The First Predictions

I thought I would share these vintage prediction with you. These two predictions are one of the very first predictions I ever shared with a larger community. Prior to the blog I sent predictions via email, in the hopes they would share it with others. We where just starting and I was clueless on how to bring attention to Spirits message.  The prediction I want to bring attention to is the one that describes the fall of Osama Bin Laden,  Spirit recently explained that the ‘aggressive one’ is what we now know as ISIS.

In other news we are expecting some missed predictions. Because of my health set backs we never completed several predictions. We started them but never completed them.  The Spirits have implied some of the predictions are about to happen, now.

Fw: Predictions set 2

— On Mon, 11/8/10, Eric Leighpink <> wrote:

The reign of a dark leader comes to an end, The leaders of the US and other nations cheer. A new dark leader takes command less patient more aggressive.

25    5
An explosive earthquake strikes Japan.


17 thoughts on “The First Predictions

    • We predicted in Nov 2010. We believed at the time it would be best to predict events that would happen in the next year. Nowdays we are focused on predicting events from 1-3 months ahead.

    • There talking about the Tsunami that hit Japan. Back then we only did predictions that where major events. On top of that we thought that it would be best to predict events that would happen the next year. Something we now do in complete opposite.

  1. Eric, I’m sorry to hear about your recent setbacks. I will pray for you and hope you have a speedy yet thorough recovery.

  2. A few notes of our history. These predictions date back to November 2010.One is talking about the fall of Osama Bin laden the other the horrible Tsunami that hit Japan. We had a very different operation and mindset. We only predicted major events and almost all of them involved the US. There was no thought of doing ‘World’ predictions at that time. We believed we should predict events that would happen in the next year, I believed it would add to authenticity. Nowdays we try very hard to do the opposite by predicting events that happen weeks or months later. The numbers did not have a system it has now. They where just ‘key’ numbers. The 10 made sense. As it was 10 years from the attack on the trade center. We also weren’t very good at details, the predictions were all fairly vague. Its an interesting take back in time, things are so different now, and done completely opposite to that time.

  3. Eric,
    Get well first. The world isn’t going anywere.
    Non the less, thank you for your efforts trying to make this world a better one!

  4. Eric, I pray there isn’t anything which happens around the anniversary of the 9.0 magnitude undersea mega-thrust earthquake which occurred on 11 March 2011 off of Japan. Also, I hope you are feeling stronger and better each day.

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