World Predictions 3-28-19

Ruth will pass. Such a great loss for the US. Such a righteous woman.

In the area around DC there will be a major flood.

The balance of power shifts towards the elephant.

Spirit marked the 30th or the 3rd.

I could not remember if the clock read 730 or 703.

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  1. Carolyn Avatar

    No! I don’t want Ruth Bader Ginsburg to pass. It will be a sad day for America when she does.

  2. katz2 Avatar

    No, not now she has been an inspiration and stalwart fighter for so many! The Supreme court is already so slanted!

  3. Mike Avatar

    The balance of power shifting towards the elephant is great news! No more Roe v. Wade, no more Obamacare, no more illegals, no more risk of Islamic Sharia Law, no more discrimination against evangelicals/Christian conservative family values and no more risk of the ungodly left pushing the evils of secularism and socialism. Praise Jesus!

    1. Sara Avatar

      With all due respect, the left isn’t ungodly. Most are good people who support tolerance and peace, and just want to live their lives, the same as you. Both liberals and conservatives have good and bad aspects to them.

      I feel like the media on both sides has gone crazy–conservative media portrays liberals as socialist wackos trying to open all the borders, and liberal media portrays conservatives as gun-crazy, religious-nut types.
      Both medias are doing a huge disservice to Americans–thanks to their constant focus on the extremists on each side, now many mistakenly think those extreme caricatures are what the other side is all like. But that isn’t true. Rather, that’s not true of most people.

      I just want you to know that the extreme anti-Christian pro-socialism stuff is not what most liberals believe. Liberals and conservatives both want border security–they just disagree on how to go about it. (But neither wants wide-open borders, that’d be unsafe).
      Neither side supports Sharia Law, which goes against all the teachings of freedom and humanity.
      And there are many liberals who are Christian, being liberal and being Christian isn’t a mutually exclusive thing.

      You have a right to your beliefs. You have a right to live as a Christian. And secular people have a right to live their lives, too. There’s room in this country for both.

      1. Susan Avatar

        VERY WELL SAID SARA!😘 Thank You!

      2. jules104 Avatar

        Yes well said Sara!☺️

      3. rhona2 Avatar

        Well said ..
        I would like to add im not sure Jesus would accept praise for Mikes comment hmm I recall he wss about unification .
        Prayers for.enemies
        And he cares about the world not just America ..even a sparrow in a tree needing shelter .
        I understand you are living in the states but when you talk of our lord share him .

      4. reasonable right Avatar
        reasonable right

        Then why dont the true, tolerant accepting people on the left vote for people so filled with hate?

    2. Susan Avatar

      Mike?🤔💭Here’s A Question For You. If You’re A Closed-Minded Christian Who Wants The US Government To Be More Theocratically Christian, Why Are You Posting On A Site That Involves Psychic Medium World Predictions? Asking For A Friend.

    3. Karen Avatar

      Did you forget the Snark tag?

  4. S Avatar

    It could have been 703. 703 is the area code of Virginia, which borders DC to the south. Alexandria, VA is prone to flooding

  5. Ann Avatar

    So this must be what the July prediction was about in terms of the leaves falling and the balance of power switching to favor one side.

  6. Geordie Avatar

    Asking Jesus for someone to die, and people who are not exactly the same as you to suffer, how very Christian. Whoever you are… you have a very sad life and probably flood various websites with your rhetoric all day. be careful what you ask for,
    ye friend of Jesus.

    1. Mike Avatar

      Geordie — Wasn’t asking Jesus for someone to die, just like Eric isn’t asking for someone to die by repeating Spirit’s prediction of that person dying. There’s no need to ask Jesus for someone to die anyways since it is he who has already determined when our time to come home will be. Also, I was actually praising Jesus for all of the good things that will come due to the balance of power shifting towards the elephant. We’re finally going to get our country back and put Jesus first, which is great news since this country was founded on Judeo-Christian values. Praise Jesus!

      1. Richard T Williams Avatar
        Richard T Williams

        Christ warned us of the ravening wolves who would come in His name and distort His message. When I read your comments, they sounded like the gnashing of canine teeth.

