Chinese Incursion of Taiwan, Warplanes And Ships Cross Taiwan

War is brewing.. for the islands.. in Asia.. Japan, China..

They showed jets flying in the sky crossing each other. Ships being deployed. The fear of war was great, and it seemed like something out of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Other nations such as the US were preparing their military for the worst.

Notes on 2-7-14

This prediction has happened. Stay Safe Taiwan. The message is backwards. Its because the US, helped in the spending bill that set off this moment. We also are looking into a prediction that says their will be a massive blackout in Taiwan. The two might be related.

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4 responses to “Chinese Incursion of Taiwan, Warplanes And Ships Cross Taiwan”

  1. Shakugan Tan Avatar
    Shakugan Tan

    Oh dear. This is simply a lose lose situation for all countries involved. Have never understood the need for war. Currently, everyone is living well with peace and prosperity. People could plan for the holidays and the future. If there is any hint of war, everything starts to go south for everybody.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      The darkness plans, they plan more than any human does, they planned war to return years ago. Thats why we want this moment so bad. If we alter the timeline, then all their plans evaporate. They will have to start over.

      1. Shakugan Tan Avatar
        Shakugan Tan

        Hi Eric, I am curious how the dark forces exert their influence on humans. But I am well aware curiosity kills the cat so you can refuse to answer as this is a public post, it may be dangerous to know the answer. For example good spiritual forces help and advise those humans who wish to help mankind.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Their intelligence is superior. There is a whole entire story about them that I will share later, but pride has taken over them. But its a very intelligent force, ruthless, organized, controlling.
          Fun fact there are two separate forces, Goetic and Necron one burns hot, hot with passion, hate, and love. The other cold as ice and what the Bible calls demons.

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