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New Jersey Shooting Spree

This tragic prediction has happened. Please pray for everyone involved. spirit said New York, it unfolded in New Jersey. We have been waiting for confirmation that a female was involved prior to posting. Unfortunately that has happened. According to New York News 4 the shooters;

“David Anderson was a one-time follower of the Black Hebrew Israelites, a group whose members believe they are ancient Israelites’ true descendants. Francine Graham met him — and then turned into a ‘dark person,’ her neighbor says”

WORLD PREDICTIONS 12-26-18 I had a visual of the word “New York”. An attack was coming soon, they would later add ‘Now’ 

I had a visual of a man and woman standing side by side, then they turned charcoal grey implying an evil act.

Russia Banned From Olympics

This prediction has happened.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 10-10-19 I had a visual of multiple white blocks, one of the blocks read “gym” then I heard “Because of drugs, you cannot be represented.”

Oh How Everything is About To Change

Since the beginning of writing these predictions we have had this understanding that this work would be presented in a way that allowed you to read their work unabridged. We made every effort to ensure that their message was given to you with little to no interference from myself. To accomplish that my role was always in the background. You can see it within the blog itself; it’s never ‘I’ but always “we”. My name in small print. No pictures of me, only a small bio,  and a constant back and forth between your request and their response. All so we .. so ‘I’ could create a direct line between you and Spirit.
But now Spirit is planning to steer this journey into an entirely new direction. They want to pull back the curtain and lay it all out for you to see, and I mean everything. They want me to share it all with you. My experiences with them over the years. The stories they have shared. All the knowledge and all the messages they have given me over the years that have eventually lead me here doing these world predictions.
The plan is to share one or two stories or truths a month. Those stories will be my experiences with them when I was a child, a young adult, and now.  Some of the stories will be simple ones while others opened my mind to a reality I did not know existed.
To be honest I am a bit nervous even scared to bear my naked self to the world, to share all sides of myself to everyone. However on the opposite side you will all come to know the individuals behind the work, the individuals that I have lumped up in one word “Spirit”. Your going to learn who they are, my historical ties to them, even their unique personalities.
We still have to iron out some details. Should these messages be on a separate site to avoid confusion? Or do we just post it the 1st of every month? There is also talk of possibly resetting the entire site from scratch? A new beginning perhaps?
I have no doubt the critics will pounce. All I ask is that you be open minded to the possibility that everything you have been taught about the Spiritual realm is different. Because that is what I plan to share.

World Predictions 12-6-19

I had a visual of this secret bunker or private room. Russians were on computers, others were organizing their plans while communicating to those in charge. On the wall was various pictures of different people.. In the center of the room was a large monitor that read “Summit”.

Then I had a visual of a pun of some kind. I had a visual of “Morton Salt” container, at the bottom of the blue container was the word “Summit”

I had a visual of a person walk by and then toss an object, which I assume was a grenade, to his side, then there was a sudden flash of light followed by an explosion.
The impression given was a military base.

“In Iowa (or Idaho).”

I had a visual of a terror attack on a church or temple. So many bodies where being pulled from the structure including children.
“Turkey.. Erdogan your actions have unleashed a horror against you and your country… so much death.. as Christmas arrives.”

I had a visual of a clock that was about to strike 11. “Now.. it has arrived”

There are only two possible ties related to the number 11, the terror attacks and the earthquake predictions. Why are they using 11? 9/11? Here are the predictions that mention 11: WORLD PREDICTIONS 11-2-19 and WORLD PREDICTIONS 10-18-19 and PREDICTIONS ON 11-8-15 NEW ZEALAND EARTHQUAKE

The Russians are planning a very covert operation, secretive, and sinister. The room had a great number of people so whatever they are planning it’s huge. The room looked like a bunker in the movies where the president has to go in a special room to deal with an attack.

Pearl Harbor Shooting

This tragic prediction is unfortunately happening. . Please stay safe Hawaii.
The “black” in black boots representing an evil or dark act., they also predict an attack/bombing on the north east US. In the first message they used my home town base as an example but that is not the location.

PREDICTION: SHIP/PORT ATTACK I had a visual of the US flag, then the visual shifted to the number 4.

I had a visual I was staring down on a wet ground, as if water splashed on it, then black boots walking through a port.

Is the car bomb a separate prediction? I don’t understand the connection to the port unless they are saying the port is attacked not the ship? 

I tried to gather the details of this Ship attack which they clumped together with a train attack in a previous prediction: Predictions 3-30-17  I question whether the first ship is a military one, it seems more likely a ferry or cruise ship

PREDICTIONS 12-10-16 I had a visual of an attack. In the vision they went into great detail to show a port. The port was a military installation or a government installation.

They showed a child that was now an orphan.

They made sure to show me that even though the port was in the background the act was a bit more inland and not entirely over the water.

In 3, 3 days of deployment, around 3.

World Predictions 11-30-19

I had a visual of what looked like a tornado moving closer to a set of homes. It could be one very centralized storm.

I had a visual of an area beginning to flood rapidly.

“South.. South bend.. in South”

They clearly said Louisiana. Then shifted to say the “South”, which I am assuming means the gulf region.

9.. 12

At first the implication was Indiana. There is a small possibility the two top messages are completely separate and unrelated. I am still trying to bring clarity to the airplane predictions.

London Bridge Stabbing Attack

This tragic prediction has happened. Pray for the safety of the UK. Thankfully it was addressed quickly.
I assumed it was about the destruction of a bridge when it was always about the London bridge.
No ties to government or Assassination.

I have consistently heard the song “London bridges falling down” The hero.. 6.

I had a visual of someone with blood on their hands. Then it shifted to show cameras everywhere as if this was global news.  The impression given was that a leader or government related individuals were killed. Assassination? They implied a stabbing, however it could have been a shooting. At first it implied the UK then the US.