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Notes on 10-14-14

“Earthquake.. wed.. 1 left.. over 500 losses.. North California, San Francisco area.. such horror” — Spirits Voice
I had a visual of people gathered together, then the ground shook and people began to scatter in different directions, people stumbled on each other and you could hear screaming. (Are they saying Wednesday?)

I had a visual of a large black ball falling.

I had a visual of a pink flamingo bird walking slowly. – (Perhaps this is the ‘bird’ reference they used in previous predictions when talking about an earthquake.)

“The Hurricane changes course.. headed now to Florida. The first of two. Bang then another bang, looting ensues.”  — Spirits Voice
I had a visual of a map of Florida, a line drawn, starting in the ocean from a southern direction it headed at an angle north-west striking the middle of Florida. Then they showed dark areas in which damage and flooding would run rampant. The southern tip of Florida was completely covered, also was the middle and southern west coastline of Florida.

I had a visual of beach front houses under water and massively large waves crashing down on the beach. There were cliffs in the background.  “Taiwan.. China area.. another major storm”

“The rest of the fall and the winter weather will be extremely hostile, the worst of 2014, back to back events that leave nothing safe.” Spirits Voice

I had a visual of a picture of a woman smiling. “Chris, Christina, she was missing, the husband did it.” They implied she had passed and the large clue was a very large white box.

“Help us.. Muslims.. related to food.. poison.. get an ambulance!.. white.” — Spirits Voice

“Cancer.. Cancer.. The treatment of cancer dramatically shifts.. a lot!.. massive medical breakthrough..  dark community no more.. so many lives around the world saved!” — Spirits Voice

“AIDS, Diabetes, Ebola, and now Cancer all major medical breakthroughs.. such a better, safer, healthier world on the horizon, this year and next. ” — Spirits Voice

Eric’s Comments: These predictions go to the heart of what we are trying to accomplish, please help us bring awareness to these events so we can minimize the tragedies that ensue. We have an opportunity to change the future, help us do it. 


Tropical Cyclone Hudhud

Is this prediction happening? When they discussed this storm they marked it as very dangerous.

Notes on 6-25-14   Hurricanes ?.. July-August, October.. I then saw a map of the bay of Bengal. I believe India was the focus but I would not discount the other Peninsula to the right of India. We still need to put the puzzle of location and time together. They also clarified that it might reach Category 5 in the Ocean but not be that strong when hitting land, bottom line we are talking about  3 large Hurricanes / Typhoons.
Previous Predictions: Notes on 6-24-14
There is talk that this prediction is still expected, I am waiting for confirmation: Florida Hurricane Path – Notes on 9-29-13

The Facts on October 8th: Tropical Cyclone Hudhud Strengthening; India Landfall This Weekend.  Millions of people in India are in the path of Tropical Cyclone Hudhud, which is strengthening as it churns over the Bay of Bengal in the northern Indian Ocean basin. Quoted News: http://www.weather.com/news/weather-hurricanes/tropical-cyclone-hudhud-india-bay-bengal-20141008

Florida Hurricane Prediction
Also in regards to Florida Hurricane the Spirits showed two light switches one was off the other on. Here they are acknowledging a mistake but the overall prediction in regards to a massive Hurricane is still expected to happen, probably closer to the end of October.


Notes on 7-19-13

Here are the Notes from Spirit on July 19th

“0” “040” big and bold
— A Message a predictions countdown is complete putting it now to the next few days, I have no idea what 4 means. With the exception of 4 unfortunately their was no mention on which prediction.

“The barrier will hold when the storm rolls into Japan, but another storm looms and the barrier will not hold.”
— This could be a message about the Typhoons; Florida, Japan and the Philippines are expected to be hit hard with Hurricanes/Typhoons this year.  Perhaps they are predicting two for Japan? Or perhaps they are comparing this year to next year? But it’s also possible they are just predicting troubling times, followed by events getting worse. They did show a visual of waves coming to shore.