World Predictions 6-27-19

“Suicide.. together.. multiple deaths.. a disturbing situation.”

“Someone caught using elicit drugs.. White House.”

“The Lotus tree blooms, what a beautiful site.. its symbol holds true.”

“On 10:22.. No more Trump”

I am unclear if they are predicting a mass suicide or suicides back to back. The clock is a new type of way of predicting time. The 10 represents October. The minutes represent how far in the ‘month’ we have gone. So for instance 10:30, the half way point of the hour/month would be October 15th. If it was 10:59 we would be talking about October 31st. Its a bit confusing. In this message 22 is most likely the 11th or 12th.

So Trump resigns around October 11th-12th. July is expected to bring the first major fall. Its bold message because not even I see how any of this is possible.

Distant World Prediction:

Humanity will mirror the greek gods of the past, and their stories. of hubris. Humanity controls the weather. Pushing storms in different directions, sunny days for the city folk, rain for the farms.. supplying so much food. Under humanities fingertips all is controlled. The technology.. Rods centered in the ocean and sky.

I recently mentioned how dark Climate change will become, but there is a flip side to that. Just as there was an industrial boom after the horrors of WW1 and WW2, there will be a massive surge in technology and science, especially when it comes to our planet and climate. But the leaps and bounds lead us to question whether or not we should have that kind of power?

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67 thoughts on “World Predictions 6-27-19

  1. I am not sure if you are familiar with Kim Clement prophecies but I am fascinated by his predictions that have all so far come true. He predicted Trump becoming POTUS in 2007. He has predicted many things that so far all ha come true. Worth a look into.

    1. Thank you, “Anonymous”…..yes….have listened to Kim Clement’s prophetic presentations….and….amazing that these particular prophetic announcements were made way back in 2007!

  2. I believe the first major fall to Trump will be Mueller’s testimony on July 17th. That’s where it begins.

    1. A Vedic astrologer who accurately predicted that the Mueller report would come out in March predicted that the house will start an impeachment inquiry on July 31. I hope Eric’s predictions come true.

      1. Timing is in question. They started with July but now they say October? But they continue to say he resigns?? I still don’t see it. It would have to be one massive financial scandal or a slew of different things.

      2. Eric, this is just a guess, but maybe the meaning is that an impeachment inquiry starts in July, but he doesn’t resign till Oct? It does seem confusing.

  3. July 17th would be the first major fall of trump. On that day, Mueller will be brought in to give a public testimony.

  4. July 17…. regarding Mueller’s PUBLIC testimony….will have no new information that is not already available in his report,..unless Mueller admists to lying in it…and he has said there was no Trump-Russian collusion….and no verifiable case for obsteuction of justice by the President.
    And….there WILL be questions about the information that has come out through Judicial Watch and others regarding the date discrepancies and people involved in convincing the FISA court to justify the investigation on the basis that the information provided to the court has clearly been proven to be unverified, salacious & false. Especially concerning the “Steele dossier”, its timing, origin, and who paid for it.

    1. Mueller said none of what you claim. You really need to read the report. Stop listening to the lying from Fox, Trump, his supporters, and corrupt organizations like Judicial Watch.

      1. Eric, as always thank you. As you and many others who have been on your site for years like I have, of my near death experience when I got to go to heaven for about 8earthly minutes when I coded and flatlined in 2012. I replied about that years ago. The beautiful angel that held me said was sending me back but would send my grandpa later in dreams to warn me of things to come. But that no matter, I was on the correct side and heaven was about peace and love and I felt such unimaginable Love. It was a year later my grandpa came in three nights in dreams. The third dream on the third night was ‘the Nazis were coming. And I saw little children being locked away and people holding crosses with gnashing teeth. Violence would reign and guns would blaze from ‘people that called themselves Christians yet Christ in his time on earth never held a weapon and nor did his followers. They all went on to become martyrs and refused to be violent. My grandpa in heaven in my dreams reminded me of that. He said that the playing card would rule under the guise of christ but in no way was he sent by a loving God, quite the opposite and many Christians would be fooled by pulpit preachers and follow false teachers that were given supposed visions. I wrote that many years ago on your site. I believe completely in reincarnation but I believe my grandma and grandpa have waited to reincarnate to protect me in guide me. I know for certain I went to heaven on August 13, 2012. I really wanted to stay but was told I needed to share my story. I still have trouble sharing it too much because I’ve always been peaceful and loved everyone and had such a good time on earth with wonderful friends from all walks of life. Well with the exception of violent people from any side really. I would rather sit on my patio with a cup of tea and veggie sandwiches with friends than anything else. I’ve always been that way.

