Predictions 6-17-17

We are back up and running! The problem is gone. With the new changes we added a feature we have wanted for a long time. You can now change the blog to read in any language. Click on the ‘ + ‘ sign at the top left, on the bottom it reads ‘google translate’ click on the language you want. We have not completely finished updating everything. The ads will be back (sorry) , we need to re-install the historical index, and add the list of most accurate predictions. Unfortunately this new template is not the most mobile friendly, I have updated the system to ensure you can read it on your phones.

The new predictions:

Weird.. Strange.. In the Maryland, Delaware area an active shooting. In the area..  “demo”

One massive earthquake 20, 21 We need to focus on location

This year a storm like Katrina after striking the islands will bury the US devastating all in its wake. – The implication is Florida but we will refocus our efforts on this one event.

Bob at threat of being fired.. your fired. – Robert Mueller perhaps, can Trump fire him really? I can’t think of another Bob.

In the end it isn’t the testimonies of individuals that impede Trump but banks, finances, dealings. From one hand to another to another. Shady acts.

I am not going to sign that! I had a visual of someone blowing a kiss at a Matryoshka doll. Meanwhile another world leader insulted by the US leader similar to that of the UK.

I had a visual of the area around Somalia / Kenya the darok is dead. I had a visual of a man being shot in the head, his blood shooting out in all directions.

A Darok is a story of a demon they seduces people into doing their biding, think of the historical acts of Hitler or Qaddafi who seduced their way to power.

It is looking like they are going to be wrong about any storm in Australia, its unclear to why we missed the mark.


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  1. Re Bob Mueller, they’ve been setting up a situation for awhile that would allow it.
    The Deputy AG in charge Rosenstein has said he won’t fire Bob, but they are trying to force Rosenstein to recuse himself, which means it would fall to Rachel Brand to fire Mueller.
    Essentially, it’s an exact repeat of what happened with Nixon — several were fired until it fell to Bork to fire, which he did. Then Ds later retaliated agst Bork by denying him a seat on the Supreme Court when he was nominated by Reagan.
    From a non-psychic standpoint, I don’t see how any turn of events will convince this R Congress to impeach — this just isn’t the same kind of Congress that impeached Nixon.

      1. Ignore my posting; I concur with Karben (I forgot to mention Brand from my article and only read Eric’s reply). Maybe the prediction about Pence’s safety comes after Trump’s impeachment.

  2. Eric dutchsinse has been warning for a large earthquake off the West Coast Juan de Fuca fracture zone. He is predicting the area in the middle to snap. This is directly across from the Oregon Coast. There is something called a slow slip event going on in the PNW to include anywhere from N CA to Vancouver BC. Yellowstone is having swarms of quakes so showing pressure and that the whole North American Plate is being pushed and under pressure. He’s not too worried about Yellowstone blowing only that it shows pressure building on the east. Can you ask Spirit if this could be the area they are talking about? He’s calling for something that’s atleast a 7.7 and smaller than a 9, which could cause shaking on land and a possible tsunami event. He’s made a connection between the Summer Solstice/Winter Solstice and the equinoxal tilt that happens each year during that time. I know he mentioned the 21st June being important. Thanks

      1. Thanks mhb. I’ve been keeping a watch on it since I’m on the coast. A lot going on in South Pacific area also. Really all over the globe right now. I try and watch the video updates by dutchsinse.

