Louisiana Tornado

This prediction has happened. Please stay safe.
The south is a reference to the South US, multiple tornados tore through the south.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 11-30-19 I had a visual of what looked like a tornado moving closer to a set of homes. It could be one very centralized storm. 

I had a visual of an area beginning to flood rapidly. 

“South.. South bend.. in South” 

They clearly said Louisiana. Then shifted to say the “South”, which I am assuming means the gulf region.

58 thoughts on “Louisiana Tornado”

  1. oh my Im late ..
    Im here now guys …
    Hello …
    Star thanks for posting Ecosystem link ..
    Its just a vicious blow but we will recover ..
    some may be lost forever but nature has had her way over there ..
    we can only send recouperative..love and light ..

  2. star48 jules 104
    unbelievabe so Sangay Volcano did create a problem after all. Im saddened they have had to experience this but glad it wasnt worse will keep them in in my prayers love and light..

    Mayotte still concerns me and scientists as well by the look of their intense interest ..
    sunk 23cm and moved 9 to 17cm ..
    I look forward to any updates …
    Nishinoshima in Japan is a watch..
    also again Thank you for Volcano weekly volcano Report ..
    blesings all ..stay well and safe

  3. star48
    hi yes that was a doozy fireball seen over 2 or 3 states …absolutelty spectacular ..though none of us saw it ..shame …

    1. star48 jules 104
      oh wow thsts a ancient volcano 500,000 years
      and magma now filling chambers …
      Thats one long cycle from subduction somewhere to filing the chambers wonder where the channels are like how deep and where it flowed in from ..
      watching with awe for this one ..
      Thanks for volcanic reports and the oarfish signs Washington and earthquake cloud Taiwan ..
      blessings you two

  4. star48
    amazing 3 at once caught on camera over Puerto Rico ….they just keep coming ..👀

    Canada SLADE Lake sink holes wow I sure will be hoping the highway doesnt suffer from a sink hole so worrisome for those living there .
    i wouldnt want to be taking that highway ..
    This is just aweful forcthe area …
    I would like to move outa there if i was them ..

      1. star48
        wow another volcano.Laguna del Maule.. coming to life to show us all they are just resting …Amazing ..
        watching 🙄 hope it stays calm ..
        Thanks star

  5. star48
    wow what a weath of info you posted ..
    Iceland north and south are under stress
    keeping volcano under watch Grimsvotn may create problems ash is bad enough but a full on eruption ..yikes …the swarm in north at least is clear of population ..i think i read that right..😄
    Merapi Indonesia could be a violent one there .
    the FWI imaging in 3d central america and Carribean is just phenomenal…so impressive ..

    o.k so the water injection has created problems and it depends on type of fault ..hopefully it may help studying this for future ..
    you know for when man injects water ..

  6. Jules 104
    do sorry I was sure I replied to this eel phenomena ..
    anyways Its really crazy ..I wonder if they will find what has disturbed their habitat ….
    Thanks for the article found it intriguing ..

  7. star48 jules 104.
    yes Thank you star for volcano report and
    added alert for Sakurajima …
    much live and light to mother earth and all in surrounding areas ..
    it’s not looking like pulling back at the moment.
    blessings you two .

  8. star48 jules 104
    Truely amazing the meteor created a sonic boom ..bit alarming for those who heard it over Tokyo 😨
    and now Nishimoshima is threatening to explode as well as sakurajima Japan a watch all round

  9. star48 jules 104
    Bulusan is a watch though currently low level
    Nishinoshima is a real concern …
    not sure she is finished yet
    thanks star..
    blessings you two..

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