World Predictions 11 Year Anniversary

It has been 11 years of predicting our world events. I thought I would remind you of the many events we predicted before they ever happened. Here are the many fragments of all my work throughout our time of predicting the World.

The reign of a dark leader comes to an end,
The leaders of the US and other nations cheer. A new dark leader takes command less patient more aggressive.

The First Predictions

“Secretly the leader unclear if he is sitting on dirt or gold.. contemplates his decision to strike.. boldly the eagle strikes the spiders den.. the king of terror is dead.”

“Eric there is a threat to Paris.. focal point.”

I had a visual of people sitting on benches in a stadium, everyone was looking up while clapping, than under the bleachers, behind the people, an explosion happened, people began to scream and everyone scrambled for safety.
“Terror.. terror”
I had a visual of two metal poles, one on the left side the other on the right. A white ball slowly rolled down from one pole and stopped a little bit over half way on the field, then there was an explosion.

Notes on 7-16-14 Notes on 7-4-14 Notes on 2-24-15

“Unfortunately the wicked people are still there.. Belgium.”
I had a visual of a bomb that went off all that was left was rubble.
I had a visual of 3 gray sticks.
I had a visual of coffee grounds on the ground
I had a visual of a cross in the skyline, perhaps a church or school.
In the visual they showed what looked like a Belgium Flag.

Predictions 12-30-15

Spirit,will Scotland vote yes on Independence? I asked
“No, however it will ensure the voice of Scotland will be heard louder.”
I had a visual of individuals holding up new IDs.

Notes on 9-17-14

The Asteroid however small will pass through the atmosphere and shock the people as it lands. There was mention of an ocean or body of water but it wasn’t entirely clear.Visual of a cluster of asteroids all floating in space. Visual of one crossing down to the sky and hitting an ocean or lake by a foreign city. Visual of water splashing over several different people and a look of shock on their face.

Prediction 43: The Falling Asteroid

I had a visual of a picture of a woman smiling. “Chris, Christina, she was missing, the husband did it.” They implied she had passed and the large clue was a very large white box.

Notes on 10-14-14

I had a visual of individuals waving small British flags. I had a visual of a large Spider walking the streets of Britain. 14 I had a visual of an explosion, followed by people ducking and hiding their faces. Then the heroes responded in droves, people put themselves in harms way for strangers they did not know. I had a visual of Spirit showing numbers rolling past me, that lead to the number 22.

Predictions 6-11-16 UK Terror Attack

When the Hurricanes arrive.. Puerto Rico will be demolished

Predictions 3-20-17

I had visual of Alaska.. Earthquake.. then they wrote 3 0. Does that mean the 30th? 3rd Alaska.. earthquake.. 7 —- 7.0 Alaskan Earthquake November 30th, 2018

Predictions 9-6-18 Predictions 8-29-18

No evidence of direct collusion with Donald Trump.. vindication! . But then the scandal is unearthed and this time it will not pass.
Through the lense of multiple shady deals; What’s in it for me, what can you offer me.
It will cripple his leadership.
The train will derail.. Europe.

“Huge scandal coming.. White house.. tit for tat.. what’s in it for me.. I did you a favor now you owe me a favor.. flush for cash.. this is the scandal that will eventually be his undoing.. impeachment tried twice.. mockery..”


I had a visual of a sudden shift with North Korea. Spirit showed a symbolic visual of Trump and Kim Jong-un sitting at a table about to talk.

Predictions 8-30-17

“History in the making.. water!” Spirit’s Voice I had a visual of the planet Mars.
It could be Venus, but unlikely because we are only exploring Mars right now. I had a visual of a large deep canyon with deep caves, the cave had a small pool of water and the cave was damp. If this is symbolic they are implying the water is underneath the surface of the planet.

