Notes on 12-31-14

“Help us change this nightmare, a little difference can be made. The future can be changed however small.” — Spirits Voice

I had a visual of bullets shells next to cut roses. Then Spirit reminded me of a previous prediction. They also reminded me this is a trilogy.

Notes on 12-31-13     “It came, it came, the games have arrived!.. oh you’re in trouble.. cancelled.. disappointment as the dream is squashed.. terrorist ” I had a visual of red roses being cut down.

They also showed several train tracks headed in the same direction. Either this is also apart of this horrible terror event or they have a separate prediction about a train crash coming.

They implied that this prediction sits around the same time as our New Jersey / New York Predictions, hear are all the old predictions:

Notes on 12-27-14 Terror Attack   “A bomb.. a building is the target.. known for its second floor.. NJ.. NY.. at 3, 4.. bell view.. the nation addressed.” — Spirits Voice
I had a visual I was on the balcony of a skyscraper. A half spider, half man landed from the sky on top of the building. The man stared me down, and I stared him down. “The enemy has arrived”
I had a visual a rifle with a scope was being assembled. “Now”
I do not believe a rifle is involved, but instead this is a symbolic message that the terrorist are now assembling to hit their target.

Notes on 12-24-14   Terror attacks: One will be foiled.. The 27th (or the 2nd, 7 representing the day) is marked with a bomb. (They implied they predicted that before.)
To clarify we are predicting a massive increase in terror attacks, some foiled, some not, in a span of a month. The old predictions have arrived.
I had a visual of a train racing down, on one side was the flag of China, but on the other was the black ISIS flag. (It seems to describe a timeframe, the arrival of the Chinese government visiting a nation seems marked with terrorist as well. At the time I was asking about Australia, but we need to clarify. You could also look at it as a train attack in China.)

Notes on 12-23-14I had a visual of a very large clock, its hands clicked and turned, it was almost 12.
I had a visual of an explosion in a building, the explosion was on the 2nd or 3rd floor but clearly not on the ground floor.
Where are the threats? “Ontario Canada, France, England, New York… go inside guns, guns… they will be taken against their will… bombing explosion.” (I believe they are describing the type of events that will occur, its very possible they are in order, with the gun attack in Ontario. There was something about Italy but not entwined with these events.)
“The gun attack leads to legislation”
I had a visual of the US flag drop to the ground.
I had a visual of an orange cut into multiple pieces and placed in different cups of water. “They are not separate attacks, but arranged, orchestrated.”

Notes 12-19-14   Another terror attack, really!? The Spirits implied a trilogy of events. This being the second one along with the attack in New York/ New Jersey. Its location is unknown other than being a large city but I am working on its location. They did imply that one of three is in Europe, this could be it.
I had a visual of a location down town because I looked up to see very high skyscrapers.
“An explosion
Party is over
2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 (A time frame or countdown. In two days? In ten days? A party of New Years Eve?)” — Spirits Voice
I had a visual of glass doors of a building opening, I was in an old marble looking room. It was very large and had a very large ceiling. In some ways it looked like an old train station however there where people in line very similar to what is done at a bank.
I had a visual of a man looking behind chairs then a sofa, behind the area was shoes and sandals. A location of some kind.

Notes on 12-16-14 US Terror Attack    Predictions for 2015, the first seems to either fall in December or early January.    “Bomb” — Spirits Voice — I had a visual of a colorful cloth covering the bomb making it unable to see with the naked eye. — Metropolis, New York, New Jersey — In about 5 minutes (that means 5 days sometime around the 20th-22nd) but then they said — 24.. 2nd.. (the 2nd might be a message related to the location or a floor to a building) — “By the funny sound.. like a whistle” — Spirits Voice —  Messages somehow related: I had a visual of a small restaurant in a building. I had a visual of Bagels being placed in a box. I had a visual of a road that only turned left or right but the arrow they showed went directly straight. I had a visual of a house burned down and the area around the house burned. “The terrorist were at far north CA.” — “I am not just going to walk away, I am going to take good care of her” – Spirits Voice — Oddly they showed a golden neck less and gave the name ‘Freddie Mercury’ both of which I believe are completely symbolic perhaps about ‘mercury’ like the type of bomb or type of car.