        The other thing I find strange is Amatoanne posts as she says she does all this research from multiple places yet only quotes Wikipedia. As my mother is a long time professor, no one in high school or college is remotely allowed to use Wikipedia as a source for anything for lots of reasons educators give, whether conservative or Liberal. I also did a little looking into the “self professed prophet” Kim Clement. He said multiple times that Oral Roberts and Billy Graham were God’s disciples yet Graham was notorious for being Nixon’s friend and coaching him and we all know Nixon was a horrible person and president. Lying, stealing and being a bully. Then Oral Roberts and his family members were caught in many scandals and he had to step down I believe for embezzling among other things. I don’t find that in any way Christ like or Buddha like as they took vows of poverty and railed against vanity and greed and hoarding money.
        So with all that said, one final part of my third dream with these male monks scribing in what appeared to be the Middle Ages. They were writing good things then all of a sudden they’d have red devilish eyes and write something misogynistic or incorrect from what Christ himself would say. It sort of made me think after that the book evangelicals base their faith on is both good and bad.
        Anyway, thanks for your Truths pages, each week for 22 weeks, I have read one to my little meditation group I attend. They have inspired us to continue to keep doing good in the world and loving those on this Great Journey of Hope. Of course our goal is to live the best life possible so the next will give us new lessons. I am Buddhist but grew up Christian (like real Christian, non-violent and would never own a weapon of any sort-should my time end at the hand of someone’s weapon, well I’d rather go out a martyr like the priest from the civil rights era named Jonathan Daniels. He’s a hero of mine and we share the same first name.) Peace to you.

    2. amatoanne – Relax. You’re letting your political biases anger you too much because like it or not, Spirit predicts July being the “first major fall” for Trump and Mueller is speaking on July 17th, so this doesn’t seem like a coincidence. No need in crying over spilled milk dear.

      1. Gretchen….please….do not patronize!
        Who said I have political BIASES????
        Who said I am angry? The only thing that angers me is people attacking others just because they disagree on some point.

        Just FYI….I was a Democratic Party County officer for three terms. And…I am fully capable of READING, EVALUATING, and making INFORMED decisions….using MANY and VARIED sources….all on my own….
        “Crying over spilled milk?” Really????. Hate to say this….but THAT comment leads me to believe the biased one may be…YOU? ( It’s called a “tell” or a “clue”….”Dear”)…..(and…no…this is not anger…it’s commonly called “sarcasm”). LOL!!!!!

      2. amatoanne – These Trump predictions clearly triggered your political biases because you deflected away from them and changed the subject by going on a angry diatribe about Democrats when in fact these predictions had nothing to do with Democrats. No need to cry over spilled milk because these predictions will happen whether you like it or not. By the way, using ALL CAPS is akin to shouting, so stop shouting if you’re not angry. Relax and breathe dear, no need to be so angry over something so trivial. Peace! 😙

    3. Please stop posting untruths
      And note that Judicial Watch is an exceedingly partisan ultraconservative “organization.”

  5. Eric, a question… you specifically mean a Lotus “tree”…. or is that symbolic of the lotus flower or as a “flowering plant”?
    Both grow from dark, unhealthy water or soil. But the actual history of the tree, its uses, and effects… VERY different (Wikipaedia) from the symbolic importance in certain religious cultures.

