Predictions 7-9-18

I had a visual of a parade or festival. In the visual people were either walking down the street together or marching in a parade. Then off to the side there was an explosion.

“Ontario.. the first part of August.. Aud.. Audrea (or Audrey)..”

I asked for more clarity and they implied it was a patriotic event. There was patriotic music in the background. I need to gather more details; a city, date, and what exactly is the event. If I can narrow those things down then perhaps we can alter the event by notifying the authorities. 

I had a visual of a hurricane sliding up from Florida, and slashing against Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina, then it went north.

“The first half of August.”

The son is going to be arrested.. his response.. I didn’t know?

Africa will bring back to life the electric chair for dissidents and criminals.

I had a visual of an old blue door with the number 23 on it. Then they showed the lock of the door turn back and forth (that means lockdown) “One of the worst shootings” Then it shifted to show a graveyard. “Too many!”

Later in the evening they said ‘Portland Oregon’. However there is a small question over whether the two are related. I believe they are. From the look of the door and it’s outside I believe it’s a school or campus. One of the requests I made with Spirit was to add the timeframe or location with the initial visual, that means 23 is most likely a date. 

“New Zealand.. Eric the moderately large earthquake is in the area where the land sticks out.. not Wellington.. 9.. 10”

That implies the area of Christchurch. Again confusion on the timing. Are they implying today, or is it a countdown that puts it around the 19th or 20th. They also implied the earthquake would happen in the afternoon for New Zealand

I had a visual of another volcano eruption over an island. Part of it looked like it could be a fissure.

Sounds like Hawaii again. 

In the eastern European nation ruled by an iron fist.. the most egregious actions.. children being sold in droves.. the self taught woman will do everything to help them.

I have edited this message by taking out the most perverse parts.



164 thoughts on “Predictions 7-9-18

      1. Holaca ‘where the land sticks out’ sounds like the top of the North Island, up around the Bay of Islands. Does that sound right to you?

      2. Ok. It’s just that there have been some weird quakes in some very unusual areas, like the islands of East Africa, never had quakes there before, and even here in Aussie, a 3.5 in South Australia last night.

    1. 9 or 10 could be date this month. american date. so maybe 11th july nz date time.
      like the 1130 references. 11th day 3 is time. 3pm afternoon.
      whale in wellington harbour appears to have left. so tommrrow is 11th july in NZ lets hope nothing occurs tommrrow or day after.

      1. there was also past reference to a quake “Around” wellington. so if theres one near wanganui taranaki plymouth that is just around wellington as an older prediction mentioned. and that area sticks out.

      1. Eric,
        It happened..7/8/18

        M 4.0 – 31km WSW of Kaikoura, New Zealand
        2018-07-08 23:43:38 UTC 42.516°S 173.333°E 14.5 km depth

          1. Holaca,
            I am a native of CA, so I know 4’s are moderate..

            I posted it for information for others interpretations …or Eric’s confirmation.
            (Sometimes they can be precursor to larger ones)

            It is a failing of mine to add to others study…(family in newspaper business for a few generations). 😝

    1. They use to do that but no most natural disaster predictions happen in a three month span. Nowadays there is a big push to make predictions within a months time.

  1. SWC, Eric. Here is the dutchsinse weekly forecast with update prior. Forecast for coming week is around minute 44:00 for those interested who can’t watch the whole video. Blessings

  2. I encourage everyone in Ontario to be cautious…keep an eye open for anything out of the ordinary, and alert authorities if you suspect something.
    Especially report unattended bags in public places, or someone dressed in heavy clothes when it’s warm out, because bombers tend to either leave bombs in bags, or suicide bombers will hide them under coats.

    That school shooting sounds scary, too. Does 23 mean the 23rd of a month? It’s July now and schools are out for summer, so it seems odd for a school shooting prediction to mean this month, maybe it’s referring to when school starts in the fall?
    Unless the shooting happens at a summer-school or something like that.