Notes on 7-4-14     I had a visual of people sitting on benches in a stadium, everyone was looking up while clapping, than under the bleachers, behind the people,  an explosion happened, people began to scream and everyone scrambled for safety.  “Terror.. terror”

And the old ones: Notes on 8-30-14   Prediction 17: The Bridge Attack

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  1. Probably doesn’t add anything, but cut roses- like Rose Bowl parade- or any parade with floats- New Years day. Lots of games that day.

    1. that makes sense. i had a dream about balloons but their saying ny/nj.Could be part of christmas decorations.

      1. I am new to your blog. I live in the NY area. Is it possible that the information from spirit could relate to the Main building on Ellis Island ? Ellis Island belongs to both NY and NJ. It was the main immigration center for the U.S. thru which most immigrants came. The main floor has vaulted ceilings , old world marble decor and looks like a train station. Immigrants stood in lines. There are still the wooden benches there where they had to wait for processing. Processing took place on the second floor ,which would make the floor ” Famous “.
        Spirit stated someone was looking behind couches and chairs and saw shoes and sandals. Shoes and sandals could symbolize people of varying cultures in one place.There is a large clock with hands on the front of the immigration center . As far as the “bell view” , I believe there is a bell on the sea wall. Mention of a strange whistle, could be the bouy sound in the harbor. The NY skyline can be seen from there.
        Ellis Island is symbolic . I hope and pray that wherever these terrorists have chosen to strike, that they can be stopped.

        1. Hi Patty, my initial thought about the whistle was a ship and harbor too. Its an interesting point, can you please forward a link of what the inside looks like, thanks.

      2. Hello Patty, Eric, and all.. “I am not just going to walk away, I am going to take good care of her” ..this made me think of the statue of did all that you included in your post. Love to all.

        1. Hi JB. I agree. Myself and others had mentioned that previously. The symbol of what Americans hold dear. Let’s hope and pray that any plot anywhere they have is foiled!

  2. The Meadowlands football stadium. That’s the NY Giants home field it’s in New Jersey.

  3. Hi Eric, there is going to be alot of people ringing in the New Year in Time Square. New York were planning to go with my daughter but a voice says don’t go this the third time in two days i keep hearing this wondering if Spirit predicton about the Party is over, a party around New Years Eve if Spirit were referring about this event tonight. God bless have a very bless and wonderful New Year. I am am new to this site been following for awhile now and i like what u and Spirit is doing to get the word out and change the outcome of these events. U are doing a fantastic job.

      1. I read that they have the Rose Bowl floats on display also for four days afterwards and thousands come to see them. Just another option. But praying all or any plots will be foiled.

    1. Yes, me, too. Think they use a red rose as emblem which Eric had vision of previously- last year? I pray for best in this entire situation.

    2. I was thinking the same thing. Is the parade before the football game? I believe so, but will have to check. If it is that would make sense that the game doesn’t go forward. The emblem has a red rose in the middle. Could the events happen one after the other perhaps. One in NY/NJ then another on the west coast. So they are talking of more than one in the US? I pray nothing happens on either coast. It would be great if the Spirits are talking of the “terrorists dream” being squashed! Sending out light and love into the World. Will be praying for safety of all over the holiday New Years.

      1. Jules104,Marian, flamingo101, Eric
        I thought the same . Cut roses ..parade. Well watched by billion people… Also Rose Bowl…the reference of the 2 nd is the reference that does not fit., I will do more investigation for events around the 2nd.. Will weather change an event?

        1. Oh great thinking outside of the box Star48. Event change due to weather. Yes keep researching. I will do my best also, as I know the rest will too. Blessings All.