  6. To clarify….
    “The lotus tree is mentioned in Homer’s Odyssey as bearing a fruit that caused a pleasant drowsiness, and which was said to be the only food of an island people called the Lotophagi or Lotus-eaters. When they ate of the lotus tree they would forget their friends and homes and would lose their desire to return to their native land in favor of living in idleness.” (Wikipedia)

  7. And the Lotus FLOWER (although various flower colors denote different qualities) generally has been regarded by many throughout time as:
    “In general, the lotus flower is mainly considered as a symbol of rebirth since it rises from darkness and turns into a beautiful flower with pink and white petals much like a human being born from nothing and turning into something complete and beautiful.”

    1. Ok..”read the entire article. But…who says I am “fooled” by Clement’s prophetic comments???? And….they actually have nothing to do with so-called “evangelical Christians”. There are MANY prophecys by Clement…and others….that HAVE come to pass.

      Including Eric’s…..which is why we read them….right???

      The Christian Bibles….(note the plural)…actually contain much of the Hebrew Torah (aka the “Old Testament”). And there are MANY references to “trumpet” or “trumpets” and not all are negative.
      And…incidentally…the early books of the Bible (and Torah) existed only by word of mouth for centuries prior to humans having the ability to actually write them…with the invention of papyrus, etc.
      And…initially in Hebrew….(which has very few characters, no vowels, is read from right to left, and no punctuation.) And…. then…translated to Greek and Latin….and…from there to English and other languages over the centuries….and “modernized” along the way. So….exactly upon which of these versions would you depend upon for absolute accuracy?

      What will come to pass….will come to pass. I nust find it very interesting that so many of these prophecies have turned out to be correct.
      With regard to Clement’s about this President….? We will see…..

  8. Won’t happen, how long have you been predicting Gutenberg downfall of trump Eric, and it has never happened. Best thing psychics can do is move out of predicting politics in their own country because their political bias comes into far too many predictions.

    1. aiden, I have been reading your posts, for some time now, predictions, never where a exact science, as GOD gives everyone, free will, and things do change, minute to minute, due to humans having free will? I did want to ask this question to you, IF, president Trump, does resign in October, will you get very angry, and blame so many others, and, or amit that Eric was correct, and believe, that so many things are possible? this is a honest question, so please don’t be upset, that I ask… I always believe, we learn from each other, especially, the thoughts and views that are opposite, of what we have…………..thank you…….

    2. Hi Aiden- You never had a reading by him have you? I can tell. You’ll be a believer than. Haha. In my opinion Eric is upfront and humble, a great guy! I think God only allows us to know so much for many reasons. I can feel your frustration. Because it doesn’t play out or unfold exactly as prescribed so to speak, doesn’t mean it isn’t true.
      Eric- by the way….ordered a new table for the one you said would come crashing down or too wobbly from your reading last week. Lol. Funny thing, that same shelving unit, a bakers rack, almost fell yesterday! My dog came flying in, bumping it (wobbly) trying to get her tennis ball that was wedged underneath. As I watched it sway slightly like something on the Richter scale, and as she tried desperately to break the ball loose from the back corner, I simply smiled to myself. New sturdy table enroute as we speak. 😉
      Thank you Eric. You make my heart shine!

    3. Aiden,

      Lol, you’re almost always belittling Eric/Spirits’ predictions in the comments and then are no where to be found when predictions that you claimed wouldn’t come true actually do come true.

      Why come here if you just deny most of what’s posted here?

    4. Aiden – Eric does predict politics outside of his own country. The fact you don’t know this tells me you haven’t been following him for too long. Unlike Eric, you seem to be the one who’s politically biased because you’re in denial of this particular prediction coming true.

