Notes on 10-14-14

“Earthquake.. wed.. 1 left.. over 500 losses.. North California, San Francisco area.. such horror” — Spirits Voice
I had a visual of people gathered together, then the ground shook and people began to scatter in different directions, people stumbled on each other and you could hear screaming. (Are they saying Wednesday?)

I had a visual of a large black ball falling.

I had a visual of a pink flamingo bird walking slowly. – (Perhaps this is the ‘bird’ reference they used in previous predictions when talking about an earthquake.)

“The Hurricane changes course.. headed now to Florida. The first of two. Bang then another bang, looting ensues.”  — Spirits Voice
I had a visual of a map of Florida, a line drawn, starting in the ocean from a southern direction it headed at an angle north-west striking the middle of Florida. Then they showed dark areas in which damage and flooding would run rampant. The southern tip of Florida was completely covered, also was the middle and southern west coastline of Florida.

I had a visual of beach front houses under water and massively large waves crashing down on the beach. There were cliffs in the background.  “Taiwan.. China area.. another major storm”

“The rest of the fall and the winter weather will be extremely hostile, the worst of 2014, back to back events that leave nothing safe.” Spirits Voice

I had a visual of a picture of a woman smiling. “Chris, Christina, she was missing, the husband did it.” They implied she had passed and the large clue was a very large white box.

“Help us.. Muslims.. related to food.. poison.. get an ambulance!.. white.” — Spirits Voice

“Cancer.. Cancer.. The treatment of cancer dramatically shifts.. a lot!.. massive medical breakthrough..  dark community no more.. so many lives around the world saved!” — Spirits Voice

“AIDS, Diabetes, Ebola, and now Cancer all major medical breakthroughs.. such a better, safer, healthier world on the horizon, this year and next. ” — Spirits Voice

Eric’s Comments: These predictions go to the heart of what we are trying to accomplish, please help us bring awareness to these events so we can minimize the tragedies that ensue. We have an opportunity to change the future, help us do it. 


84 thoughts on “Notes on 10-14-14

  1. Eric, is the a Hurricane the one off British Virgin Islands now? I posted info on it on 4/10/14 thread.
    Is the earthquake happening tomorrow? Or next Wednesday?
    Eric, I am so excited about the medical breakthroughs ..Such a blessing to the world!
    I am smiling that soon peoples suffering will be eased…

      1. It is such a great news. I hope the medical fraternity and the pharmaceutical industry realize that there are alternatives to surgery, chemo and radiation. I hope this cure the Spirits are referring to is in that direction. It would be such a blessing for humanity and to the Planet.

  2. Thanks Eric for the warning/prediction . Will be praying for everyone. Will get the word out to warn others and my family in the Florida and San Fransisco area. What a great blessing to know all of the medical breakthroughs that are coming soon. Blessings to You and Yours.

  3. I feel the same thing. Major medical break through. Sometime in the next four years.

  4. Great news on medical breakthroughs! My daughter is diabetic and I’ve lost or know so many affected by cancer. Note that Hurricane Gonzalo a category 2 storm is hammering the Carribean at this very moment and right behind it is Tropical Depression TWO. The first of two?

    I searched for missing Christina’s and two came up. One was younger and had a boyfriend and didn’t mention her ever being married, Christina Morris. The other one, Christina Davison has been missing since May, and the main suspect is her ex-spouse. There should be a pic attached with this link. Do you think you would recognize her Eric? Hopefully the authorities will catch the killer of this woman.

  6. Eric the longer sessions I think is a good thing, the Spirits predictions are more in depth, clearer. And It it always wonderful when there is positive news, we all need a boost with so much tragedy in the world.
    I trust you Eric and the path you are on, and appreciate what the Spirits and you are trying to do for us. Spirits please take care of Eric, as I am also concerned the longer sessions, seeing such horrors and suffering can take it’s toll.
    I hate to ask this, knowing your shortened time frame for questions. Could the visual of the beach front houses under water and crashing waves, mean Hawaii. We have a possible hurricane hitting our island this weekend. We still have not recovered from the last hurricane, and we also have a lava flow threatening the Puna District of Hawaii, that will cause major disruption for so many people in the area. Resources are so strained, which is why I am so concerned about this storm!

    Just on the news, has been warnings of possibility of a large earthquake striking the Bay area

    1. Eric, thought I would share my dream last night in the light of your prediction and the large earthquake yesterday. Not sure if earthquake related or hurricane, from a helicopter I could see dots of hundreds of people bring caught in the ocean being swept out to sea, then it turned to be on land where I had time to outrun the floods overtaking the land, trying to get up high enough, then thinking I needed to get on a raft to float with it. Then I was warning my brother and he was a in a bike and I was running after him and he didn’t want to dink me so I said I will dink him. We did escape !
      Was it just a dream?

  7. Tomorrow night– NL Championship Series : St. Louis Cardinals at San Francisco Giants (Home Game 2 – Series Game 4)
    5:07 p.m. PDT at AT&T Park in San Francisco, US —- The visual of people gathered together?

  8. Hi Eric,
    The pink flamingo is the unofficial bird of Florida. Just look at their Lottery symbol and it is also used by many state advertising campaigns.