  4. I googled Freddie Mercury and Roses and several sites came up about the Rock Band Guns N Roses tribute concert to Freddie Mercury in Wembly stadium in London in 1992. Also, the band Guns N Roses had several songs like Night Train…maybe this relates.

  5. Eric, several train tracks or trains going in the same direction seems to point to Jamaica Station in Jamaica, Queens, where many trains either go in to Manhattan or go east to various points on Long Island. Also, Penn Station in Manhattan has several trains/tracks going in same direction. Penn Station is a block away from the Empire State Bldg.

            1. Jules104,
              I think that is an interesting take. The bridge attack..being one of the targets to show a coast to coast reach.
              , SF being a gay friendly town…(referencing Freddy Mercury)
              There is also the posting as being coordinated attacks ( orange segments)So it would not be out of the possibility.
              Coordinated attacks over consecutive days across the country and world. To make a statement .

              1. My thoughts also. Far reaching. They need to make a statement so as to not lose the control of fear over others. What better way for them to bring in the New Year for themselves. Evil people.

              2. That’s what I love about our conversations, when you guys show possible interpretations I would have never even noticed. Its something to focus on.

                1. Me too Eric/Star48. I love to hear others perspectives on what they think/feel some of the predictions/posts could be or mean. We all come from some where different in life and that, I think, really contributes so much to figuring out what Spirit is trying to warn us about. I hope everyone has a wonderful, safe New Year! Many Blessings for 2015!

      1. Hi Eric, this is my first time I’ve ever replyed on line. Would you mind taking my last name off . Nevermind. figured it out. changed used user name.

  6. Several major cities have New Year’s Eve events at their Union Stations. I hope everyone will be safe. I always stay home and go to bed by 8:30 pm, 9:00 if I’m wild! LOL! Happy New Year, Eric and Everybody!

  7. That’s funny Jollymystic, I always stay at home as well because of my pets, to help them cope with the fireworks.

    Just wanted to wish Eric, Spirit and everybody else who comes here a very happy, healthy and safe New Year, may we all be able to bring some positive change to the world in 2015.

  8. many happy blessings to everyone, in the new year ahead! light and prayers, will always, change the darkness. new energies, are amerging, from the spirits, blessings to you eric, in the year ahead, for all you do for others!

  9. interesting that they ask for help on such “short notice” almost like there will be help in at least some scenarios..

      1. well, short notice meaning if it is a NYE attack because is only a few hours till then.. but Partys over could also mean, the good times felt tonight could be gone by tommorrow or the next day too.. could be nothing happening exactly at midnight tonight

    1. Oh yes Sorry Mary. What I meant was that there is a football tournament /game related to red roses called the “Rose Bowl” in Pasadena, California. Whether it is related to this prediction, I’m not sure. Sorry for the confusion. I am praying not.

  10. A very happy and peaceful New Year to Eric and to everyone who follows this wonderful site. My prayers for the world to be safe from all forms of natural and man made disasters. Let there be peace, harmony and love everywhere

  11. Blessings to all who come here may everyone have a safe and happy new year and hopefully together we can make a difference.

  12. Eric,
    comet Lovejoy at the feet of Orion.. An omen for the new year?
    See…GREEN COMET IN BRIGHT MOONLIGHT: The visibility of Comet Lovejoy (C/2014 Q2) continues to improve. Currently shining at magnitude +5.0 underneath the feet of Orion, it is expected to more than double in brightness by mid-January 2015. This puts it just above the threshold for naked-eye visibility and allows photographers to record the comet using only a camera–no telescope required. John Ashley did just that on Dec. 30th:

  13. Who are your spirits? Why do we never get positive readings? What do they say the purpose of life is? Do they say gods exist? If so why do they allow so much evil? How would I talk to my spirit guides? How do you manage to predict some major things but not others like the AirAsia? Too many question.

    Can you do one section where you dont talk about the future but enlighten about life with what your spirits tell you.