      2. Mike Avatar

        Lol come on Richard T Williams, don’t be like that. You should be happy that this new Republican-majority supreme court is going to ensure that Jesus’s relevance is maintained against the ravening godless wolves who are hellbent on erasing his presence from this country. And once Trump’s reelected in 2020, he will further ensure that Jesus’s word and relevance is further protected against those who are trying to silence and erase him from America’s history.

      3.  Avatar

        Be like what. Mike? Yours are not the words of God. Regardless of what too many have been led to believe, Trump is not some latter day King Cyrus. Those of you who follow him have been beguiled.

      4. Jen Avatar

        I thought Jesus was about love not division, I think our differences are placed here, so we’re challenged to find ourselves in others. As we’re really spirits that inhabit bodies, and our lives are Beyond this. I’d think he’d want us to see past division and to remember how power and judging abused( were approaching Easter..:) can be used against the heart of humanity. Romans and Jesus come to mind. I don’t like the idea of RBGs death, reigniting base of hate in this country. I see big fat elephants smashing things around out of greed and hate. 🙁 not good. Slow down elephants

      5. gabe Avatar

        This is probably the grossest response I’ve seen on this site. Congrats, I guess? Also please do leave “Judeo” out of your vocabulary please, turning this country into an evangelical theocracy will put Jewish lives in danger. Jews do not support this and want no part in this nonsense.

    2. jules104 Avatar

      I agree Geordie.

  7. Luisa Gol Avatar
    Luisa Gol

    power goes to elephant… power goes to India?

  8. jules104 Avatar

    Eric is this flood in DC area due to an upcoming superstorm or the hurricane Spirits recently mentioned? Here’s a link from 2017 I found interesting.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      This is one of there “soon” messages.

  9. RP Avatar

    If ‘Ruth’ is Ruth Bader Ginsberg it will be the greatest news since the Mueller report. The damage she has done to America is immeasurable.

    1. Cory Avatar

      RP – I agree. Ruth voting in favor of legislation that has brought equality and empowerment to women throughout this country truly is immeasurable damage for those who oppose equality and women’s empowerment.

      1. rhona2 Avatar

        Get used to it the balance is about to shift ..equality and empowerment for women is the future ..we are human beings born equal thats called balance .
        Even our bodies naturally contain male and female hormones ..if its good enough for nature so be it for find an echo of that balance on the outside.
        One powerful combination when it strikes its equalibrium .
        Both sexes have a long way to go before they truly get it ..😃😉

      2. Mary Avatar

        Nice approach Cory!
        Division has been sowed just like Russia wants. Until we drop all barriers of hate and judgement we will stay in this perpetual state of hatred and division.
        I’m sad Ruth May pass soon!

      3. Cory Avatar

        Rhona2, Mary and Eric

        I was treating RP’s statement with sarcasm. Guess sarcasm doesn’t come across very well in written form. My bad.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I bit inappropriate as she has not passed yet

    3.  Avatar

      The public hasn’t read or seen the Mueller report. We only have Barr’s biased views of what the Mueller report says.

  10. Cody Avatar

    Is the 3rd and the 30th for one of the predictions or for both the passing and the flood — for example, 703 and 730 meaning July 3rd and July 30th or just one of the dates for one prediction?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      7 usually is symbolic to ‘date’ as 30 is symbolic to month and then if they circle it it’s a year.

      1. Cody Avatar

        I keep getting that confused.

  11. LLG26 Avatar

    Here is an interesting article about the founding father’s views on religion…they were strong proponents of religious freedom…free will to choose their own beliefs and not be told by anyone what to believe. We all have our own understanding of spiritual matters and want to be free from the forced upon beliefs of others…don’t force your religious beliefs and fears on others please…

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Thank You!

    2. Mike Avatar

      Great read LLG26. Unlike our current Supreme Court, the new Republican-majority supreme court will ensure that our religious freedom is upheld like our founding fathers had intended. The new Republican-majority supreme court will also ensure that our 2nd amendment rights will not be infringed upon, just like our founding fathers had intended.

      1.  Avatar

        Glad you read it. But I don’t agree with any of your views.

      2.  Avatar

        You didn’t really read the article with an open mind. Your comment is because you feel threatened. You need to be right at all costs. This is fear based behavior.

      3. jules104 Avatar

        I don’t agree with your views on the matter.

