World Prediction: The Future of Inflation

In the U.S. inflation becomes the new economic problem here and now. Deep, painful cuts are coming to control the issues. Kicking it down the road is no longer an option.

Prediction 47: The Next Economic Problem

This 2013 World Prediction has happened. It has become the next big problem in 2023. We waited to post this prediction that has plagued all our lives, Because its about to shift, right now. From Inflation comes cuts. Budget cuts, benefits restricted across the board, from the UK, to China, to the US. Cuts.

Have you noticed something. All the old predictions are happening right now. Predictions from 2013-14. Chinese Incursion of Taiwan, Warplanes And Ships Cross Taiwan Police Officers Attacked in Time Square Power Station Attack In Washington Buffalo New York Blizzard Ukraine Blackout all of them happened with profound accuracy. Especially Ukraine Blackout . Do you remember 2014? Was any of this a thought of possibility. Please recognize, we can do this. With your help we can change tragedy. Save lives on an epic scale.

So utterly exciting for Eric Leigh-Pink, the first cycle of our grand plan of altering the timeline, of changing the tragedies of tomorrow are wrapping up. The practice version of our work, now ending. The cycle of our work, coming full circle from when we started this site a decade ago, now the student becomes the teacher. Whats next, oh I plan to strike. NOW they are predicting our work will impact the world. I even peeked to see what we accomplish. Such Splendor. My God we actually do this.

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8 thoughts on “World Prediction: The Future of Inflation

  1. Thank you for your work Mr. Eric Leigh Pink, lot of times we agreed and disagreed on many topics, but to me you were still the real deal and I come to respect you because of that over the years.

    Its hard to find blogs like yours out there in the wild, I don’t come across many psychics that put themselves out there very much and possible language barriers could be preventing finding others online somewhere.

    Sometimes I came across some real kooky people that I can tell bring falsehoods through fear or have misunderstandings of Spirit back in the late 2000s and early 2010s.

    You read recently about Russia fearing Western Psychics recently? Kind of silly honestly to be fearing psychics when its all their own doing bringing negative feedback into the collective, this intense desperation is starting to look concerning. Makes me wonder if they might be aware of you if that is the case? Interestingly, I remember watching another psychic on youtube mentioning he had to hold back some info concerning Putin since we can’t have Putin lackeys trying to change Putin’s future.

    1. My Spirit Friends have told me there is at least one Russian plant regularly comes here to Eric’s site. They wouldn’t say who, or if these Russians were commenting, but these plants were monitoring numerous psychic sites to gather info, and not just for the Ukraine war.
      Though They didn’t say, I wondered if this could be why there has been little new info that could help Russia coming to us for most of last year.

      1. It’s obvious that also Eric’s site has occasionally been visited by Russians trolls; it’s easy to understand why. On the other hand, if you look at Russian psychics’ current predictions, it’s always about a victory for Russia, etc. A psychic honestly telling the truth in Russia would definitely end up in jail, or even risk to lose their life: this time is really bad for them.

  2. This spending cuts prediction must be the beginning of the “no one is coming to help” prediction about the govt and economy.

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