Prediction: Indian Ocean Tsunami

I had a visual of multiple zeros, all of them had an odd font that made it look old. They also had an old clay look.  I immediately heard the word ‘disaster’ Then they said both ‘weekend’ and ‘Saturday’

This is a message that a prediction is about to happen, the countdown is complete. It could be one event that we discussed on multiple occasions, or they are implying multiple predictions are coming back to back. In the very old predictions clay was used to describe heavy amounts of damage. They would show a clay plate being destroyed, this was their way of protecting me from having to see a horrible event first hand. 

“The Tsunami is coming soon.”

“Indonesia will be hit hard. The small Island ill prepared and Australia will also be affected.

Its possible the small Island is Sri Lanka.

In the area of Pakistan, there will be one very large bomb, with such horrible losses.

I had a visual of the oval room in the White House, showing the US flag. “Two to three indictments are coming back to back, all three sweating bullets..  over the internet the truth becomes slightly exposed. ”

I had a visual of a large file being opened. “It is the financial truths that imply guilt. Things are no longer looking good for the White House.

Again there was an implication that one of the indictments was for Donald Trump Jr.

There are a few old predictions about an Indian Ocean Tsunami. In it 11 and 30 was mentioned. I can’t speak for the number 11 but is it possible that 30 might be an estimated date, a timeframe ‘around’ the 30th? They have another prediction about a large earthquake in Sri Lanka. Here are the links:

Prediction: Tsunami Coming Soon

Predictions 12-27-16

Prediction: Tsunami Coming

The blue parts are just my opinion, and not apart of Spirits message.

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  1. Malin Avatar

    I had a plan travel to Sri Lanka next year and a friend of mine, which have family there, was supposed to help me with the travelroute. Then I got an message from her 2. December saying that she was glad I had postponed it, because a tsunami was reported in December. I have no idea how they would know that in advance, but that is what she said. Hopefully it will not hit as hard as in 2004, if it happens.

  2. rhona2 Avatar

    Im Thinking if if Sri Lanka and Indonesia are hit hard it must be between Banda Aceh Sumatra which is Indonesia…and Near Bay of Bengal .
    2004 repeat perhaps ..
    Also” Saturday “Weekend ” could be Saturday US time Sunday west Australian time ..
    That would encompass weekend ..
    So im on vigilant watch from midnight Saturday here and Sunday my time ..
    Im in Perth West Australia ..
    I believe Northern west Australia is likely the affected area in Australia and light and prayers to northern Indian Ocean

  3. Karben Avatar

    Any idea when the financial truths involving the White House will be exposed? I know zeroes mean time is up. Not surprising about Donald Jr., another could be Jared Kushner and, of course, Trump himself.

  4. Sara Avatar

    Any idea on whether the New year celebrations will be safe or not?
    Any updates on the airplane attacks?

    I seriously think the cold and stormy weather in the US might have caused the attackers to change their plans….but that’s my guess.

    1. Nicole Avatar

      Sara- I know so many people (myself included) having inexplicable anxiety and sadness that doesn’t fit what’s going on in our lives out of nowhere. I’ve also had a nasty energy headache all week. I get similar feelings / clues before events I’ve had long time premonitions about happen, but this is a very intense amount even for me… and the only time I’ve heard multiple people I know talking about similar was right before the Vegas attacks. (Which I had had premonitions about and felt very similar to now right before). I’ve been picking up on the airplane stuff as long as Eric has, and I have a horrible feeling that’s what we’re all feeling coming.

      1. Nicole Avatar

        That said I have also picked up on a tsunami that causes devastating damage in SE Asia for over a year, so if that is about to happen that could also be what is causing my anxiety, sadness, headaches, etc. Though everytime I’ve gotten it it seems like it’s Vietnam.

  5. Lia Avatar

    Eric – my dream about the large waves I documented in one of your previous posts could refer to this prediction. The name ‘ Malabar’ was significant to my dream – I did not consider the Malabar Coast of India as the reference, but given your prediction, it would make sense.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for the information.

  6. Mike Avatar

    Eric- Agree with rhona2 re North West Aus, however I’m thinking of your comment on the “small island ill prepared” which leads me to think of either Christmas Island or the Cocos/Keeling Islands.

  7. MTN Girl Avatar
    MTN Girl

    It does feel like the calm before the storm, it seems like there’s a lot of predictions in the final countdown, like it’s all gonna unfold fast once it starts.

    1. Lia Avatar

      MTN Girl: that’s what my dream was – several very large tidal waves in the distance that I was seeing, but no one else around me was paying any attention to.

    2. Sara Avatar

      I feel the same way. I suspect 2018’s going to be eventful.

  8. Daffodil Avatar

    Had a dream about an explosion in downtown Manhattan near Center Street.This may just be an anxiety /paranoia dream on my part but I thought I would share it anyway.

    1. Lia Avatar

      Did you feel that in your dream that it was a current time period? Ie, was it winter? We’re people wearing coats?

      1. Daffodil Avatar

        Yes it was winter and night time. It seemed to be near the Court buildings.

    2. petemedium Avatar

      Today is our New Year’s Day. Last night before going to bed I asked my Guides if the celebrations in Aussie would be ok and they said there would be no incidents here, but that there would be an ‘incident’, and I felt serious, as party goers were heading home from celebrations in NY, your time. I also felt Germany/France would have an incident also but NY was the bigger one. Sure hope I’m wrong. Pete

      1. iamtot Avatar

        I was pleased that NZ and Australia passed peacefully into the New Year. Now I am anxious about London where I lived for years.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Unfortunately they made it sound very terror related.

  9. rhona2 Avatar

    Eric SWC
    Wishing you all no matter where on this incredible planet you live .love light and peace in 2018 . Happy New Year ..
    with love .
    Rhona 😊😙😘😚

  10. michael834 Avatar

    A see these predictions went well again

  11. michael834 Avatar

    Farsight press are predicting a plane crash and a tsunami in there January video there normally pretty spot on with there predictions
    Both of the people doing the predictions mention the plane crash and involves a snowstorm busy city and a bridge

  12. Indianoceangal Avatar

    The tsunami prediction is already in play and has been since this last weekend. A large dormant volcano, (which has never had a recorded eruption before), went off unexpectedly in the Papua New Guinea chain of islands. Potential tsunami being touted.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for the info, can I have the link to that news.

  13. Indianoceangal Avatar

    Google Kadovar Island and all the stories should come up.

  14. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    India 🇮🇳.
    Off the coast in the water of Andaman Island.
    5.3 mag Bay if Bengal…

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