World Predictions: France Attack

I had a visual I was standing on a street, in the background was the Eiffel Tower, then a vehicle slammed into pedestrians walking on the streets, people raced in all different directions trying to escape. I felt a sudden concern for children. Then the visual shifted to show a large 8.

J’avais un visuel, je me tenais dans une rue, à l’arrière-plan se trouvait la tour Eiffel, puis un véhicule a percuté les piétons qui marchaient dans les rues, les gens couraient dans toutes les directions pour tenter de s’échapper. J’ai ressenti une préoccupation soudaine pour les enfants. Puis le visuel s’est déplacé pour montrer un grand 8.

I had a visual of a gun being pulled out from a large draw. “Seattle.. 27..”

That prediction could be related to a previous prediction but the timing is now different, Monday is on the 27th? World Prediction: Mass Shooting

“Train Derailment to the east.. very soon”

“In Asia (China?) the knives come out to cut and slice victims on a horrible scale.”


Jefferson City Tornado

This prediction has happened, please pray for the safety and recovery of all those in Missouri.

In the prediction they attached the messages together, it was unclear if the 23-29 was for the quake or tornado. Now it looks like it was the tornado even though it’s one day off. The predictions : World Predictions 2-1-19 Predictions 6-13-16

I had a visual of a town completely destroyed by a tornado or large storm.

Damaging Philippines earthquake, so far we have a timeline of the 23rd-29th but we need to narrow it. I had a visual I was walking down a street, the houses were shredded apart, all over the ground was so much debris. Then Spirit said “Missouri”. This sounds like a tornado

World Predictions 5-16-19

I had a visual of people being introduced on a stage. There was a large audience in the background, then there was a large explosion next to or around the stage, the visual quickly shifted to blackness preventing me from seeing the after effects. “Demo”  I could here someone say Julie at the beginning of the visual.

“Right now a plot unfolds to kill the presidents enemies.”

Multiple times I have picked up a feeling that a large quake is about to unfold. I feel an unease on the ground beneath me.

“This summer an epic heat wave arrives like no other.”

“Humanity the destructive force of climate change is at your doorstep” 

We do have the China earthquake prediction that is expected in a mid month time frame.  Demo could be Democrats? I am a bit confused if the first two messages are related or separate. 

Updated Most Accurate Predictions

Here is the updated version of the “Most Accurate Predictions” page. I would ask all of you to please share it with as many people as possible. This is our opportunity to share the work we do here. To show the world what we are trying to accomplish, while allowing the work to speak for itself.  It is my mission to one day alter these tragedies through awareness and it isn’t until recently that we have started to crack through our mission in small ways. So please share it in every way possible, share it with your college newspaper, your local media, start a thread on ATS or other social media outlets, share it on Facebook, Twitter, or print it out and put it on a cork board. Now more than ever before our mission is in sight.

The link to our page:


World Predictions 5-5-19

I had a visual I was standing on the planet Mercury. On the planet was a large mountain terrain. The colors of the mountains shifted from the bottom layer to the top. Then from inside the ground there was a massive explosion right in front of me. I could see huge raging fire explode outward in all directions while the dirt flew into the sky. Then it happened a second time off to the side, and a third, then a cascade of multiple explosions ravaged the entire ground. The entire planet seemed engulfed in fire.

I had a visual I was staring at a large clock that was counting down to zero. On the clock in bold print was the word ‘WAR”.

I had a visual of certain landmarks all of them from the north east. In hindsight I believe most of them came out of the Washington DC area, however some of it could have been Boston,  “What madness.. a thrill seeking killer”

A surprise candidate.. 3 (or 3rd).. unexpectedly added to the mix.. the military one.. he will become president.

Spirit might literally be talking about the planet Mercury,  just as they talked about water on Mars. Possibly one massive solar flare hits the planet. However more likely is a symbolic message of the Greek deity Mercury. They have consistently used Greek Gods as symbols to reference situations unfolding with my work with Spirit, both these world predictions and readings. Their last message was the Apollo mans popularity will grow, which happened with this site. All of this goes back to my past life as the Oracle of Delphi. A life in which these talents left a historical mark.

 I think the clock is related to Israel? The third candidate? That would imply the Republican side since there is a second person challenging Trump, assuming that is what 3 means? But they never clarified whether or not this was a US prediction or another nations elections. 



Hero Riley Howell

This prediction has happened. My hats off to you and all your grace, a truly courageous man, oh how much more people like you is needed.

They mentioned boy scouts?

World Predictions 3-8-19  I had a visual of college students walking back and forth on a campus. Then the visual shifted to show guns being pulled out. I had a visual of a young man trying to tackle the shooter.


World Predictions: Attack Coming

I heard the Rolling Stones song Sympathy for the Devil playing. Then it shifted to show a man getting off a bus.

I had a visual of sets of baseballs, then a set of baseballs rolling.

I had a visual I was watching a ballgame of children, then I heard this high pitch ringing. The ringing in your ears after a bomb goes off.

”A truly evil man”

“Attack is coming.. around 3.. Osama Bin Laden.. what an extremely sick person.”

Then in small print was LA Bombing

An attack is coming, it could be more than one.  Is the LA reference a California Attack or are they reminding us of Predictions 12-23-16  Were multiple attacks are predicted.There are previous predictions that might be related:Predictions 8-21-18

There is also another prediction about a baseball related attack:Prediction: San Francisco / San Jose Earthquake Coming Soon


I had a visual of someone passing, a leader or past prime minister.

This time you have gone to far someone shouted. Then Spirit said Trump.