    1. LOL, It would take more than my comment section to cover all that, that’s novel material. Let me give you two bits. First this site has one purpose and that is to alter the tragedies of tomorrow. The more they can share about the darkness the better opportunity there is of changing it. So unfortunately the majority of the posts here are not ‘positive’ however if you read though the sets we do stray once in awhile. Second, As Spirit is focused on one event, gathering the prediction, we will unfortunately miss other events happening around the world. Its not possible to cover it all, and we will miss major events. If you interested in what they believe I would encourage you to read through “World Predictions Glossary”. Its a glossary that reflects what certain symbols mean, but in it you can clearly see their own system of beliefs.

  14. Why can’t cut roses and gun shells represent death and a memorial after said death? I love that you are listening to Spirit. I had Spirit talk to me before the big tsunami of 2004. I heard it tell me that people where picking up on a great tragedy that was about to happen.

    It also told me this, “The reason that so many children were dying around that time was because they sensed the anger and hate on this plane and did not want to stay here, thus things happened to send them back.”

    I have been having nuclear fears for Chicago in 2015. And I am anxious right now, just thinking of what is to come tonight in Times Square. I hope I am wrong. And I hope these tragedies are downgraded.

    Thank you for sharing what they tell you.

    1. Thank you, I have not picked up anything like that in Chicago, I do hope for safety there. The 2nd of Jan seems to be a big timeframe for these events but unfortunately their version of predicting time is more of a loose forecast. I personally have greater concern for tomorrow and the following day. I hope, really hope, I am just wrong.

  15. I keep reading/hearing about these College Playoffs and people using the word “dream”. It brings to mind the Post on 12/31/13, the Spirits said “the games have arrived, cancelled, the dream is squashed -terrorist”. That post also had the “Lee Harvey Oswald” event I believe, though Eric left it out I think. And at the time it was a guess of the time frame for an attempted assasination being for January. Eric could this be referring to now? I remember seeing some previous predictions for storms over DC/dark times. Or maybe this is the one for Europe? I just don’t want to miss anything. Praying for All tonight and in the days to come.

    1. Your right, I had considered every single post involving a terror like threat in todays post, but decided against it because it might be too much to consume. I do however regret not posting the Notes that talked about an explosion, while wearing snow coats.

  16. On a good note for the Rose Parade is a wrong made right after 60+ years. The African American crowned queen in 1958 will finally get to ride in the place she was promised yet it was taken away last minute. The good things of what may be ahead. [hulu id=gh8mc34yydl44dkhfomloq width=512]

      1. I know, right?!?! Loved the interview and adored her. Definitely a class act!!! So very happy seeing this story. We have to always remind ourselves to see the good in the world when it may seem to be a little scary. Glad you enjoyed it.

  17. Eric, the Rose Bowl Parade starts in a few hours. I just read that it begins at the corner of Green and Orange Grove Boulevards. Well, this is disconcerting to me given that you’ve had oranges clearly depicted here in your terrorist predictions posts. I pray all will go fine, including the football game afterward. Peace and blessings to all.

  18. Last night I had a dream concerning the prediction of the terrorist event in NY / NJ. In the dream I found a package in a Office / store that was operated by the park service (not sure if this was federal or state). The package had 6-8 squares of C4 explosive with detonator caps. I carried this out of the building along with something that looked like rods. (the rods may have been symbolic of remote detonation). A park service employee (female) in uniform confronted me. She knew what it was and I asked her if they had cameras that could show who had been in and out of the store/structure. End of dream. Two structures come to mind…the empire state building and the statue of liberty. Areas to look would be any stores in these structures as it would not be difficult to place a package behind merchandise, etc. Does anyone know someone they can pass this info to?

      1. I have had prophetic dreams before but could not tell how accurate this one was. I was not thinking of this subject before I went to bed which could have influenced my dreams If I had. I had a number of dreams but this one stood out.

