Predictions 5-28-16

I had a visual of  a black spider with a fat belly crawling towards me.

San Diego spelled out.

“The multi attack in the US.. their plans, its acts now coming together… Soon it will unfold.”

“Again airplanes, Again! Another threat, Another act.”

I had a visual of one massive lockdown, then I could see people in airports stuck unable to move at all, sleeping in chairs.

It’s unclear whether the lockdown is connected. But now Spirit is just flat out saying that San Diego city will be one of multiple targets. Keep in mind we have other clear targets predicted from our past. I am planning to ask for a clear time frame. Then I will post the multiple possibilities predicted about a US attack. Please note the pattern as they predicted attacks in France, then Turkey, then Belgium, now the US.  

I had a visual of the center of Europe colored red. Multiple nations where covered.

“Massive upheaval, protest turns violent, riots, everything goes wrong.”

“The cold war is back.”

I had a visual of multiple leaders staring at a poster board that had a picture of Russian land, on it was a looming threat seen from afar.

Spirit has marked multiple time frames.

‘Around the 30th’

‘In 18 days’ mid June

‘Around the 21st’

In other news spirit has clarified numbers:

If a number is circled it means a year. For instance two circled means two years.

‘In 2’ means in two months. ‘In 3’ means in three months.

9:57 is a dual message the 9th hour means September, while 57 represents the ‘5th date’.


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  1. Eric I believe Rhona may have figured that type of 9:57 timing out previously in a comment/reply she had sent to me. Wow good for her. Great job You and Spirits are doing also. I hope we can foil some of these attacks. Blessings

  2. Jules 104 thanks for remembering the clock ….i cant remember which thread it is on…though Eric and spirit have been working with their formula for dates for a long time they are more apt to get it right …with the method i was using pushes the date out to 28th or 29t of Sept…

  3. There’s a psychic named Christian Dion and he predicted an attack on the Statue of Liberty.

  4. Perhaps this has been covered previously and I’m unaware. But I question………Pray what? Pray how? What guidance does spirit give that will help cancel these potentials?

    1. The prayers are for the people suffering, not to change these predictions. The only thing that will change these predictions is making those affected aware of what is coming. We are about to roll out phase 2, of simple youtube predictions that will focus on the predictions that Spirit feels has the greatest opportunity of change. I would encourage you to read Predictions 4-18-16

  5. San Diego mentioned in April 23 post as well- Miramar. Miramar NAS hosting Blue Angels September 23-25, and “Fleet Week” with events through city month of September, including port/ships.

      1. eric did the spirits mention, about water or earthquakes for san diego? this maybe in the future,.. you need to correct yourself, prayers, are very much heard, and answered , from the otherside, somethings, it is true, that it can not be changed, due to it being a learning lesson for humans, but, MOST, can be changed, the outcome, different, but, the more people, use their energies, send prayers outward, the greater chance, events can be changed,.as always, thank you for your service, in helping so many others……..we all learn from each other….

        1. I believe in the power of prayer, its through prayer I get these predictions. But action is required if we are to make positive change, we must do everything in our power to alter these events. Making individuals aware is only the first step. Spirit is warning us. they are telling us what is coming, and we must act to alter its tragedy. But rest assured I will continue to pray for more clarity and help in the message they give.
          The earthquake crossed my mind but unfortunately they are making it clear that San Diego, New York, a race of some kind, and a fourth place possibly a base will be attacked and most likely next month. There are however two dueling time frames, one next month and the other in December.

  6. Eric Do i have this right your spirits are saying the potentials or predictiins ate set in concrete and and cant be changed?
    I too must disagree prayer and the light and love of many coming together has through history changed the coarse of many events …its the basic teaching and belief of many working in the light and love for humanity …
    Of course prayer supports the suffering but hearts can change through prayer therefore when we pray for an event ti be thwarted it teches the hearts of those involved in an event and it has greater potential for change
    i admire all you and spirit do and understand yiu need to take care nit to make any grand staents saying we can change things but we can say it if we believe it and i do

    1. I believe in the power of prayer, its through prayer I have these predictions. But prayer requires action, you absolutely must do everything in our power to change these events.
      As for the question of concrete its a mixed bag. When we write terror acts, they aren’t entirely predictions that are happening more they know the intent and plans of specific forces at play, as such they could be stopped. But predicting a hurricane, it will happen, its just a question of whether we can convince everyone to leave before it strikes.

      1. You are absolutely correct in the power of prays. I asked the Spirits why 911 happened, and the response was that they mastered the key to success.
        They prayed, studied, prayed, studied, prayed, studied, prayed until they mastered their plan.

    2. Another way to look at it. Spirit is giving us the future tragedies, in the hopes we alter its tragedy. However dark the message is their intent is noble. We must act to alter these tragedies, and lets pray for the right course of action as we pursue change. Its our choices that strengthen or weaken the future.

  7. Eric thanks for the response and of course we must alert people to the intent of these destructive groups and individuals …..covering all.bases is an absolute positive action …warning .of eathquakes and storms is a must save lives by timely warning ..excellent …the power of prayer is awsome …

  8. Eric on3/29/16 Spirit said “The Bloody Sunday…your Bloody Sunday”. Do you think they are saying specifically on a Sunday or just being symbolic. Also I think I remember them saying Sunday or Monday somewhere. Can we narrow it down for June mid month Sunday or Monday then? Also I remember a reference for targeting children and lockdowns. Could that be the “15 targeted” as in schools with children? I’m leaning towards schools or military installations. I suppose it could be referenced to buildings, individuals etc also. Just thinking in terms of when we in the US say “a lockdown”. Of course on a big holiday (military installations) they would be short on personal for the part of not having anyone on (gates?). I hope we can foil these or atleast some.

