Notes on 2-7-14

War is brewing.. for the islands.. in Asia.. Japan, China..

They showed jets flying in the sky crossing each other. Ships being deployed. The fear of war was great, and it seemed like something out of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Other nations such as the US were preparing their military for the worst.


7-9, 7-13 The 9th and 13th are marked. – Glossary Reference

Eric’s Comments: They stop short of saying a war actually happens, it seems like there will be an opportunity for cooler heads to prevail, but not entirely clear.

13 thoughts on “Notes on 2-7-14

    1. Not sure, but they did mention multiple issues. If you recall their was another prediction that talked about, I think it was the Philippines closing their border to China. The issue becomes very global.

  1. no has to do with japan and the nuclear power plant problem as it effects everyone.

  2. Yeah this Island problem is brewing for long time, hope they can stop it, but actually maybe some little war start there that scare everyone.
    They implied something about when this could develop?

  3. Feb 17 – Mar 7th man made tsunami disaster to wipe out 12 Pacific nations…

  4. Hey, Eric

    Is the second prediction (jets, CMC, US military) related to the first prediction of Asia? Iran is sending carrier ships to patrol our (US, I’m just up the coast from you in OC) maritime border on the Atlantic coast as we speak. I know we supposedly came to an agreement with them regarding nuclear power, but, in my humble opinion, their leaders aren’t known for being the best or the brightest (Ahmadinejad, anyone…) and maybe something could escalate?

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