    1. Was your dream very vivid? That’s usually how I know if a dream is predictive, or not. Also, was the woman park service employee in cahoots with the person having the explosives and the rods? Or, was she trying to stop the perpetrator?

      1. I did not get the impression she was involved but rather just an employee. I don’t think she knew what was going on until she saw me with the explosives.

    2. Hi Brokenarrow354. I think the authorities in charge who do have the means to make a difference physically, probably monitor this site already. Just incase though, they have been sent a reminder.

      1. Never hurts to ask. I think there is probably some type of monitoring going on with homeland security either physically on sites or through auto-detection with key words such as bomb, explosive, blasting caps, etc. I’m most curious to know if the empire state building has a parks and recreation store. The park service uniform is what is throwing me off. I know the statue of liberty has federal park service employees but not sure about the empire state building.

    3. correction…detonator caps are actually called blasting caps. Was early and must have had a brain cramp.

  19. This is probably nothing but…there is the, “Metro Gold Line Light Rail”, which you can take to the Rose Bowl. Thinking in terms of the “golden necklace”.

  20. Hello Eric and all
    Images of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Parks Museum can be found searching Google images. Virtual tours of the Ellis Island Immigration museum are numerous on You Tube. I hope that viewing them may spark a connection for those of you who have developed gifts that can guide us to a better world and aid us in shunning the darkness.
    Watching any of these tours gives one a sense of theHistoric and personal significance of these landmarks for many Americans who can trace their ancestry thru entrance at Ellis Island. I visited there a number of years ago and I was totally unexpected prepared for the well of emotions that overwhelmed me as I walked thru the same doors that my grandparents walked thru to come to America. As an aside, Brokenarrow354 mentioned images in a dream of ” a woman park service employee” – the museum , Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty are all under the National Parks Service.

  21. Could Freddie Mercury be a reference to the planet Mercury? All I know is that when Mercury goes retrograde which will happen on January 21st, it is never a good energy. Any astrologers out there that a weigh in?

    1. Bongo, hi.. This man in Spain did not have explosives..
      The man in turkey did have ..did not explode.. Blessings

  22. Eric you had mentioned previously that the Spirits had brought up something about Italy. Could this be it? “A 24-second video posted online on New Year’s Eve of two young Italian women, who were kidnapped by Islamic militants in northern Syria last summer, is prompting alarm among Italian officials who have been negotiating for the pair’s release.”

  23. Such uncertainty.. such worry such sadness.. man, before i never would have thought about wanting my life to stop.. now all i want to do is sleep and stay in my bed for comfort/ protection and even wish at times, i’d pass in my sleep. even though Eric said the horrible leader doesnt rise in his lifetime he thinks it will happen within the next 35 years that only takes me to 60 some years old.. or the weather changes or food shortages before i had dreams of being 80-90 and watching my grandkids but that seems dead now so kids/ grandkids ,off the table, this all started with biblical prophecy talk, the rise of isis and then finding this site, i long for the days i was ignorant and thought i would live till a very old age.. even if i take medication to stop this feeling, i hate medication, i hate pills

    so upsetting.

    1. Hi Dave. If I were you (and trust me I’ve been there) I’d try to stop focusing so much on the future and what could be and start focusing on the here and now and just living your life now, in this moment. Stop worrying and dwelling so much on death. If you think about it, the moment each of us is born, we are also dieing. But we wouldn’t say, “Oh I know that each day of my life brings me closer to death so why bother.” Nor do we say, “I will start to live my life when I am 60”. None of us knows what each day will bring or when our time to leave this earth is. What we do know, is that we are alive now, we can make a difference now, help to make this earth a better place now, help to make a difference for the better in others lives and our lives now. Sometimes when the world seems bleak all around us, the best thing to do is get out and help others, volunteer for a good cause. Just seeing the smiles you can put on others faces is sometimes the best therapy for your own self/soul. You’d be amazed at how good it will make you feel. (And there is nothing wrong with loving yourself a little, feeding your own soul) And if it is helping others less fortunate at the same time, that’s even better. Perhaps it’s best to take a break from bible prohecy study and this blog of Eric’s. It sounds as though it may be a bit too heavy a load for you right now. There’s nothing wrong with just taking a break and enjoying life for a while. There is nothing wrong with taking medications either in my opinion, if one really needs them. You wouldn’t tell a diabetic it’s wrong to take insulin would you? I would say that meds are not the only solution though. But sometimes people do need them. Also, nothing is set in stone. Only God knows what the far off future holds for any of us. Prayers and Blessings Always.