  9. Eric I was wondering about the “north-west” track of the hurricane across Florida. In the previous drawing you did on its path, it showed what looked like a track that was coming in from the gulf and going on a north easterly track, perhaps moving in through the Tampa Bay Area, (or I just assumed it took that track since I don’t know of them moving north to south from the Atlantic). I just wanted to make for certain that you did mean “north-west”, and not “north-east”, as if it would be heading towards the pan handle area across the state, coming in from the Atlantic side and not the Gulf. Sorry I don’t mean to be rude, just confused me from the earlier predictions drawing, so want to clarify.

      1. Could it be, Walter Elias Disney (WED)? Or Wednesday, but 1 week left, so next Wednesday? Or 1 day left which is today? Or it is one earthquake left for N Cal, which makes it the 3rd one? Three is the number, 3? Did they already have two significant earthquakes there this year?

          1. Yes I thought wed as in wedding also, but not an actual wedding event like you said. That would make sense but I am thinking Wednesday would make more sense also. There was a huge art piece in that Crissy Park area near the Golden Gate Bridge which had huge black balls hanging from and attached to some metal beams. But it was only suppose to be there for a year starting in May 2013 so shouldn’t be there anymore I don’t think. Did you get any ideas of what the black falling ball would be Eric?

  10. Eric, I really enjoyed your posts. However, I wonder about Wednesday of October 29th???

    because it was Oct 29th when Sandy storm hit New York a few yrs ago. Some times I wonder if the numbers are significant of signs. I believe it will be soon but hard to tell when. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Ok here’s another thought. Try to brain storm the meaning of 1 left. Its one left in direction to San Francisco area. Could be the direction of left and one left from where? Or one left of survivor out of 500 losses. Where is the location of population of 500 nearby SF?? Small town?? Left means west??

      1. The bird location could be Presidio area San Francisco or Golden Gate Raptor Observatory. Known for bird watchers mecca. That would mean directly within San Francisco not a city or area north of SF. That would explain 500 losses! I’m thinking “1 left” may be 1 year from Oct 2014 prediction, making earthquake strike in 2015.

    1. At 5:12am on Wednesday of April 18, 1906, the earth quake struck San Francisco and the coastal of northen California. The earthquake results by a rapture on San Andrea Fault. Death toll over 3,000 results by earthquakes and fires. Prior to a major earthquake, there were reported 30 years of earthquakes or trembled.

      I’m seeing the similar pattern that is happening right now in California as it did over 100 years ago. Most of the death in 1906 were caused by fires than earthquakes. Fires llastedfew days. Unfortunately, some people set their houses on fires as their insurances won’t get covered by earthquakes. So they can claimed it if it was on fire.

      On the other note, I had a dream that I rarely dreamed something huge about to happen. In 2012, I dreamed the rushing flood in red mud. It was a huge flooding. Also, I dreamed the ground rose in split up to 10 to 20 ft high from th3 ground level. It was a huge gap. I do not know exactly how many feet but it was huge. I felt its in California area. I suspected its the San Andrea Faults.

      I’ve observed almost daily earthquake activities. San Andrea Faults has consistent trembled activities just about everyday since it had an earthquake a month ago or so. Today its quiet. What is stopping the trembles? What’s next?

      Also, there are two silence volcanoes active in Alaska. One is yellow and one is orange alert.

      It’s not the question if. Its when. That’s all I can say for now. I hope I am wrong. Thanks Eric for sharing pieces of information to help us be aware of.

      1. Hi, Mary…
        I understand..–the volume and size earthquakes slowed down for one day . Small amounts ,the next day. Than another slow down.the next day. Up and down.
        I appreciate your knowing.
        Lots of forces are at play.. The partial solar eclipse on the 23rd, the geomagnetic disturbances, the solar flares, the remnants of Halleys Comet that will peak in a few days, the comets etc.
        For me it’s a waiting game., your right it will happen. The earth is taking a big breath.
        The good news is we are all in this together! Keep positive..I do..Blessings..

        1. Thank you for your reply. I also remember the moon plays the big part as well.

          To me…the earthquake is like a contraction when a mother is having a labor that comes and goes before giving a birth. Sometimes, there is a false labor. It just not ready yet.

          Looking forward to read your next post. 🙂

  12. Eric just came across this while researching and wondered if the, Earthquake.. wed… 1 left, could mean one year left, since wednesday the 14th of October 2015 would be one year from this prediction dated 10-14-14? Would Spirit remind you? It was for over 500 losses in Northern CA.

      1. Eric,
        I did not think it fits “Jacksonville , FL – hurricane thread..
        I was thinking overall flooding in US..? Coasts in danger sort of thing?

  13. Eric,
    a followup to my comment from yesterday.
    This will also affect Bashi channel— Phillippines and is 200 km this moment..
    It is a Super typhoon..1st in this season in that area. …(can affect China)
    Category 5 ( is this related to one of three 5’s?)

    See.Taiwan issues sea warning as approaching Typhoon Nepartak causes high winds, rough waves – Focus Taiwan

      1. Eric,
        there could be another one…coming..for Philippines. A little later?

        the one Nepartak seems to for Taiwan, China..
        it will pass through Bashi channel. ( see Google earth) will see what I mean.,
        And this is only the first in the season.,
        I think there will be more….super typhoons and Hurricanes..

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