Predictions 9-6-18

Alaska.. earthquake.. 7

Most likely they mean the 7th.

Texas.. shooting..

Spirit mentioned 15, it could be about the Texas shooting, however it might just be marked. This prediction might be linked to

More landslides and mudslides are approaching.

These messages were marked as events coming soon.

I had a visual of a tape. “Literally not good.. this happens again.. words.. cruel vicious .” – Sounds like another tape recording involving the president


61 thoughts on “Predictions 9-6-18

  1. Earthquake wise, today’s been pretty shaky: I mentioned in Eric’s previous blog a deep 7.8 quakes had hit Fiji around 2am Aussie time, but that the real danger was yet to come from shallower quakes in the region, with a definite possibility of a tsunami.
    Since then there has been multiple quakes in and around Fiji.
    Also there’s been a 5.6 in Panama region, 6.2 Ecuador and a 5.2 in Chile.

  2. Thank you so much Eric. So enjoy your e-mails and prophetic forecasts. You are wonderful and I pray your health has gotten better and that of your familiy

    You are very accurate and timing is hard because the predictions come from a timeless dimension but I always open your e-mails first. Janis Christiansen

    Sent from my Galaxy Tab® E

  3. Has Spirit told you how many more years until climate change is finally accepted as a fact and taken seriously by our government and both parties?

  4. SWC/Eric. Wanted to add this channeling of MLK from David Johnson. He mentions a shooter in the beginning…though the whole video is excellent in my opinion!😃 Very uplifting I thought. He has another video where he had channeled Abraham Lincoln who also had mentioned a warning for shooters. So this is the second time it’s been mentioned. For those interested here is that video. Blessings❤️

  5. The constant weather predictions…I was told this in a dream last night:

    ‘The old Quatrain was given, and none heard it…for MABUS did happen, and none saw – woe to those who can’t see the trees for the forest of make believe’

    I woke up to look up what the Nostradamus quatrain actually said about ‘MABUS’…but it ‘sounded wrong’ (like I was told the way it should be read, and it differed from what the writing said)…

    The original is translated as:
    Mabus then will soon die, there will come
    Of people and beasts a horrible rout:
    Then suddenly one will see vengeance,
    Hundred, hand, thirst, hunger when the comet will run.

    but I remember the dream explicitly telling me that the ‘hundred, hand’ was about colossal storms…this is the way it should be read (as I was shown):

    MABUS (McCain, Aretha, Burt Reynolds, of the U.S.), then more will die, then will come
    of people & beasts a horrible defeat
    as suddenly, revenge we will see;
    As giant storms completely devour, when the comet runs.

    Sounded rather corny with three ‘celebrities’ filling the previously-unknown ‘MABUS’, but then I realized that McCain’s ‘call-sign’ in the Navy was ‘Maverick’ and Reynolds was known for ‘The Bandit’…both ‘signs of rebellion’ and both keeping with their ‘name’s first letter’…seemed a bit coincidental…but if so, HORRIFIC STORMS will kill MANY…and it seems to build and build…
    There are also two major comets expected before year’s end…one running now (until December), the other maximizing between late November and early December…

    • How fascinating Logan. I’ve often tried to work out the MABUS name of Nostradamus. Your interpretation makes so much sense. Maybe you could get what SELIN, another of the ‘characters’ of Nostradamus, means.

      • Well, Chyren (which means Indian or Hindu Holy Saint) is only mentioned once…and is only mentioned once in the phrase ‘Chyren Selin’, though Selin is mentioned several times in Nostradamus’ works…I’ve read through them, but never professed to know what they all mean, other than the ‘most popular’ are VERY wrongly translated, to start with…and even-worse interpreted from that point.

        That said, the specific quatrain that both words appear in (C6Q27) says:
        Within the Isles of five rivers with vn,
        By the crescent of the great Chyren Selin:
        By the bruynes of the fury of the vn,
        Six escapes hide lyn burdens.

        The Isle of the Five Rivers is, in Greek Legend, Hades (not a bad, or good place, per se, just A PLACE ruled by a ruler likewise named). HOWEVER, it is broken into ‘sections’, and the specific place ‘Tartarus’ IS a bad place (equivalent to Christian ‘Hell’)…this is NOT mentioned in C6Q27…so we shouldn’t jump to conclusions.