  3. I just woke from a dream here in nz (7:30am right now) and it was so real to me that I jumped to check if you had anything Eric and low and behold, an email notification in my inbox and it said a large earthquake predicted next few days well in my dream I’m staring up at the sky seeing amazing rainbow lights that everybody was wow’d by but then I started to panic because those lights were precursor to something, then I hear a large thudding and rumbling and turn around to see a large car pile up on the state highway, couldn’t tell if it was the result of earth movement or driver error but my intuitive friend here in nz messaged me at 5am (round about the same time I was dreaming) and was saying she has “quake flu” as we call it! So either this quake is international and large enough for me to tune into or it’s more positioned at New Zealand.have the dull ache in the middle of the forehead too which always happen before significant weather events

    1. there is a window opening this week for a 6.2 in the south island. have a watch on he is always very good with getting the windows right for NZ quakes. we’ve had quite a few earthquake clouds recently in canterbury, so only time will tell

      1. I’m in the Far North. Location isn’t any thing for me though because I still tuned into both the kaikoura quake and chch quakes. Also I seem to feel when the deep ones north of nz (near Fiji) are going to hit.. there was a deep 6.0 that hit two hours after I posted this the other day and I get “ground flu” which means I get sick before a quake.

  4. Eric,
    I’ve posted this before, but any updates on the airplane attack prediction? Or any of the other attacks?
    I hope they’re prevented, but I have a bad feeling they’re not.

  5. eric did yu think .darok is assassination plan to kill Kenya or somalia ledear .to rebelce other one .

  6. Regarding the maryland shooting I wonder if that’s somehow related to the scalise shooting. Maybe a copycat will implement a similar attack.

    1. I was wondering that too.
      One thing that scares me is to read so many online comments (not here, but news websites) where people on both sides spiel total hatred and name-calling and call for violence and civilwar.

      This kind of rhetoric has led to the Scalise shooting, the riots in Portland in 2016, and incidents where supporters of either party have beaten up and threatened supporters of the other party.

      I don’t think people realize how dangerous words can be–they may think they’re being silly by holding up a fake decapitated Trump head, or calling liberals names.
      But violent rhetoric has led to Holocaust, the Rwandan genocide, because ordinary people started believing the extremist dialogue.

      Ten years before Hitler’s speeches, ten years before the Interahamwe’s campaign of hate, many people never would have dreamed of shooting or hacking their neighbors to death, but when people started believing Hitler, when they started believing the Interahamwe members calling for the deaths of Tutsis, that’s what happened.

      So people might think it’s fun to insult either side online, or post pictures of a mock-assassination, but it worries me how they don’t realize how much each insult and violent post are all contributing to real violence. So far no one’s been killed, but all this demonizing each side and violence could lead to death.

      1. Eric, if you can… could you clarify the Maryland/Delaware shooting prediction? I live in the area… I’m concerned and would like to warn my family… but I’m not sure how to since the prediction is a bit vague …

  7. Mueller is not an unaffiliated party member. He has ties to the Democrats especially Hilliary. He’s best friends with Comey. All the lawyers he’s hiring are Democrats. An honest investigation is impossible. Plus all who they are interviewing have testified already under oath that Trump did not ask for the investigation to cess. I tfeel there will be a shift to look at those emails again and this time it will also pull into view Lynch and Obama. I feel there’s a lot that the American people aren’t aware of and it will slowly unravel like a spool of thread. Don’t feel that Trump will be impeached or will be stepping down. I see a second term and this country flourishes. We’ll see the craziness of the anti-Trumpers but that too start to melt away.

    1. Rose – Trump has been involved in over 3,500 law suits and sexual allegations, as well as defamation. He’s unfortunately been involved in many scandals. It sounds like there is alot you are not aware of. Racial housing discrimination, Trump University, multiple bankruptcies, refusing to pay workers, etc. The list goes on and on. To even suggest this country flourishing under Trump is unbelievable. Craziness of anti-Trumpers? You’re kidding right?

      1. Karben,

        Rose has a different opinion than you, obviously, but you both make solid points.

        I think you’re right about Trump’s bad character; Rose also has a point that Mueller might be corrupt as well, or at least too biased for an investigation.

        Sadly, politicians on all sides seem to be corrupt in their own ways.

