Predictions 3-7-17

I had a visual of the United States Flag and the Chinese Flag coming together side by side.

“Both nations have grown tired of Kim Jong Un, his removal is imminent, the regime is ending.. it’s over”

“North Korea will become a part of China giving them a strategic edge in Asia.. all will unfold soon”

I had a visual of Kim Jong Un being led away, he had a look of fear on his face.

Could this older prediction be related to Kim Jong Un? Predictions 5-3-16

I had a visual of a massive car pile up, several cars were crushed.

“Destructive..Earthquake.. Philippines.. 20” (is 20 a date or countdown, a countdown would lead to sometime around the 27th?)

The Spirits also brought up the South American earthquake but instead of Ecuador they mentioned Argentina? The previous prediction: Predictions 2-21-17

I had a visual of a very large wave  rushing across the sea, then they connected it to Sri Lanka, confirming a Tsunami,  they must be talking about this previous prediction: Predictions 12-27-16

“In about half an hour.. the date marked” (that means about 15 days which leads to a time frame around the 22nd)

That’s a bold prediction, China has consistently sided with North Korea, the idea they would change their position and side with the US is very hard to believe.


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Predicting the world events of tomorrow in the hopes to alter any tragic outcome through awareness.
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65 Responses to Predictions 3-7-17

  1. russellmontojo says:

    my God don’t let that destructive earthquake happen in our country. Recently here in our province last week we’ve been experiencing small earthquakes something like 2.5 although it is not directly coming from our capital here in Romblon. I still fear for it. the small quake originated from Odiongan. which is also a big island part of Romblon province.

  2. russellmontojo says:

    We are composed of small islands. the big island is called Tablas island. that is where Odiongan is located. the second biggest island in our province is Sibuyan island. and the small island is my capital Romblon,2 although there small island in in our province. islets we call them. Romblon2 is known as the marble country because of its products made from marble. it is likened to marble coming from Carara in Italy.

  3. Trina says:

    I’m going to be in the Phillipines march 20th

    I’m scared now…..

  4. Lori says:

    WikiLeaks calls its first part of CIA Vault 7 CIA doc release “year zero.”

  5. Lori says:

    In today’s news. NYT reported that WikiLeaks has obtained CIA hacking tools. The first group of leaks is called “year zero”

  6. Lori says:

    spirit has given Eric a couple messages where zero is symbolic to the event.

    • Perry says:

      Thanks for explaining, I just read the article on NYT some serious stuff

      • raynbowgirl says:

        Please read the actual wikileaks! NYTimes is does not report the truth. The CIA has the capability to turn any “smart” devise into a bug. Your cell phone, whether on or off, can be activated as a listening device. Also your smart tv and computer…especially windows computers. The CIA can remotely take over airplanes (Malaysian flight 330 or the Russian airplane carrying the Russian Army band ring a bell?) They can also take over your car and crash it, thus killing you. Almost everything you do is being recorded. This is a serious infringement of our 4th Amendment Rights. We are living in a police state!

  7. Amy says:

    I read years ago that China would eventually get tired of Kim Jong un’s nonsense and finally put a stop to it. I think it may have been psychic medium Joseph Tittle that made that prediction years ago. It would be about time some one did.

  8. Nathan Fleischman says:

    Wouldn’t North Korea be annexed by South Korea?

    • Randy says:

      I think the correct term is reunified rather than annexed.. both will become a single country called Korea

  9. Tot says:

    It would be preferable if the 2 Korean countries would once again be one country.

    • Sara says:

      Yes, it’d be good for the North Koreans to live under another government than the one they have now! Their dictator has sucked so much joy and life out of those poor people….every minute they have to act like they support him and don’t question him, or they get killed or thrown in camps. No one should have to live like that.

      I hope one day soon they find peace, and that those horrible concentration camps are disbanded and the inmates free, and that all the North and South Koreans who were separated from families and friends way back in the 50s can be reunited.

      • Tot says:

        I recently watched a documentary about North Korea, and South Koreans were interviewed if they had family stuck in North Korea after Korea was separated. It was very sad to witness their anguish, knowing how brutal life is over there.

    • It might be a temporary situation, but unlikely.

    • It is a bold prediction, I would think that a unification would be the most likely situation.

  10. Mari says:

    here is the catch 22..
    years ago i learned that during clinton
    presidency china was given a lease of land
    around california military base in exchange
    for (i forget what). I remember telling my brother
    that china would one day side with either
    Russia or US. Most likely the
    US because they already had good ties with
    Russisa but needed a way to befriend the US.
    After they allied with US they
    would be like letting the rooster
    in the hen house and attempt to
    manipulate us from within.
    so maybe thats coming to pass.

  11. Nathan Fleischman says:

    I think you should see this:

    What do you think?

    • Mari says:

      its so difficult to know the truth as there are so many articles
      with different spins. after china leased the land they opened a company that has been rumoured to have sold firearms to russia . china is planning to build their first
      military outpost near long beach on the land
      they lease . Also they own most of our debt
      which can be problematic for US if they call
      in the debt . so they definitely have leverage.
      my view….historically, they have been stealth in
      their moves and have openly said they
      will retaliate if US interferes with islands
      they have built in south china sea. so i
      do not have a high trust threshold for them,

  12. Mari says:

    i also think eric is correct about kim jong
    un When i added a couple of names yesterday
    re possibilities for the butcher, the one eric reiterated was
    kim jong un. also i think i made a reference
    also to kim jong un slices and dices from an
    old 2014 prediction when i searched 57 so maybe the timeframe for these events
    we assumed were “then” are “now”. if so, it gives us a better
    insight into figuring out time frames in general.