    2. Dave, the world is still going on around you, don’t let the fun and happy moments pass you by because you are watching this site and probably other sites. It is important not to let this stuff consume you. The odds of any of this happening directly to you is high. Are you in America like most of us? What are you fearing the most? Find what it is deep in yourself and then tell yourself the many reasons you shouldn’t fear that topic. Make peace within your soul. It might not be a bad idea to talk with someone…maybe a priest, maybe a friend relative…someone that can help you find your way out of your fears. If this is something that has been going on with you for a while maybe try smudging yourself and your house….get the negative energy away from you if you are having a hard time finding the peace in yourself.
      For every one bad thing happening in the world there are a million good things happening…make yourself apart of the good things and stay away from the thoughts of the bad;) even the best of us get depressed. And it is definitely easy yo fall onto that in this day and age but you always have to remind yourself of the good your life you and the people around you.

      1. I mean odds are low…I’m so sorry I ment odds are low…like nothing will probably happen to you directly

      2. Thank You for adding Michelle. I agree with all you have said here. Everyone has been there. Look around and you will see the good in life and others. Life is wonderful and amazing right now all around us! Hugs to All : )

      3. 🙂 same to you jules…nicely put;) we weren’t off in timing responding to Dave we must have been typing the same time…your just faster then me;)
        Dave I hope we helped you a little bit.

        1. Me also. I hope we helped Dave. Just so you know we love to have you on the blog. I just don’t want it to make you worry so much about future events. So don’t feel bad about taking a break every now and then. Like you said Michelle, the odds are very low any of this will ever affect Dave.

    3. Dave, there is always big negative things going on. There are also big good things going on as well. You can plan and you can prepare but most of all take notice of what you have right in front of you. It could be your family or something you enjoy. It’s really that simple if you let it be simple. You are in control. Hope this helps. It did for me.

      1. I try to Eric, i do.. but knowing what i have read again, about “whats to come” the famines, he attacks etc, theres a creepy pull or allure, you know? its bad.. its like a drug.. again, i would like to walk away but theres no way o “unknow” what i read.. i’m with and understand all of you

        1. Yes it is, we have to be very careful with personal readings as well, some people end up calling all the time for readings because they get hooked with wanting to know the future and unfortunately the more accurate they are the worse it is. So we have to regulate how many readings people can have. Just try and take a month off. Take a step back for awhile.

  24. Thank you everyone but i just don know.. even if I stopped reading the site, i cant unknow everything i have read. i know there is good but.. i just cant help but think of the future and te terrible things.. it sucks

    1. Dave maybe you should get a reading off eric…maybe he could point out the things coming your way that maybe you should start focusing on more. It might help you to focus more on what’s going to happen directly to you in the next couple months to a year. I know when I feel lost I always get a personal reading from my local psychic I have went to for years…it helps. I did the one question reading with Eric recently and it really helped me in what direction things in my life need to go in and where I’m headed.
      I meditate and have visions and speak with past spirits but still need direction with my own life sometimes…I pick up more on other people then myself.
      Just a thought. .if u can swing the $29 it might be worth it for you to ask eric what 2015 will bring for you..try it out;)

  25. Ok so where are we with the rose bowl…is that event over or still happening. Nye in new york went by with nothing happening at least to our knowledge.
    So the rose…if not rose bowl could it be for a performance. Roses use to be thrown on stage I’m not sure if they still are. The “after the last dance” prediction stick out to me when I think of cut roses. Just thinking outside the box.
    I looked at the count down they gave you and also thought maybe 10 days after the 27th. Which would be Jan 6th…that date anything big to anyone. Maybe the 10th?
    Anyone still have any going thoughts on the predictions? Any open possibilities still out there?