        It says that within HADES, by the crescent of the great ‘Chyren Selin’ (Indian Holy Saint Selin), by the burning of the fury of the underworld, six escapes hide the lying burden.

        This sounds like a ‘false holy man’ who has done wrong has had six lucky escapes by hiding behind lies. Now, to throw a twist into it….in Nostradamus’ time, ‘Selin’ was a FEMALE SURNAME! So, whether it is a ‘female hidden in disguise’ or a female serving in some ‘holy function’, I can’t address…nor can I tell of you if ‘female’ was to be considered in what Nostradamus wrote…but in our current day-and-age, that a holy person did wrong and lied to cover it up, really means nothing in the grander scheme of things…

        Hope this helps…though it doesn’t appear to…

  6. For detailed world earthquake analysis and predictive analysis check out dutchsinse YouTube channel. Very detailed work he is doing.

  7. big warning for christchurch new zealand.
    news article.
    where do u park a death star.

    whats about to go down is a quake in christchurch a big one as expected by this site.

    what an odd news article. and look down the page. death star icon right on christchurch.

    what did the death star do in the movie.
    send a laser. make a quake. blow up a planet.

    wait for it.

    • also note auckland mentioned this news item. id say something from space will fall and hit auckland.
      three cities mentioned.

      meteor strike

      have an open mind…

  8. Eric,
    Ref:::More landslides and mudslides are approaching.

    11 dead, after flash floods, mudslides hit

    Nicaragua 🇳🇮. Honduras 🇭🇳 ,El Salvador , Costa Rica 🇨🇷 And Guatemala 🇬🇹

  9. Eric,
    Ref:::More landslides and mudslides are approaching.

    UK 🇬🇧
    Event details

    Extreme Weather in United Kingdom on October 10 2018 05:23 AM (UTC).

    Extensive flooding and landslides have caused problems in parts of Scotland following prolonged heavy rain. In Oban, a number of low-lying areas were submerged in deep water, leaving vehicles stranded. In Wester Ross, the occupants of a car had to be rescued from flooding on the A832 Badachro junction, near Gairloch. And multiple landslips closed the A83 at the Rest and Be Thankful in Argyll, with a diversion of almost 60 miles in place. A Met Office yellow “be aware” warning for heavy rain is in force across much of western Scotland until midnight. On Tuesday evening, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (Sepa) had four flood warnings still in force – for Strathglass, Moy Bridge, Glen Lyon and Spey Dam to Newtonmore – and a number of flood alerts. In Oban, much of the retail park on Lochavullin road has been submerged. Police were advising people to avoid Lochavullin Road and Lynn Road. A spokeswoman for Argyll and Bute Council said there were a number of low lying sections of Oban, surrounding Lochavullin, which were flooded. She said: “The standing water is caused by the exceptional amount of rain recently, augmented by higher tides than usual and the strength of the wind backing up the Black Lynn towards the flooded area. “There are pumps in the area which will cope with reasonable quantities of water but not the volume of water we have experienced over the weekend and the start of the week.” The A83 at the Rest and be Thankful has been particularly prone to landslides, and work has been carried out in recent years to reduce the risk to drivers. Bear Scotland said about 2,500 tonnes of debris had been caught in the recently-installed landslip “catch fences” above the road. A spokeswoman said four of the fences had stopped the majority of material from reaching the A83, but a large boulder had damaged one of the fences and some debris had reached the A83 carriageway and the Old Military Road below. A spokeswoman said prolonged heavy rain throughout Tuesday prevented teams from safely accessing the slope to investigate the potential for any further landslips. They are now planning to access the slope above the carriageway at first light on Wednesday to carry out a full geotechnical inspection and evaluate its stability before clear-up operations can get underway. Western Ferries have been running a four-vessel service to keep traffic moving between Argyll and Inverclyde while the road is closed. A Transport Scotland spokesman said: “We are very aware of the importance of the A83 to this region and L66m has been spent on the maintenance of this route since 2007. This includes over L9.6m towards landslide mitigation works and the local diversion route at the Rest and Be Thankful. “Work has already begun on a further L2m worth of mitigation measures, including additional roadside catch-pits, to help improve the resilience of the A83 and to help keep Argyll open for business.”