Notes on 3-10-15 Mars

MHEY and then said (May).. There going to ask her to step aside, step aside. I believe they are talking about Theresa May, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Prediction: New Zealand Earthquake around the 12th

Ruth will pass. Such a great loss for the US. Such a righteous woman.
I had a visual of the US Supreme Court building. Then I heard the word “vacancy”. Then Spirit tipped their hat to a titan of our time. No matter what side your on this person brought a force of change with them.
The balance of power shifts towards the elephant.


“An epidemic is coming that will move with such fury.” Then it shifted to show people in tents coughing. I had a visual of China, in the eastern coastal region semi close to Taiwan,

World Predictions 10-6-19

“The worst mass shooting in US history will be out of Texas.” I had a visual of an old blue door with the number 23 on it. Then they showed the lock of the door turn back and forth (that means lockdown) “One of the worst shootings” Then it shifted to show a graveyard. “Too many!”

Prediction 9-27-18 Predictions 7-9-18

Nov 3rd Biden “50′ 20-0
With doubt you ensure chaos
The thief will try and take the election and make it theirs. The light on them is to
bright, their actions become overly obvious.


“Liberty.. which was held sacred at one time.. will be under attack.. trampled” I had a visual of a calendar with the 6th blackened out. I had a visual of the US flag wrapped around its poll upside down.

Protest.. civil disobedience.. civil war.. fever pitch words.. Trump.. hold onto power.. in 20.. A disastrous moment.. bloody.. short.. a nation torn.. the leadership begins to fall and fall quickly.
From cruel words.. from cruel verbiage back and forth.. violence becomes the new way

WORLD PREDICTIONS 2-3-20 World Predictions 4-5-19

Cryptocurrency.. fraud.. Pyramid.. deceit.. your money gone.” Then I had a visual of stacks and stacks of wallets then about half of them disappeared.

World Predictions 5-5-21

China.. Budget.. Budget.. Budget.. Then a vision of black tar splashing against multiple places across the country. The internal order of China begins to crack. As its people turn on their leaders.

World Predictions: 7-11-22

Putin plans to conquer Ukraine (East Ukraine) but there will be an unexpected heavy resistance from Europe.

Predictions 8-2-18

The timing of this bombing is the 24th, it too was written on Tuesday. The two different factions violently treating each other, their going to war. Bombing.. so many bombs.Bombing in 5.. so bloody, so brutal.

Predictions 12-22-17

No one trusts Putin. Putin’s gamble is an utter failure

Notes on 9-19-14

I had a visual of a future where Americans brawled each other while Putin hiding in the dark corner snickered at the division he created. Then the spotlight was on Putin. The visual shifted to show a new era of America marching in unison, with one enemy.. Russia.

World Predictions 7-31-19

I had a visual of a large sheet of iron being made into a wall. “The Iron Curtain is back.” Russia.. back door deals.. tape-taps.. the strain between the US and Russia mounts so bad that a new cold war is inevitable.”

World Predictions of 2018

“The cold war is back.”
I had a visual of multiple leaders staring at a poster board that had a picture of Russian land, on it was a looming threat seen from afar.

Predictions 5-28-16

I had a vision of two very large glass cylinder shaped bottles. Beyond huge. Scientist were putting them together. Making two forces into one. The vision showed these two mega sized glass bottles connecting. “Smart” was written on the side. The connection was something out of a Marvel Movie, like Tony Stark, locking two systems into one for Tony’s physics test. There was a specific metallic locking circular mechanism. Other large mechanical devices surrounded the core. Once it locked the two forces did in fact become one. Then Boom! Humanity had a power it never had before. Like holding the power of the atom in our hands. I had a vision I was walking on a white floor. The floor was marked like a life sized Calendar. An image of ’1’ was in the corner.

World Predictions 4-25-22

Our practice is now complete. Time to really get to work. I am excited.

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  1. Happy anniversary! I just checked the very first predictions, and I think I’ve been following them since the beginning. I still remember the one referring to the rise of ISIS, and how right your got it.

    1. Thank you. It is very happy indeed. Right now as we speak, our audience is doubling in size. Its a massive growth all at once. It’s so large Facebook keeps restricting me on how many people I can add at one time. Very exciting times.

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