    1. Some schools in states and districts follow different schedules, especially amongst private schools. So some might get a month or so off once every 9 weeks are completed, which seems to be the most common alternative school scheduling ive seen aside from the usual getting out for the whole summer. Just food for thought!

  3. As part of the Canadian National Exhibition, they have a Warriors Parade in Toronto. This occurs August 16th this year and commemorates the end of WW1. warriors

  4. “Migrant crisis: Child trafficking on the rise in the EU” 19 May 2016

    “The top five EU countries of origin for victims were: Romania (top – 3,959), followed by Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Hungary and Poland.”

    “Non-EU victims came mainly from Nigeria (1,188), followed by China, Albania, Vietnam and Morocco.”

      1. It’s good that this has been brought into the light and hopefully nations such as russia,sweden,norway, uk,Germany, usa,canada, plus many others,the northern children of marduk will adjust their focus. Your all related. No excuses. The language issue has been resolved. Same for India and same for Africa .

  5. There’s an Audrey Lake in Ontario but it’s way up north, barely inhabited. Need a plane to fly into it. Can’t imagine a parade there.

    1. Are there any major Canadian holidays coming up that might involve parades?

      Another thing adds to the confusion…sometimes small towns have parades on the dates the town was founded, so that means virtually any town could have a parade anytime.

      1. No big ones in August, but you’re right, it could just as easily be a local community parade or something. Ontario has both Audrey and Aubrey Lakes, as commenters have noted, but they’re both nowhere near any towns or cities.

        For places that actually might have parades, “Aud.. Audrea (or Audrey)” could maybe a mangling of Ottawa or Sudbury, or maybe Otter Lake near Parry Sound.

      2. There’s a provincial civic holiday the first Monday of the month but it’s not a big deal. Just a gov-created long weekend.

      3. Eric,
        You suggested hearing the star-spangled banner might be a clue. Which lines of the song did you specifically hear?

      1. In the cities, there might be concerts, musical festivals, just more of the usual summer stuff. Small town fairs might start. Toronto is the provincial seat for Ontario, the largest city and they have festivals and parades all summer, so I believe there would be some activity that weekend. In Ottawa (federal capital), it’s the Busker festival — street performers, etc. The other large to moderate cities would have the same things, local fairs and BBQs and music events.
        Ontario’s a big place–it’s going to be hard to nail down a location. And this year there will be a lot of military/patriot stuff because it’s the 100th of the Armistice and Canada really came into its own as a country in WWI.

      2. Eric, ask spirit whether the “patriotism” is country-pride or race-pride. Toronto’s Caribana (a Caribbean cultural festival) takes place on the August long weekend and a parade is part of it. It’s just not a government thing, which is why I didn’t think of it when the conversation was focused on patriotic holidays.

        1. In the message there was the star spangled song playing. Now it’s an example of patriotism, I am not familiar with Canadian patriotic songs other than “oh Canada” so it was an odd part of the prediction that just doesn’t fit?

      3. Re the song — Oh Canada is pretty much it. Although it’s now somewhat controversial, the lyrics rewritten to be gender neutral via an act brought forth by a member of parliament who was on death bed. (it’s about the fourth time it’s been rewritten in my lifetime.)
        We used to sing God Save the Queen, but not anymore. Sort of a handshake agreement with Quebec.
        Canadian patriotism isn’t at all like the US, people tend to be more connected to their region and…it’s doubtful the anthem would be played at any parade that wasn’t strictly military.

      4. Eric,
        You suggested hearing the star-spangled banner might be a clue. Which lines of the song did you specifically hear?

      5. So maybe the first few lines with “dawn’s early light” or “twilight’s last gleaming” is a clue to timing?

  6. Is this hurricane sliding up on Florida inland or aside from it over the coast? I’m still hoping and praying it’s not the mega one to the trifecta, where the entire state have to evacuate.

