poison this place promotes. So much lies out there, fogs our minds. So I found this awesome Canyon.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Let me add to that last part. There is an odd process. For instance, maybe its just me, I have had several lives back to back as just a normal person. I was a young boy who died of Cancer in India, I was a corn farmer and proudly the towns Mayor in the Midwest, I was a soldier in a Russian war (hated that one), but every 500 to 600 years I wake up. I start to remember. It started two lives ago. I was abandoned by my parents, but I had small ties, small memories of who I was, then the Legendary. Me! John Hendrix, The Tennessee prophet. Not a title I care for, then Eric came, and wow did I wake up. Now there is a real question mark? Am I done after Eric? Will I go back to sleep. The process dictates yes.

    3. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      The best way to connect to the Spiritual Realm is to “Detach” yourself from the world and orbit your in. Look at what every spiritual person is doing. Jesus went out in the middle of the desert, Moses on a mountain running from his space, Siddhartha mastered detachment under a tree and has a faith that teaches how to connect to Spirit, the Dao bathes in detachment, they push a real connection to whats under your feet. Note all related to “Nature” But all of them are actions of leaving the orbit your in.
      Meditation alone done daily will detach you, briefly from all the things in your life, you are becoming focused daily, and then you can really tackle your problems. I went all in!
      Fun fact behind the scenes we are working on creating a podcast with all of these fun pockets of knowledge, Me and My teacher.

    4. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Now How do I practice to further myself? QiGong!!! Wow does that work. It cements mediation and focus. Completely removes you from the space your in, in such a profound way. But also not a place for beginners.

    5. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      My Past Lives: From a great era I had in France, I moved and spent an entire era in Nepal and Tibet, so many lives. Many of my practices grew from that space. Mastering my craft. So its been in the works multiple lives. I am overly dedicated to my job. Then we decided to jump ship, the last several lives have all been here in the States, of course when that started they weren’t states, 4 lives, then John Hendrix of Tennessee started this process up all over again.
      You should all take a look at the mans work. Tell me that doesn’t sound like this site 😉
      A Spirit is very much like a bird, it wants to get to know its terrain, only after it has done so, will it move on to a new nest. Without a doubt and utterly cliche, the culture I dominated the most in was the Mayans. Those where some blissful lives.

  2. petemedium Avatar

    I have dedicated a full Blog to a simple meditation process, with explanations, that my Spirit Friends gave me many years ago. Because of physical difficulties, I could never sit for hours in the long meditations that most were teaching back then and so They showed me the Three Five Meditation that I explain in full.
    I fully agree with Eric in that the world is more lie that truth, and the further we can remove ourselves from it, the closer we get to the Truth that lies within us all.
    That also applies, again as Eric says, to having regular ‘time out’ experiences in natural surroundings, away from the chaos we call modern living.
    Here is the link:

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks Pete.

  3. petemedium Avatar

    This Week’s Blog Is A Continuation Of Long Term Predictions That I Started Last Week. It Relates To The Turbulence The World Will Be Facing For The Next Ten Or So Years.
    Note The Similarity Of My Spirit Team’s Long Term Predictions And Eric’s: As I’m Sure Eric Would Say,
    ‘Act Now. Get The Word Out.’

  4. Tirin Avatar

    Eric, I found out some of my past lives recently.

    But the biggest one that was revealed to me is I did live outside of Earth at one point. To truly know what it was like to be free from the karmic trap of Earth and be my own master granted to me by a supreme being (curious, I wonder who it was? Maybe your friends might know who she or he is).

    That was a big thing for me, and I’m happy to know it.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes, if I am to be honest, Its the second big secret. None of us are from here. Thats why its so gritty. Its a plan unfolding. Their plan. Put all the ingredients from all the other places, here together. As you can tell there is clearly some work to do with that plan they call earth. Your remembering.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes there are other places that are far more connected to Spirit. In those places they get to know the forces that control it all on a personal level. Humanity, I am sorry. But you spend too much time in your own mirror and that prevents growth.

  5. T W Longtime Lurker Avatar
    T W Longtime Lurker

    I just want to wish everyone happy holidays. I cannot comment on the Truth Eric shared here. This is his story to tell.

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