  10. Eric,SWC,
    Ref :::more landslide..

    11 dead…

    Event details

    Landslide in Colombia on October 11 2018 05:14 PM (UTC).

    An overnight landslide caused by heavy rains killed 11 people, including four children, in the central Colombian town of Marquetalia, the country’s disaster relief agency said on Thursday. The landslide, which occurred around 2:30 a.m. local time, sent part of a hillside onto several houses, photos posted on Twitter by the disaster relief agency for Caldas province showed. “The official information of what occurred in Marquetalia is of 11 people dead, the number of the missing is still not exact and the terrain is being evaluated for a preventative evacuation of families,” the provincial agency said. The landslide also injured four people, the national disaster relief agency said in a statement, adding that rescue operations are temporarily suspended because of continuing rain. Vice-President Marta Lucia Ramirez will visit the area with disaster officials, President Ivan Duque told journalists after arriving in eastern Arauca province for a security meeting. Landslides are common in mountainous Colombia, especially during rainy season and in areas where precarious informal housing and narrow roadways are constructed on deforested Andean hillsides.

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  12. Eric,SWC,
    Ref::::More landslides and mudslides are approaching.

    Event details

    Storm Surge in Italy on October 30 2018 08:42 AM (UTC).

    Italy has declared the highest level of storm warning for the North of the country. Heavy rains caused flooding, landslides, 70% of Venice was under water, flooding threatens the entire region. According to DW, the most suffered from elements Liguria, Lombardy, Friuli, Veneto and Trento in the North and Abruzzo in the Central part, and also Sicily. According to an RSOE EDIS user report, last night the coast of the Italian region Liguria has been struck by tidal waves so strong to cause extensive damage. The village of Portofino is totally isolated as the only road was wiped away by the sea. The marina of Sestri Levante was flooded and boats were dragged into the village. The waves were so strong to destroy the walls of the marina of the town of Celle causing extensive damage.

  13. Eric,SWC,
    China 🇨🇳
    Event details

    Landslide in China on November 07 2018 04:47 AM (UTC).

    Nearly 10,000 people in southwest China’s Sichuan Province have been evacuated after a landslide blocked the Jinsha River and the water level of a barrier lake continued to rise. The information office of Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture government in Sichuan said Tuesday that, as of 3 p.m., 9,964 people including local residents and workers along the river have been evacuated. A large landslide hit the border area between Sichuan and Tibet Saturday, leading to the formation of a barrier lake. The downstream area of the Jinsha River has been cut off by the blockade while the upstream water level keeps rising. The water level of the barrier lake has risen 33.88 meters since Saturday. Police and militiamen have been sent to help evacuate locals and keep order. The landslide-hit area will see a significant drop in temperatures in the following days, with snow and rain predicted to hit the area.

  14. Eric,
    Ref:::More landslides and mudslides are approaching.

    Ecuador 🇪🇨
    At least 9 people have been killed and 8 injured after heavy rain caused landslides in Limon Indanza Canton, Ecuador’s Morona Santiago Province on November 24, 2018.

    According to the National Risk and Emergency Management Service, 150 people were evacuated, 9 were killed, 8 injured and 5 remain missing. The landslides damaged 14 homes and destroyed 6.

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  18. Eric,
    Ref:::More landslides and mudslides are approaching.

    Russia 🇷🇺
    Event details

    Landslide in Russia on January 13 2019 05:07 AM (UTC).

    Russian military engineers will try to blow up piles of rock that blocked the flow of water in the Bureya water reservoir in Russia’s Far East after a massive rockslide in December, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Saturday. “Specialists of the Russian Engineer Troops are preparing for work to blow up water passages in the massive pile of rock that had been formed in the Bureya water reservoir,” the ministry said in a statement. Military engineers have already conducted a survey of the region and are now trying to decide on ways to carry out the operation. At present, drilling equipment and explosive charges are being delivered to the area. A massive rockslide blocked the Bureya River on December 11, 2018. Experts fear that if the flow of water is not restored, nearby settlements, roads and facilities of the Baikal-Amur Mainline rail link may be inundated when snow begins to melt in spring.


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