  26. I would but i’m afraid tha just like the sie, if i did a reading,i’d need to know more and that would bother me more, i wish i knew a way to just be done with this sie and forget what i read,thank you so much everyone but the spiders, monsters and nightmares of the world have become too overwhelming

    1. First hand I can tell you the reading wouldn’t be like that at all. Even with my own visions and conversations with spirits I ask to see the bad stuff. It’s very separate from a normal reading. A normal reading guides you..and if there are warnings you may get a warning…but on a personal level not a worldly level.
      With the one word question you could ask something like point out the positive things coming to me in this life…I was more direct and asked about my job…Eric thought he was giving me bad news and wanted to check with me about the answer…after hearing spirits responds it all made complete sense to me because my situation isn’t the typical job situation. So it was all good news. I actually thought it was awesome he took the time to verify that he wasn’t just throwing me bad news.
      I can’t say it enough it was a great reading and totally fit my situation of what I had asked. I really think you should try it out one one question to fit your situation…it is definitely worth it. And if u want to know more later go for the big readying…

      1. I agree Michelle/Dave. There are many options open for you. My daughter did a one hour reading and it wasn’t negative at all. It was a great help to her. I probably need to do one also. Eric is such a wonderful caring person. He really takes the time to make sure you understand what Spirit is saying. I think a one question reading would be great! Ask about what the positive things are coming your way. I bet you have plenty of them. It will help you to get outside of yourself and see there really is HOPE. It will help you to feel more in control of your life at the moment. We are all here to support you.

    2. Hi Dave. Do you have friends or family you can talk to about this? Talk to about your fears of the future? I can’t help but feel you are becoming consumed by your fears and possibly need help seeing there is more than that out there for you. I felt this way before when I was younger and it really helped when I talked about it with like minded people and my friends and family. It really put things into perspective for me. I actually had to get meds for my depression also. And I had to change my lifestyle of focusing so much on the bad things that could happen and start focusing on the good things in my life and the here and now. After a while I was able to see that all of my many fears were really unfounded. I was able to laugh at the little things in life and just enjoy living in the present. I could see all of the possibilities which were available to me. I was able to see that there is always hope. Don’t forget that God isn’t finished.

  27. Jules,

    Sadly, I AM consumed by fear. I do have people that I talk to.. the crazy thing is I’m so consumed by fear of the future.. because i really do enjoy living and the thought of this stopping. I love jon Gordon books, he is a great uplifting author and he talks about how to live life and about God and how to put a plan together to live a great life and they are awesome but then i read them and think “he doesnt know whats coming” or i see a beautiful little child and think that poor little thing has no idea the things they might see.. its terrible.. it really is.. if you can say if i knew i had 40-50 years left i’d be good, but putting all the pieces together from this site, i dont feel that way.. its selfish and egotistical, i hate it bu i feel like if i know that why delay the inevitable sometimes?

    I dont know when this started but seeing great pain, bothers me of course it always did, but now, i cry a lot, i pray a lot, i’m only in my 30’s and i find myself wishing i was older because hen atleas i know when i die, i would have lived a full life 30 years from now because i dont feel 60 to be old.. its a complicaed thing i’m going through

    God bless, .

    1. Dear Dave, I just wanted to say that reading your comments was like reading a transcript of everything that goes on in my head! I too am afraid. I have a baby boy as well and feel so sad and scared for him as to the world he will grow up in.

      But…. I do believe that the purpose of prophecies are to help us to change a negative future. After all, if the future is set in stone, then what’s the point? We all have free will and the future can be changed.

