Prediction: Tsunami Coming Soon

Spirit what is coming next?

I had a visual of a large wave heading towards a landmass. At a distance you could see people trying to race towards higher ground.

I had a visual I was staring at a map of what looked like the Asian pacific then the number 9 started popping up everywhere.

I had a visual of the word Tsunami followed by Spirit showing ‘1/2’ (half).

It’s a guess but they might be comparing this Tsunami with the one massive Tsunami predicted next year, saying its half the size or perhaps they are just saying one of two events.

Later they would mention the Philippines but are they reminding us of another Philippine prediction?

I question whether or not this prediction might fall on the 23rd/24th which I assumed was for Prediction: Tsunami  However the predictions below talk about the 20th and 21st.  I need to ask for a countdown.

Though they did not confirm it one has to assume this prediction is linked with one if not all of these previous predictions below.

Predictions 7-16-17  I had a visual of a large number being drawn ’21’ with Spirit saying ‘Earthquake’.   Previous prediction: Predictions 6-17-17  One massive earthquake 20, 21 We need to focus on location.

Predictions 3-7-17   I had a visual of a very large wave  rushing across the sea, then they connected it to Sri Lanka, confirming a Tsunami,  they must be talking about this previous prediction

“Destructive..Earthquake.. Philippines.. 20”

Predictions 12-27-16    “A massive earthquake.. Sri Lanka”



35 thoughts on “Prediction: Tsunami Coming Soon

  1. 9 might be referencing the magnitude as it usually takes an earthquake 8 or above to cause a signicant or major tsunami.

  2. Could the number 9 be 9 days til the prediction or the 9th month of this year (which would be September)?

  3. We also can look at 1/2 (half) as the date between July 20, 2017 to the end of year Dec. 31, 2017. It would be October 10, 2017. These numbers add up 10+10+10=30 3+0=3. Also the number 21 2+1=3. I felt 9 as the magnitude too.

    1. Jules 104
      Thanks for the article on Banda Detachment …hopefully it will help them warn people of iminent danger ..amazi g they have only seen it now ..

  4. Are the sniper, volcano and bridge predictions close by. The earthquake and tsunami seem to be this prediction. Could the 1/2 refer to power of destruction in Greece? My prayers to all touched by this event. I wish I could add something of value to help with a warning to others. I think Eric is very close to doing this.

  5. I’m kinda weary about Turkey’s earthquake that was 6.7, because the aftershock is around 4.7. I would expect the aftershocks to be much higher. Might be another build up somewhere else. I can’t see it over yet. Maybe it is just me, thinking this.

    1. No KAM your right…in my guts telling me this is not it. It still coming….I strongly believe it. When I read Eric’s comment on number 9. I remember the older post mentioned of 9 that is unfolding. I forget where that is. Have to dig it to see if I can find that post as number “9”.

      1. I think I’m gonna throw up…..I wonder where is the next target that is number “9”? Where Spirits. ..please tell us where?

      2. I was looking at past tsunami in
        Tohoku, Japan
        Sumatra, Indonesia and
        one in Turkey, all were had a different trench not just the tectonic plate. We need to keep a eye on any trenches near the plates too. Don’t know how it connects to earthquake/tsunami effects. Eric can you please ask your guide, what is the connection between this?

    2. Have you ever had a look on Dutchsinse website he is fancinating and has great knowledge regarding earthquakes,plates and post regulat updates and warnings.He is very accurate!

      1. Thanks Deborah. Dutchsinse is a gifted and became his hobby. He is so fascinated and hooked with the ideas as where and how it caused the quakes. He understands so well and can predict where it might happen next. He’s good at it. Amazing person. 🙂

  6. New Zealand declared 3 states of emergency for devastating flooding in South island. Pray for those affected by flooding.

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