  7. Farsight this month only had two sessions. One was an urban earthquake, in a bustling city. Maybe a big US city, but she saw a number of Asian people so possibly Far East, or maybe a Western city with a number of Asian people. The viewer saw the ground break open actually in the city. She called it ‘Earthquake Lightning’ and it sounded very dramatic. An open fissure suddenly appears in the ground.

    The other viewer saw an urban volcano eruption. Again, involving a city, with a river of lava flowing through the city towards the water. It sounds like what has been occurring in Hawaii. Perhaps a renewal of that? A new location? I’m afraid I don’t know enough about Hawaii to speculate.

    Incidentally, Farsight aren’t going to be doing future predictions anymore, but exploring events that have already occurred. They’ll still be doing monthly videos, but with a shift of emphasis. It’s gone downhill since the men left unfortunately. The two young women seem very able at viewing, but lack articulacy, and one stopped drawing graphics altogether.

  8. As a Portland resident this is pretty alarming. Any further info about where and when would be so helpful. I can share with my friends and family

  9. nz quaje can be in area of new plymouth like older posts.
    this area of land sticks out.
    im expecting quake near wanganui taranaki
    land sticks out here.
    ans alot of whales have died and beached here.

    1. an old prediction here talked about “”plymouth”” ref to 1130 from older prediction post so quake could be new plymouth. this part sticks out.
      11th july 3pm maybe. just a thought.

  10. a poster on here mentioned dream year ago of big car accident waverley new zealand just before big quake in the area. this is near new plymouth.
    maori prophecy talked about wanganui and taranaki remember. this whole area of land sticks out. i dont think its christchurch.

    1. Yes James that was me. In my Dreamtime last year I saw the accident in Waverley that only happened a few weeks ago. I also saw coloured lights in the sky then saw the quake..
      Has anyone spotted the coloured lights yet?
      I also heard spirit say either what sounded like COUNTRY CORNER or KAIKOURA.. as you know, they sound the same so I’m confused by it.

      1. i think spirit meant contry corner. area like waverley. corner of the country. fits with what eric said about area that sticks out. i know chch sticks out there but hunch it isnt chch. id say corner near new plymonth like older posts about plymouth. im guessing a large quake between wanganui and mt taranaki.
        smack in the middle. east of stratford near waverley.

      2. Hi Ocean a number of people I know in Christchurch said they saw a meteor split late last week. It was a really bright flash that lit up the sky and went green

  11. Eric, SWC…here’s an old prediction with the New Zealand, Australia, Plymouth earthquakes. It states August and the number 20 is in it also. This is part of the same ones where you weren’t sure if San Francisco or NZ was first and the 11:30 part. There seemed to be quite a few predictions related to this same one. This one here has the two dueling visuals. One where people are warned and listen and take heed, and another where they do not.

  12. The hurricane part is concerning because it could be another harvey or irma, hopefully not and i live in south carolina

    1. Oh my, Brandon . may want to be away from the coastline. Keep eyes on hurrican/weather updated reports.

    2. First time here (someone posted a link on Linda G’s youtube), this is fascinating. I’m in South Carolina too—we live on the middle part of Hilton Head Island, it’s concerning here too…it would be the 3rd year in a row… right on a barrier island on the coast. I’d happy move, but this is where work is.

  13. Eric,
    Ref:::had a visual of an old blue door with the number 23 on it. Then they showed the lock of the door turn back and forth (that means lockdown) “One of the worst shootings” Then it shifted to show a graveyard. “Too many!”

    Mexico 🇲🇽Monterey

    15 dead… 9 wounded unusual violence. 6.bars (
    . Note the total # 24)

    Serious public security incident in Mexico on July 10 2018 04:47 AM (UTC).