    1. I don’t know about the children. But I believe from other predictions they are pointing to a Sunday/Monday event. Several times they talked about ‘weeks end.”

  9. Eric, SWC,
    the “airplane again “reference, as well as the people stuck in airports.
    911 redux came to mind.. I was wondering why no one picked up that thread?
    Is it a possibility?

    1. I think so Star48. Eric mentioned in a reply, the fourth “target” could be an airplane… if I remember correctly.

  10. From San Diego here. I believe I have some ability and I’ve been having this “impending doom/somethings gonna happen” type feeling for a while now. Does Spirit know what areas to avoid and around when? I work in a building between two major Military complexes, near the San Diego Airport.

      1. I’m familiar with San Diego. The areas that u are describing, the port of San Diego which is the main airport in SD. The stadium is Petco Park (baseball). The bridge is Coronado. Military base is North Island with aircrafts and aircraft carriers!! All within 2 miles of each other. Miramar is ~15 miles northeast. North island military base is surrounded by Coronado bay and the Pacific Ocean. Please continue to pray for all humanity, we are all one!

  11. Eric, people frequently forget the Gulf Coast is the “third” coast here in the U.S. Both, Florida and Texas share that coastline. With that in mind, this just came across the news here in Houston.

    Beaumont, part of the “Golden Triangle” here in Texas, is just over 80 miles northeast of Houston and is where the first gusher oil wells were drilled (Spindletop in 1902). If you look at a pipeline map of the U.S., the hub is here, along the Gulf Coast, from Houston/Galveston to the tip of Louisiana. Take out any part of this, especially anything on the Houston Ship Channel, and you will cripple the nation.

  12. Added note. The Copa America Centenario ‑ Semifinal (W25 v. W27) will be played here in Houston on June 21st at NRG Stadium, which seats 70,000+. I seem to recall something about “many flags” and “stadium” being in one of your visions.

    1. Jules104, I put notice on 12-21-15…thread..
      Sent to elp.
      Side note..asked him to remove Dutchsinse link put on by mistake.,
      I am sure he has lots going on,,

      Side note.,my connection for following site keeps popping off!
      Be sure to check when it seems things get lost if the following green banner is still present.,
      I did not change my designation..when I looked this morning..I had to redo it was absent..
      No wonder things were

      1. Thanks Star48. Will keep an eye on the banner. Popi said, could this be the Lou? Thoughts? I’m still limping with Police Officers killed then the Louvre. But may be wrong.

        1. Jules104, I am with you …I am thinking it is Seperate..
          Each time spirit mentions Lou it is always in France.
          So I think this is not the ” Lou”
          Checkout the timeline in 12-21-15…
          Also which thread is Popi commenting?

  13. Eric, today is 21 st.
    .saw this regarding Port…

    US State Department warns of ‘potential, imminent threat’ against Americans in Saudi port city of Jeddah; says to avoid areas popular with Westerners – @TravelGov

  14. Eric, SWC,
    (what a perfect way to cover up a opinion)
    No injuries reported after blaze at Gurnee, Ill., propane gas business; explosions reported – Daily Herald

  15. Eric, SWC,
    Haz Mat is inspecting unknown substance on plane in PHX( Phoenix)

    Hazmat crews investigating ‘unknown substance’ in an airplane at Phoenix Sky Harbor airport – AZ Family

  16. SWC,
    breaking news plane air Algerie, on way it’s way to Marseille.
    Declared emergency…fell off radar..( red/white logo with wings)
    Will monitor…still unfolding…

    1. Star48, I just met a couple visiting the Coast here. Said they were from Lake Como, Italy. I had no idea this was going on or I’d have asked them about it. I really feel bad for these refugees who are truely wanting to escape the he!! They are in to a better life.

  17. Eric,
    Police investigating ‘security concern’ at departure level of Miami International Airport – NBC Miami
    Followup as I was posting..suitcase at curb..
    Apparently finally cleared.. All going okay..

  18. Eric, Sweden,
    ( red marked area of Europe?). seal off part of city..

    Gun attack in Malmo, Sweden, leaves ‘multiple casualties’ as police seal of part of city, police spokesman says – Mirror

  19. Eric, SWC,
    2 nd incident Sweden..Explosion.

    Reports of loud noise heard in Malmo, Sweden, shortly after shooting reported in city; no indication events are linked, police investigating – 24Malmo

  20. Eric,SWC,
    Another police attacked by machete.! On the 5 th!

    Update: Belgian police sources say suspect in police stabbing not connected to Brussels bomb scares – AFP

    1. SWC, update!

      Brother of man accused of attacking 2 Brussels police officers in Wednesday knife attack charged with terrorism offenses, Belgian federal prosecutor says – AFP

  21. Eric, Part of multi spots?
    Report: 2 airports in Roskilde and Tirstrup, Denmark, evacuated due to bomb threats; bomb threats also made to 2 Denmark shopping malls, in Roskilde, Slagelse – TV2

  22. Eric, SWC,
    Holland, arrest of ISIS Terrorist.
    AMSTERDAM, Dec 9 (Reuters) – Police in Rotterdam arrested a 30-year-old in whose apartment a Kalashnikov AK-47 was found with two full magazines and who is suspected of planning a terrorist attack, Dutch prosecutors said on Friday.

  23. Eric,
    Ref:::attack at Air Force base..Guam..

    An intruder was shot and killed at Andersen Air Force Base in Guam on Thursday after crashing a car into barriers there, evading authorities for hours, and later “aggressively” attacking and stabbing a Defense Department Security Forces member while being apprehended, the base said.

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