Notes on 9-19-14

No one trusts Putin
The business in Russia begins to faulter as no one trusts the Russian word
an economic recession in Russia is inevitable
unemployment begins to spiral in the wrong way
Putin’s gamble is an utter failure.

The peace agreement is being made
Israel holding its end up is in question

The innocent men found guilty
their loyalty is sound
blustering lies prevail

I had a visual I was standing in front of a glass door and on it was the number 2.  I woke up from my meditation and between my feet was a large spider, sitting right in front of me. Then I actually woke from my meditation.
Eric’s Comment: Even though we are off on our timing, they still seem to be showing a horrible terror attack coming, it could also be a violent domestic tragedy, here is the previous prediction: Notes on 9-2-14

Istanbul, Istanbul.. a terror threat
We hope it will be foiled.

I had a visual I was standing in front of an armada, soldiers were lined up in the night with different flags from around the world, three generals stood in the center around a very large broadsword.
I had a visual of a black flag, I could see the end of a knife or sword rip through 1/5th of the flag.

The coalition goes on its full front assault
the broadsword now a reality
A piece of  ISIS cut down and annihilated
Once a conquering fat spider, now on the run.
This message might be a sequel of a previous message because of the sword: Notes on 8-16-14






45 thoughts on “Notes on 9-19-14

  1. isis being cut down must happen from all sides otherwise israel gets drawn in.So dont push them back to israels way unless your also coming from that direction. g7 must understand plus russia that christians should not be fighting against christians.Creating further chaos. g7 greatest problems are old wolves in russia becoming lone wolves. economic sanctions should be eased on certain areas not increased.The church leader should of kicked his ass when he was at mass. So the leader of the russian pope failed also.Great wars happen with unemploment, and when people start loosing what they treasure most which is money, shit hits the fan and sprays. Then they pay a wolf to do a dirty job for them.Look what happened to greece banks when they were going to go bankrupt. People and famlies making those decisions were going to disappear shall we say. All tied to money. Were in last quarter of chaos i pray before illumination.alot of ego’s/leaders need to retire and check their soul.

  2. Hi Eric, I hope the terror attack is not here in Australia. The Federal Police has just arrested 15 men suspected of plotting to behead innocent people then then uploading a video around the world. It is very scary.

    • Hi Rosemary, the predictions discussed certain threats would be foiled which sounds like the AU situation. The locations they did put in question are: Netherlands, Norway, Istanbul, Italy, and Boston.. I also feel that some of these locations might not be where the threat is but where the villain comes from.

      • Hi Eric and Spirit.
        News just came in that an attack on the EU commission in Brussels by Dutch jihadi’s was foiled with the arrests of a few suspects in The Hague where these plans were found while searching their homes. I would submit a link but as for now there is no English news site that has published it. I will post that as soon as it comes available.

  3. Eric, your posting on 5-23-14.. I believe is a timing reference.
    “Terror Attack.. look at the victim.. the prediction is a mixture of 4.. the prediction is about a massive shift in the world.. fear runs rampant.. two have passed.. two are coming.. Oakla has not been fulfilled. (yet?)”
    The spider at your feet is in front of the door with 2
    What are your thoughts?

    • Star48, I was thinking the same thing. The spider was right between Eric’s feet sitting right in front of him. Does that mean that the terrorist have a planned attack in California somewhere? The Oakla? Did that happen yet? I wonder what Eric’s thoughts are on the reason it was so close to him. The timing maybe? Soon?

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