      4.  Avatar

        Five years ago I wrote: “The right to own guns is not an absolute right. As a personal right it always has to be balanced with the legitimate rights of others and with protecting the common good. How many children must die until we agree on reasonable limits of firearms?”

        — Thomas J. Tobin

      5. nturegrl Avatar

        I hate to have to state the obvious, but to all you idiots out there, the so call ‘rep’s’ that Trump has installed to the supreme court thus far, they have Disagreed with each other 66% of the time…so what the hell are you babbling about!? Talk about slantling the govn’t! HAHA He would have placed people who would have agreed with each other more times than not if that were the case!! Get a clue people! Us concertivies think he is a bit liberal for our taste!

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Please do not come on my site to attack people and troll or the comments will be erased.

      6. Anonymous2 Avatar

        You go Mike! I’m with you all the way. Can’t you tell that you are in the minority here? This is such a Liberal site. Nothing you say will convince anyone here of anything. They are mostly Trump haters and like to put down anyone who dares to have a different opinion from them.

    3. swampy11 Avatar

      Yes, thank you!

    4. Mike Avatar

      I respect your opinion in regards to my comment, however I can assure you I feel neither threatened nor live in fear due to the fact that this new Republican-majority supreme court will ensure my freedoms and views for generations to come.

      1.  Avatar

        Your tone now is a lot more respectful and I appreciate that. Thanks.

  12. jules104 Avatar

    Eric/SWC… I wanted to add this link on “psychological warfare” for some reflection. Please take care to not buy into the propaganda that is being put out there via some of the news networks, social networks, etc. Take a break and don’t allow it to bombard your senses to where you become overloaded and feel a sense of hopelessness. There’s nothing wrong with keeping up with what’s going on in the news but I’m afraid we are all in for a roller coaster ride ahead. It’s okay to just get off when need be. Do what you can, be active, write your Senators, peaceful protests, meditate, send prayers of love and light out into the universe, or whatever you are capable of doing to make a positive impact in your world. But please do not believe all of the hype and do not give up hope because that is exactly what others want you to do. Stay centered … the truth will eventually come out. Blessings🙏🏻

    1. Sara Avatar

      Good advice, Jules!

    2. swampy11 Avatar

      Thanks for that, Jules! We all need to focus our energy for the greater good, rather than attacking those who disagree with us.

  13. Ethan Avatar

    It will be a very sad day for America if that prediction of Ruth shall come to pass. As for power shifting to the GOP, I cannot imagine that will happen after what the clown and the GOP have done so far, so we will see.

    1. anon Avatar

      Ethan……”As for power shifting to the GOP, I cannot imagine that will happen after what the clown and the GOP have done so far”…it’s a great thing that only half of America agrees with you. I hope he is elected again!

      1. Ethan Avatar

        Only time will tell. Keep being densely optimistic.

      2. anon Avatar

        you love to her yourself speak! good for you.

      3. Michelle Record Avatar
        Michelle Record

        I hope Trump wins 2020.

  14. benmadigan Avatar

    “Ruth” is also known as “the herb of grace” – Maybe the Spirits are saying that humane qualities such as compassion, empathy,understanding of people who do not have our advantages etc will pass in our world and our societies

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Compassion will always be apart of humanity. Even in our darkest moments.

  15. T Avatar

    Heartbroken to hear it and heartbroken you posted it.

  16. Patworx Avatar

    Ginsberg dying would mean Trump would name another justice. That’s gonna mess us up.

    And power shifts to the Elephant better not mean what I think it means.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      They might be totally related and about the shift in the Supreme Court. But perhaps it’s separate events.

  17. DE Avatar

    Hi Eric, any update on California earthquake prediction? Thank you in advance.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I will put it out there, right now we are testing this new system in place. So question are hard to get through

  18. francinesmith1 Avatar

    Re: your 3/25 prediction: “I had a visual of band members gathered around a make shift memorial. Everyone was crying, mourning the loss.”

    There was a British band called Her’s that was killed, both members, in a terrible car accident in the states yesterday. That might fulfill this prediction.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Perhaps your right

      1. Luna Tic Avatar
        Luna Tic

        I know the elephant most likely refers to political parties but a story was posted today about 6 baby elephants in Thailand that were stuck in a mud pit. Rangers stayed with them through out the night and helped them all get out. Its posted on Foxnews and other news sites and made me wonder if that is a message that this prediction will unfold very soon.