    An unusually violent night around the northern Mexican city of Monterrey, including a string of attacks on bars, left at least 15 dead and nine wounded, authorities said Sunday. The Nuevo Leon state prosecutor’s office reported in a statement that 12 people died in six bar attacks overnight in the municipalities of Monterrey, Guadalupe and Juarez. A man and a 14-year-old boy were also shot dead in their car on a highway, and in the city of Linares, a man was killed in a clash between rival gangs after a “quinceanera” coming-of-age party at a private home. No arrests were announced. An official at the prosecutors’ office said the death toll could rise due to the severity of some of the injuries, and it was not immediately clear if the incidents were linked. The official spoke on condition of anonymity due to security concerns. The deadliest shooting came shortly after midnight inside the Rancho Viejo restaurant and bar on Monterrey’s eastern outskirts. Five male customers and a waitress were listed as dead, and two people wounded, in an attack that the prosecutor’s office said was perpetrated by two male suspects in a red SUV or pickup and was attributed to organized crime. The Monterrey area has not seen such a deadly night in years. In 2011, 20 people were killed by a group of gunmen at a bar in a central neighborhood of the city. The following year another attack at a bar nearby killed left eight dead.

  14. Maybe the nation in Eastern Europe is Belarus. It’s considered the last dictatorship in Europe. He rules with a heavy hand just like you suggested.

  15. also area stick out of NZ is top left of south island. “fairwell spit” golden bay area. lots whales been stranding there.
    where the peice of land sticks out. that long beach area.

  16. Hey guys and Eric…got to see this spectacular black and white film in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s. It’s awesome to see their times in over 100 years apart from our current time. ENJOY IT!! ;D

    1. I didn’t post it because it cannot be confirmed as fact but they said Brett was always next in line, they already decided months ago, which means all this blustering over Trump really considering this person or that was unwarranted.

    1. Yes I remember that, Luisa….thought it was 2 hurricane would hit Florida but the 2nd drifted aside instead of across the state. It was a close call.

    1. Hey Star this got downgraded to 4.8 @Eric I’m guessing spirit wouldn’t give you warnings over this size for NZ it has to be bigger right?

  17. Wondering if thr “land sticks out ” means new land rise from underwater? Just a thought

    1. thats a good point. some psychic long ago edgar casey said land would appear connect from nz to australia. like a land bridge.
      quake may make land raise up.

      1. Thanks Jules for thr link. It’s fascinating as how rhe earth changed over million of year. Incredibly amazing!

      1. Hi Eric, this is the first time I’ve commented. I live in NZ and have a very strong sense an earthquake is about to hit us. Yiur comment about the area by Lake Ellesmere makes sense as the council has a scenario for a Tsunami through there

  18. Eric,
    Do you think the predicted bombing in Ontario is connected to the attacks you predicted for New Jersey, Vermont, and California?

    Are those attacks still coming, or do you think they’ve been foiled?

      1. Hi Eric it’s hidden away on the website of the Christchurch City Council emergency/ civil defence procedures

    1. I thought of Ontario, California too. And a parade with the Star Spangled Banner would make sense there.

      1. Yes, the star-spangled banner would make more sense in the US. Unless, does anyone know if the upcoming Canadian WWI remembrance ceremonies play anthems of other countries in addition to Canadian songs?

        It sounds like either the Canadian WWI ceremonies, or Ontario, California could match with the prediction. Hopefully we can narrow it down.

  19. Eric, I just wanted to add in case it’s possibly related…in this old prediction you state that it happened but question the location. Could this be two separate attacks, with one that has not happened yet? Did the explosion Spirit mentioned happen or just shootings? I googled Thunder Bay and it is also nicknamed “T Bay”, and in Ontario. The prediction was on 12-21-15 which mentions the “T”, though there are numerous related predictions. I don’t want to rule out anything if there are clues there for this upcoming attack.

    1. One of Toronto’s nicknames is T-dot. Thunder Bay isn’t really that large a city, pretty far north, and violent crime is really rising in Toronto.

      1. No Eric. Thunder Bay is much further northwest, towards Manitoba. By Lake Superior. Used to be called Port William and Fort Arthur. It was named Thunder Bay in 1970.