      As others have already suggested, a way to deal with the fears is through prayer and also to try and make our own personal world a positive one through our actions. Let’s pray for peace and a mass change of consciousness without the need for anymore violence/death.

      Finally, please please do not wish for an early death. You really do have your whole life ahead of you and it will be a beautiful life.

      Take care.

      1. unfortunately, although, i believe in prayer a lot, according to Eric’s predictions peace and mass change just doesnt happen in our time here.

        i think i’ve officially lost hope. I’m going to try to sign off now.

        God bless you all

    2. I’m so sorry Dave that you are going through such a distressing and anxious time. I used to feel like this a lot but I am wondering have you considered that you could possibly be an empath? I am and Because I was very young I was able to switch it off and just concentrate on my own emotions for a while. I hope this
      Helps in a small way, samxc

  28. Eric, is this the right reference to the roses! Valentines Day!
    1.Copenhagen cafe.
    Spirit reference…-“I had a visual of bullets shells next to cut roses. Then Spirit reminded me of a previous prediction. They also reminded me this is a trilogy”
    The red flag reference too?
    2. Canadian attack on mall that was foiled, planned on Valentine day?

      1. Okay Eric, they (authorities ) just announced handling as criminal investigation…

  29. Eric could these be a timeline for something about to happen? Could the Freddy Mercury be related to what’s going on in Baltimore, Maryland with the man Freddy Gray and protests? Then the burned down house in far Northern Cali, we have chatter from ISIS about California right now, perhaps the bridge attack? Maybe these predictions become like three dimensional sort of thing at a certain point? I don’t know. It just seems like what the Spirits have said, “a pattern in the memory”. Though I can’t really explain it.

    1. “A pattern in memory” is just about the numbers, and I have no idea what it means. I think one of the major issues we face is there ability to look centuries through time. Which makes the here and now, narrowing it down to months, difficult. The Florida hurricane never happened, but the details were overwhelming, I truly believe its still coming and they are off on the years. So I believe these events are still coming, but the timing is just wrong.

      1. Oh my centuries yes that does make it somewhat difficult to narrow down. I feel the same about the Florida hurricane. It’s just a matter of time. On another note, the reading you did for my younger daughter Camilla was right on! Has been and still is coming to pass now. Funny that. Ay yi yi.

  30. Eric, could this set timeline.. .? From this post….

    E.g.”They also showed several train tracks headed in the same direction. Either this is also apart of this horrible terror event or they have a separate prediction about a train crash coming.

    They implied that this prediction sits around the same time as our New Jersey / New York Predictions, hear are all the old predictions:”

    This is 2nd train incident…1 st sabotage in Pakistan..

      1. Jules104,
        I keep going over the old posts… 12-31-14..
        And I am reminded the spirits say part of trilogy.
        I think that is why the “orange segments” is resonating… So Ny/NJ. … Boston. &
        Chicago. Are possibilities. .? One is in the snow- @ Oct? ( according to Jon Blue grandfather?)
        Than of course the bridge in CA.. Did I miss one? Therefore the segments..?

    1. It could just be as simple as the train being their mode of transportation. The attack was shown in a city, one showed a building, the other bleachers or crowd, and the third showed a massive shooting spree. The train was noted but not much more than that.

  31. Eric, SWC,
    Arrests in Brazil —Terrorist ..planning on attacks.

    Brazil federal police arrests group plotting ‘acts of terrorism’ before Olympics: source – Reuters

  32. Eric, SWC.

    Swore allegiance to ISIS

    Brazil federal police say 12 arrest warrants issued for group who pledged allegiance to Islamic State; 10 arrested, 2 others being sought – AP

    1. There was a prediction,I believe last year, but I believe it implied something wrong with the bridge. I am still looking, it was a bit vague as i recall

        1. That is the big question, is the bridge related to the attacks, last year they said yes, but they have not mentioned it with the airplanes this time. We should be posting an updated version tomorrow or the following day.

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