  9. eric, history always run in cycles, the distant future you saw, was already on earth, eons ago. but, thru greed, weather tampering, etc, they did their down fall onto themselves. out Loving GOD, will give his children, hundreds of lifetimes, for souls to learn and grown, we can only hope, that we don’t make the same mistakes again. also, in the distant future, their will not be as many souls on earth, as they are now. that will make a Really big difference for mother earth. on another note, if everything Finally catches up to president Trump, and he resigns, the vice president, takes over, how will this effect the 2020 election? can YOU ask your guides, who or what party, will take over, and BEGIN, to repair the damage done to the country? people, MUST realize what is going to happen to AMERICA, with weather related issues, and EVERONE, has to work together, for people to survive. ,the coming decades. I would LOVE to believe. that GOD will step in, and not let the really bad stuff from taking place, but he does give humans on this planet a lot of latitude, in what they do and experience. thank you ERIC!

  10. Eeic, thanks for the clarification between the Lotus “tree” and “flower”. Much prefer the flower analogy….”Extreme beauty coming from extreme ugliness”.

  11. Isn’t the lotus flower a symbol of enlightenment? To me a blooming lotus tree is a symbol of the attainment of Christ or Buddha consciousness as expressed in a being who is enlightened. A tree in itself symbolizes to me the attainment of wisdom from soul growth. Each flower could be an symbol of the love that is expressed in this enlightened state…love for all.

  12. The “No more Trump” could mean he will be censored on twitter. He is NOT going anywhere.

    1. The statement was “No more Trump” — not “no more Trump communications via one form of social media.”

  13. The Lotus Flower is the Symbolism of : Clarity of Heart and Purity of Body, Speech and Mind. The Lotus Flower represents : Strength, Good Luck, Long Life, Honor, Respect. The Spiritual Meaning of the Lotus Flower : Ascension, Enlightenment, Rebirth.

    Mueller’s Report was said to have been misinterpreted intentionally by Barr when giving his opinion about the content. Twisted facts for his version.

    On Trump and 10:22 … I’m in agreement with 11th October ? Which is as of today : 104 days away. LOL

  14. I am seeing a lot of biases being revealed from both sides. I’d say the best rule of thumb is not to attach your wishes to a prediction, as they don’t always unfold the way you would like them to.

  15. If Trump resigns does that mean Pence will take his spot? Or will Pence go resign too?

    As much as I dislike Trump, Pence freaking scares me.

    1. Pence does not command the cult like Trump does, and they won’t want him going forward so he will be marginalized.

  16. It doesn’t matter if Trump lasts till October or if he’s in the White House another 5. Being attached to the outcome either way is what stirs discontent and anger. Trump is a mystifyingly powerful human and although I think he’s a vile monster, I give space to the reality that he’s important in our countries evolution. He reminds us of the not so pretty parts of our selves while at the same time encouraging many to stand up and be better. It’s all in the growth people. I have no doubt that what is currently happening alters America on the world stage. It already has. But let’s be honest, we’re spoiled rotten and humility isn’t our strong suit. It’s time.

  17. “amatoanne” is the epitome of an online troll. These people post incessantly on any website that allows comments. It could be a website about holistic cat food and yet these trolls will turn it into a political debate about Trump. They do this all day every day. They know things and have read everything, they are just as bad as that deceased con man the original poster was trying to sell us.

  18. Eric, please be correct about an end to this national emergency that is Trump. Can’t tell you how much I am counting on this.

  19. Attacking people who you don’t agree with politically is not taking the higher road. And it is very, very offputting. It would be nice if people could stop attacking each other and insulting viewpoints that don’t jibe with theirs, It’s making the comments section pretty unpleasant..

  20. “Rods centered in the ocean and sky.” — Did you get a good visual of this because this seems pretty cool and far out?

    Why would we question whether or not we should have this kind of power if we’re using it for the things you describe?