  20. I looked up the Warrior’s Day Parade again. It is in Toronto on August 18th. Eric, you said you heard ThevStar Spangled Banner. This is a quote from the website: “Each year we also welcome many contingents of the United States of America and we look forward to new units joining us in the future”, so even though this is a Canadian military parade there is an American presence. This year honours the 100th Anniversary of World War 1 and the 70th Anniversary of the first ever UN Peacekeeping mission. The parade musters at the Armory, which sounds a bit like Audrey. Canadians aren’t much given to military parades with the exception of veterans on November 11,Remembrance Day.

  21. One more bit of info. There are Audrey streets in towns and cities all over Ontario…but the one that’s most unnerving is in a town north west of Ottawa. Petawawa — because it’s a military base, the whole town is full of soldiers and their families.

  22. Eric, Unrelated to these predictions, I saw on CNN this a.m. -7/13/18, that McDonald’s salads may be the cause of illness in a few states You said a while back that McDonalds food would cause food poisoning or something. Anyway, thank u for saying that – I made a note of not eating McDonalds because of your prediction and I’m glad I paid attention, because their salads with chicken is what I usually eats dinner that food item is suspect.

    1. Auto correct changed my sentence. Salad w/ chicken is what I usually eat for
      dinner and that food item is suspect.

  23. Re: Hurricane: Hello friends. Living along the south-east coast we are always concerned about hurricanes. ON FB, I go to “Mike’s Weather Page” or Mike’s related site, where you can track anything. Blessings!

  24. Moderate quake (4.0) felt through Christchurch Sunday 15th, “9.10” pm
    Time matches numbers from earlier spirit message. But many here are thinking there might be more to come.

  25. Eric, SWC,
    Ref:::Later in the evening they said ‘Portland Oregon’. However there is a small question over whether the two are related. I believe they are. From the look of the door and it’s outside I believe it’s a school or campus. One of the requests I made with Spirit was to add the timeframe or location with the initial visual, that means 23 is most likely a date.


    Anarchy breaks out with mayors blessing..

  26. Eric,SWC,

    Ref:::I had a visual of another volcano eruption over an island. Part of it looked like it could be a fissure.


  27. Eric,SWC,

    Ref:::had a visual of another volcano eruption over an island. Part of it looked like it could be a fissure.

    Manam Volcano now aviation code red..
    Ash ejected 34,000 ft high..

  28. Eric,
    Ref::::Later in the evening they said ‘Portland Oregon’.
    In blue.
    However there is a small question over whether the two are related. I believe they are. From the look of the door and it’s outside I believe it’s a school or campus. One of the requests I made with Spirit was to add the timeframe or location with the initial visual, that means 23 is most likely a date.

    Man caught with gun…
    PORTLAND, Ore. – A man is in custody after a student at Madison High School reported seeing someone with a gun near the campus, prompting the school to go into a lockout Tuesday afternoon.

    Initial reports came in at about 12:50 p.m. when a student told staff that they saw a man with a gun near the tennis courts just north of the school.
    Responding officers saw someone matching the witness description waiting at a TriMet stop on NE 82nd Avenue near the school. He ran off towards Glenhaven Park and police gave chase.

  29. Eric,SWC,
    Ref::I had a visual of an old blue door with the number 23 on it. Then they showed the lock of the door turn back and forth (that means lockdown) “One of the worst shootings” Then it shifted to show a graveyard. “Too many!”

    Frantic moment cops shoot dead white gunman in west Texas movie theater parking lot after he shot dead FIVE and injured 21 – including two officers – after firing ‘indiscriminately’ on motorists after traffic stop
    Active shooter was shot and killed by police at the Cinergy movie theater in Odessa, Texas
    Incident began around 4pm on Saturday in neighboring Texas cities of Midland and Odessa
    Suspect fled a traffic stop, shooting at the officer and random motorists on I-20 as he fled
    At least five people aside from the shooter were killed, and 21 injured, police say

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