      2. Hello!
        Just to comment, ,and with all due respect, , Robert Mueller has a sterling reputation. Mr. Mueller is first and foremost a Career Professional- not a political- and he will get to the bottom of this investigation Thoroughly and Completely. He is a Republican and was appointed by George Bush and he has served as FBI director with honor and distinguished accomplishments. He is an Absolute Professional in his job – regardless of personal party affiliation. He served the longest term of FBI director than anyone else since J Edgar Hoover and has worked in both Republican and Democratic administrations.
        Even Newt GIngrich was very flattering in his views of Robert Mueller, until this past week.- when GIngrichs views went South about Mueller .
        Robert Mueller has the highest admiration, respect and reputation from many, if not most, in the legal, jurisprudence and congressional communities.
        And yes, he and Comey are friends, they have known each other and worked together for many years. IMO, There is nothing wrong with that.
        His professional reputation has been beyond reproach among many, his peers and colleagues and those who have worked with him and worked for him.,
        Mr. Mueller will do his job and will uncover every stone, and he will go wherever the evidence leads him.
        I, for one, find a lot of comfort in knowing that an ADULT is in the room and leading this case forward – I absolutely Trust Robert Mueller to thoroughly honestly and truthfully get to the bottom of this mess and find the truth and resolution for this country so that we can move forward, repair the damage done and reestablish our close ties with our Dearest Allies and other countries around the world.- and I pray that it isn’t too late to do so 🙂

    2. Rose, I respect your views, but when Mueller was appointed both republicans and ddemocrats praised him and said they felt confident he would get to the bottom of this.
      That said, I believe the Russia investigation will cause some to go to jail, I believe trump will walk away saying he won’t do the job because people are standing in his way. I also think it may shed light on some shady dealings with democrats and republicans alike. There is much more to this story that hasn’t come out yet. Also remember that politicians know or have some ideas about what other politicians are involved in and some will be willing to tell all about others (again both parties) if they are going down with the preverbial ship.
      There are former elected officials who are out saying a sitting president can’t be charged with obstruction of justice, when in fact this same person voted to impeach Bill Clinton for obstruction of justice.
      No one knows for sure what is going on inside the investigation, but the trump family has a lot of money from Russia, his sons have both admitted to this.
      I try to read both sides of the news and I try to find three credible sources that say the same thing and then I might believe it, might.
      As I said there is much more to this story and I do believe this may be the can of worms that’s opened up to allow us to see what many politicians are actually doing.

    3. There are posts circulating now that Trump wants to resign. Mueller has supoenaed phone calls, financial information, etc. that for someone who won’t release his tax returns, is most likely not what Trump expected. The plot thickens.

      1. The Palmer Report is an opinion site with a definite bias. Snopes has multiple articles on Palmer stories, finding that they are either unfounded, unproven, or unverifiable. TPR is not a credible place to go to for news..

  8. Love the new setup Eric. Well worth the day’s wait. That storm prediction for Australia could be for our summer, or even Spring. We are having very unusual weather here, especially in Qld where temperatures generally are quite mild for this time of year. Again thanks for the effort you’ve put into setting up this new display/format.

  9. Sara – Like Eric states (or spirit) “In the end it isn’t the testimonies of individuals that impede Trump but banks, finances, dealings. From one hand to another to another. Shady acts.”


  10. Glad to see the site back. I was tot but couldn’t use that username. Concerned about earthquake prediction.

  11. Eric im more than happy with you being back .but its more than hard to use on my phone ..words run into blue area and comments change paragraph shape page wont hold still .

    will keep trying from my end but its difficult to navigate ..

    1. It is very difficult to read on phone. Each reply the sentence gets narrower so that there is less than one word per line so it is unreadable.

    2. I too am having this problem with the words running over in to the blue, along with some comments are to the side and only a word or two on each line making it extremely hard to read.

      1. It is wonderful!!!! I can see all the comments and yes, there are places to comment.

        I did clear my history (which was suggested for the “you have a virus” pop up and it hasn’t come up since, except when I come to your page). I’m just exiting out and coming back in, sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t. Oh well, I’m just so glad to be able to see all the comments!!!