    1. It’s a technology that serves us. It does it well, ends food issues and mass destruction from hurricanes. However we learn that storms are apart of earths cycles, removing them in certain locations according to what I have seen creates an imbalance with insects and certain plant life. In this future there seems to be a left and right over whether we should have that type of power. We are still human born to make mistakes, but in this future we have a lot more power.

  21. Trump is saving America and the world from the “illuminati” and some of you people think he will resign? Seriously, what “spirits” are being communicated with here? The Spirits that serve Lucifer and the Anti-Trump globalist that have controlled and enslaved people for so long? These end of Trump predictions are laughable.

    1. With all due respect, Trump isn’t saving anyone. He’s just as corrupt as the ‘swamp’ he pretends to drain, he uses money to get ahead. He’s been accused multiple times of sexual assault, he’s cheated people out of their money, and to this day, he encourages division and hatred of migrants, minorities, and women.

      I don’t mean to rant here, and you’re certainly entitled to your own opinion, but please be careful. Many Republicans are so desperate for a hero, they’re turning a blind-eye to Trump’s actions and words and believing everything he says. There’s a reason Trump calls the media ‘fake news’, and it’s to discredit anyone who doesn’t support him–something dictators have done many times, to make sure their people are only seeing what they want.

      If you’re looking for a hero against the “globalists”, just please be careful about believing Trump to be it. You can still support your other beliefs without having to trust in Trump.

      1. Trump and the military are in control now. The Globalists, “illuminati”, Lucifer’s worshippers and minions, have lost all their power over this planet. All they have left is the MSM. It will only be a matter of time before the DNC talking heads in the corporate media fail completely though. Their ratings are already abysmal. If you want to support the same puppet politicians that have been in power forever and yet never fix anything that they say they are going to fix during a campaign, then that is your choice. Sorry Anti-Trumpers, but you have another 5-1/2 years of Trump cleaning up the swamp that is so desperate to get rid off.

      2. I don’t support the same politicians, I believe there needs to be political change in all parties to end corruption. I just don’t think Trump is solving anything, he’s just as corrupt as many politicians are, and his policies are divisive and hurting America rather than helping. Americans need better people in government, definitely, but I feel Trump is not the solution.

      3. Sara I just wanted to say that I really appreciate the respect you give others on this site…always!
        Be careful with the trolls though, they are just trying to trigger people. In my opinion … sometimes it’s not even worth responding to such disrespectful nonsense, especially on this site. But that’s just me. And you have to ask yourself, why are they even here? Blessings to You Sara❤️🌟

  22. Eric,
    Ref:::Humanity will mirror the greek gods of the past, and their stories. of hubris. Humanity controls the weather. Pushing storms in different directions, sunny days for the city folk, rain for the farms.. supplying so much food. Under humanities fingertips all is controlled. The technology.. Rods centered in the ocean and sky.

    Controlling weather… distant?

    ( see article..****excerpt
    According to the Daily Star, China has been filmed firing microwaves at a typhoon to change its direction, according to a claim from a conspiracy theorist. For years, researchers have claimed the US government has been using technology developed by the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) to alter weather conditions. But a new video has now surfaced that has sparked claims China is doing the same. Full story here


    Northern Hemisphere battered by Typhoons Faxai, Lingling and Hurricane Dorian as China and the US come under scrutiny for altering the course of cyclones?

  23. Eric,SWC,
    Ref:::Humanity will mirror the greek gods of the past, and their stories. of hubris. Humanity controls the weather. Pushing storms in different directions, sunny days for the city folk, rain for the farms.. supplying so much food. Under humanities fingertips all is controlled. The technology.. Rods centered in the ocean and sky.


    Is it worth the risk?

  24. Eric,
    Ref:::Humanity will mirror the greek gods of the past, and their stories. of hubris. Humanity controls the weather. Pushing storms in different directions, sunny days for the city folk, rain for the farms.. supplying so much food. Under humanities fingertips all is controlled. The technology.. Rods centered in the ocean and sky.

    Jakarta using..
    Weather modification..

    To combat flooding…

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