  19. aleafinthewind77 Avatar

    The news channel flashed her obituary a few months back, makes me wonder.

  20.  Avatar

    another fact that needs to be known… he is a creep…
    Joe Biden and what he likes over the years..who whats’ him in power should look at what he is into!

    This is only one of hundreds if you look for it! NO PEDOS!

    1. Ed Avatar


      1. cat Avatar

        yes Ed- you are absolutely correct!
        I couldn’t agree more!
        breitbarf may be many things, …but a credible, reliable or serious news source is not one of them.

      2. francinesmith1 Avatar

        And yet it’s an actual news story. Try googling it.

      3. francinesmith1 Avatar

        @cat, i hope you aren’t putting all your faith in one or two main news sources, like NBC or ABC News, both of which have been caught manipulating facts to slant a story. The advisable thing to do is to read a few takes from different sources to get the whole story. The Associated Press and Reuters are probably the least biased. All televised news is extremely slanted, as are many big town newspapers..

  21.  Avatar

    Nooooooo! I know she’s elderly, but no….she’s one of the only voices justice right now. 😞

    1. chime18 Avatar

      Please…RBG injured her ribs in Nov 2018. She returned to her court duties in Feb 2019. If you are going to quote her injuries then please try to be as accurate as possible.

  22. Larene Avatar

    Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, age 85, was hospitalised on Thursday after fracturing 3 ribs in a fall at her office the previous day – Wednesday 27th. She went home after the accident but was later experiencing discomfort and admitted to George Washington University Hospital for observation and treatment. Lets hope she has a speedy recovery.

  23. Larene Avatar

    Some of the American Media are saying Ruth Bader Ginsburg has already passed away. That she hasn’t come out of Hospital and is no where to be found. They claim she died on the 30th ? But no confirmation … sounds more like a guess ?

    1.  Avatar

      She came back to the Court in early March, has delivered two opinions from the bench, and been active in questioning during arguments.

  24. Larene Avatar

    Is Spirit calling Trump the ” Elephant ” ?

    1. Monique Avatar

      No matter what the loss of someone’s life is always the hardest on the people that are living let’s all be respectful

    2. Ann Avatar

      Dems – Donkey

      Repubs – Elephant

      1. Larene Avatar

        Thanks … not being American, haven’t heard that reference to Donkey (Democrats) and Elephant (Republicans) before.

    3. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It’s US politics, elephants are symbolic for republicans and donkeys are symbolic for democrats.

      1. Larene Avatar

        Thanks Eric.

  25. Cory Avatar

    Lot of conservatives wanted Trump to name Amy Coney Barrett to the SC seat that went to Kavanaugh.

    “I’m saving her for Ginsburg,” Trump said.

  26. Trina Avatar


    The local radio station in Seattle,just announced battle of the bands auditions.To play at the Washington State Spring Fair next week.

    Maybe this is the shooting you keep seeing.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Can I have a link to that.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you

  27. jules104 Avatar

    Eric, could this be the power shifting to the Elephants part of the prediction? Republicans pushing Trumps nominees through faster.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Sounds like it

  28. star48 Avatar

    Ref:::Ruth will pass. Such a great loss for the US. Such a righteous woman.

    Ruth has malignant tumor on Pancreas..being treated.✔️

    Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has completed three weeks of radiation therapy at a New York City hospital to treat a malignant tumor on her pancreas, the court said Friday.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Oh my, I really hope I am wrong here.

  29. Cory Avatar

    “Justice Ginsburg absent from US Supreme Court due to illness.”

  30. Cody Avatar

    “The fight over whether religion is a license to discriminate is back before the Supreme Court”

    Supreme Court looks like it’s about to say that the Christian Right has a constitutional right to violate anti-discrimination laws. So that seems bad.

  31. Cody Avatar

    The balance of power shifts towards the elephant.

    “The Trump administration just asked the Supreme Court to make it legal to ban same-sex couples from adopting

    “The Trump administration has asked the Supreme Court to allow adoption agencies to discriminate against same-sex couples in the name of religion.”

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Prayers please.

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