  12. Love the new format Eric, I’m in New Zealand and feel when the earth is uneasy my breathing gets affected, can you see if souls are lost with the massive quake?

    1. Hi, so am I and my breathings affected too.. I saw in dream time souls transitioning and I could hear it all. I also saw the rainbow lights in the sky before the event so we will be pre warned. Keep your eye out for that

  13. Eric I noticed if I go directly to your site without going through the email notifications there isn’t a place for the comments or I didn’t see it?

    I also got the pop up again that my iPhone was infected and I tried to save the link that it asked me to open to “fix it” but I deleted it somehow. I will see if it happens again and add it.

    1. hi Karen .
      I found the search bar if you hit the plus sign its down the bottom ..
      I cant find translation bar..
      it doesnt seem to be on my phone …
      probably just not looking properly
      stay safe ..j

    2. Eric, not sure if anyone else is still having the problems with the pop up stuff saying there’s a virus, but here’s where it linked me to. (I did have my phone checked and there isn’t a virus on it.)

      I work on my computer for my job and since the first pop up came up saying something about your site I haven’t used my computer since, I can’t afford it to get a virus or go down, so these problems may only be problems for me. (Wow I sound like some cranky, complaining old person. Sorry)

  14. I remember the older posts that are unfolded for California deadly quakes. Many died. Lately, there is increased frequently quakes on and around Yellowstone and around oklahoma. Don’t like the look at it and wondering if this the older prediction about to unfold. But it can be any where not sure which will be next. Stay on buckled and be prepared wirh emergency supplies just in case.

  15. “From the 21st June to early July” was given to me when I asked re these predictions. “South East Asia, islands east of New Guinea, Pacific Rim. Volcanic activity, earth quakes, tsunami.”

    1. Hi pete,
      Islands east of Papua New Guinea is only the Fiji islands etc and they normally only have the deep earthquakes that don’t have much impact on the people or land.. could you be meaning south east of Guinea? Because that would indicate New Zealand. And also when you refer to “pacifc rim” where Is that?

      1. I posted this message as I received it just prior to going to bed. The Pacific Rim is the abbreviation for The Pacific Rim of Fire. I read it as the Marshall Islands, Vanuatu, Solomon Island, etc right down to Fiji. Possibly even as far as New Zealand. It was like a chain reaction with a number of shakes happening at once. I’ll try and get more clarity today on the matter.

    1. The trees that are causing the damage are Australian gums that were planted in Portugal and are creating the massive heat. Eucalyptus trees are full of oil and explode with intense heat.

  16. Something happened in London again, involving a van.. Hitting people outside a mosque

  17. 1) One massive earthquake 20, 21 We need to focus on location

    2) India, I had a visual of a great multitude of people in the hospital with injuries and some unfortunately deceased.
    (I believe 4 means ‘for’)
    The implication in India was a horrible accident. Perhaps a train accident.

    Maybe the planned massive earthquake will happen to India
    What will make the mind of a train accident false

    Would this be the famous earthquake in Sri Lanka?

    “A massive earthquake.. Sri Lanka”
    The implication was that it was an earthquake and tsunami. They implied February which is odd, they usually don’t go that far out for an earthquake.

    I had a visual of a very large wave rushing across the sea, then they connected it to Sri Lanka, confirming a Tsunami, they must be talking about this previous prediction:

    1. These last few days I monitor the earthquake activities. Going strong olong rings of fire. USA is under heavy pressure from West to east. Around Japan and south of Japan yo Australia going strong. Stay alert.

      1. Do not know where next hit will be but it’s under heavy pressure activities in USA and Australia. Stay alert.

  18. Hi there. Any update on this massive quake location. Hope it is not new zealand where i am.

  19. last year you told abou a hurican (3) back to back one at florida. and the last one at florida never came so I think this predicction is related with the other one.

  20. I live in Louisiana….there is a huge tropical system (Cindy) moving towards us this week…..Eric, is this the hurricane you saw for the gulf? Thank you so much!

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