Tropical Cyclone Hudhud

Is this prediction happening? When they discussed this storm they marked it as very dangerous.

Notes on 6-25-14   Hurricanes ?.. July-August, October.. I then saw a map of the bay of Bengal. I believe India was the focus but I would not discount the other Peninsula to the right of India. We still need to put the puzzle of location and time together. They also clarified that it might reach Category 5 in the Ocean but not be that strong when hitting land, bottom line we are talking about  3 large Hurricanes / Typhoons.
Previous Predictions: Notes on 6-24-14
There is talk that this prediction is still expected, I am waiting for confirmation: Florida Hurricane Path – Notes on 9-29-13

The Facts on October 8th: Tropical Cyclone Hudhud Strengthening; India Landfall This Weekend.  Millions of people in India are in the path of Tropical Cyclone Hudhud, which is strengthening as it churns over the Bay of Bengal in the northern Indian Ocean basin. Quoted News:

Florida Hurricane Prediction
Also in regards to Florida Hurricane the Spirits showed two light switches one was off the other on. Here they are acknowledging a mistake but the overall prediction in regards to a massive Hurricane is still expected to happen, probably closer to the end of October.


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  1. omarie Avatar

    Ref to FLA Hurricane:
    Here is a prediction from Accuweather:

    Oct 09, 2014

    Much of the Atlantic Basin remains quiet at this time, but an area of low pressure northeast of the Leeward Islands may gain tropical characteristics over the next week. This area of low pressure is poorly organized at this time due to an area of high wind shear impacting the system. This is causing the showers and thunderstorms to be displaced east of the center. The system will move to the north over the next several days, and wind shear will begin to decrease over the storm. Decreasing wind shear and warm ocean waters could support development as early as this weekend. Regardless of development, the area of low pressure will track northward toward Bermuda this weekend into early next week.

    Elsewhere across the basin, we are tracking four tropical waves. Areas of dry air and high wind shear across the basin do not support the development of these features.

    By Meteorologist Alyson Hoegg

    If that wind shear moves north as they think it will, FLA may yet be hit by a Hurricane by the end of October

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Wow interesting. Thanks for the info Omarie. I have family that lives in the North Orlando area so will be paying close attention.

  2. allen Avatar

    eric can you ask the helpers, why some predictions happen, and why others don’t? is it something, we as humans on earth, can change them? or is it a higher realm, that changes them? thank you for all you do, happy, you are feeling better!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It sort of depends on which you are talking about. Terrorist for instance would be more of a threat than prediction, they know things are being planned, constructed, thought out, but that does not mean they will happen. I would not look at our predictions as solid events that are expected to happen but a forecast based of the motion of things in the here and now. To add we haven’t quiet mastered the work, timing for instance continues to be the biggest flaw.

  3. jules104 Avatar

    Hi Eric. I am not sure where to put these but, I was wondering if this cyclone Hudhud could cause the MH370 seat-belts to churn up onto the shore somewhere. Also after going back over some predictions I was wondering about the 2-17-14 prediction about Turkey. Could this assassination attempt that they predicted previously have to do with the PM Erdogan? And the “such a horrible moment for the nation” be referencing either that or a possible bio/chemical attack that was predicted recently? Just some thoughts since they seem like they could all be tied together for what’s going on now also. I actually was trying to look for anything on the Spirits dates/timing. Did we ever figure out what the, 3 is key 3, was?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Turkey is a huge focus with them, and that’s never a good thing. The assassination could just be a leader.

  4. jules104 Avatar

    Sorry this not having to do with the cyclone…Could Kim Jong-Un be the leader who is assassinated since he has not been seen for a while?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I would question them calling him a ‘President’.

      1. Jules104 Avatar

        Thanks Eric. I agree not much of a leader.

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