  13. russellmontojo says:

    M r Eric Leigh Pink I believe the 20 and 27 is a countdown I counted starting today March 8 up to March 27 and its exactly 20days. Can u please ask the spirits where exactly the earthquake os going to happen.

  14. russellmontojo says:

    What I mean is where exactly in the Philippines the earthquake is going to happen.

  15. Nathan Fleischman says:

    China risks a dispute with South Korea if it annexes North Korea.

  16. ryan says:

    I don’t think China siding with the U.S. is that strange if it were to give them a strategic edge in Asia. They’ve also got their man-made islands, which they’re continually expanding. It’s only a matter of time before they surpass the U.S. militarily –I mean, they’re essentially already ahead of the U.S. in every other category.

  17. portia says:

    Every year they predict an earthquake in the philippines

  18. Luna tic says:

    Gunmen dresses as aide workers have attacked an Afghan military hospital. 30 dead/50 injured Predictions on 8/23/16 and 4/1/16 seen to relate.

  19. Mari says:

    the bridge prediction and airplane predictions
    go back to april 2012 in same post,
    2017 is 5 years. So again some timeframes are
    years not months. Could this be the mix up? Regarding events that have already happened can there be some
    connection between when the posts first
    appeared and when they actually happened ? Is there a pattern?
    Maybe that will help figure out the
    9 5 7 connection to the predictions
    we are waiting to happen?

  20. Mari says:

    Could the anniversary be the 5 years since you
    started this site?

  21. Mari says:

    April 2012 to mid march 2017
    would be about 57 months

  22. Mari says:

    Also it looks like some events have
    repeated. Like india train appeared in 2012 post.
    There was an india train crash in march 3012.
    There was india train explosion this week march 2017. Again
    5 years.

  23. Francine says:

    “I had a visual of Kim Jong Un being led away, he had a look of fear on his face.”

    KNOWITNEXT has said that Kim Jong Un will be assassinated this year. Specifically, in the spring.

  24. Francine says:

    Was it here that I saw the prediction of a Cuban missile crisis, with eventually things colling back down? I look at a few predictions sites, so I can’t remember where I read it.

    Because B2 bombers are on their way to South Korea:

  25. mari says:

    maybe not howard dean….maybe howard baker… maybe this has to do with the alleged CIA wiretapping under obama.. .nixon and watergate scandal involved wiretapping. howard baker was head of CIA under nixon. he was the leak-fixer who tried to clean it up . oddly, there is a ,post on
    july 26-16 that mentions death of howard baker.
    may 14-16 , july 26-16 and nov 2-16 mentions reign of howard.

  26. mari says:

    also odd….7-1-14 prediction that mentions the death of howard baker also references the name of the enemy is vicky or something that sounds like that…nixons name during watergate was tricky dicky…

  27. Randy says:

    Ah Eric
    News from Dusseldorf, Germany
    Possible terror attack as several people were injured after two people with an axe attacked a train station

    Eric I noticed that there was a prediction about a German train or subway attack.. Could this be the one that Spirit was talking about?

  28. jules104 says:

    Eric, could Spirits be referring to Salta, Argentina for the South American EQ?

  29. Laurence says:

    Any time frame on this plane hijacking ? I’m flying to Mexico next month from Manchester UK starting to get worried now

  30. Pete Medium says:

    I have been an avid reader of Ed Tamplin’s Astrology for years now. His insights and reflections are uncanny. For those interested, here is his latest:

  31. Irish Eyes says:

    I want to respond to the “police state” post in this thread. I am old enough to remember life before cell phones – life was so much better then. Much less stress, and people were more respectful of others, of their personal space, of their right to quiet. When cell phones started in the 1990s, the first thing we heard was – they will be used to spy on you, to listen in to your calls, to track you. This is a fear lodged deep in the limbic system of the brain – the most primitive part of the brain, which plays a role in connecting basic fears to higher brain functions. So this is how fear paralyzes you or causes you to have a panic attack – the primitive brain overwhelms the more evolved part. Don’t fall for the lies about the media – the real news media are well established (NY Times, Washington Post, LA Times, The Guardian, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC in the US, BBC, etc). If you are paying attention to any “news” source that is less than 5 years old, you are wasting your time – that is Putin polluting the airwaves with propaganda. Our right to information is being used against us. Smarten up, don’t listen to anyone on Putin’s payroll, including Assange and anyone in the Trump White House or Cabinet. None of them are truthful. Wise up.

  32. Francine says:

    Nobody should be stupid enough to put all their eggs in one media basket, particularly when most of the “established media” (NBC, CNN, NY Times, NYDN and more ) have been caught in lies and are arrogant enough at this well-entrenched point to try to gloss over it. People need to get their news stories from multiple sources…some old AND some new, and glean out the common facts for themselves. It’s the most sensible approach.

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  35. star48 says:

    Eric, SWC,

    US and China coming together…(
    Korea discussed?..American ships headed that way)

    • jules104 says:

      Thanks Star48. He needs to go. Praying for the civilians inside North Korea. I’d guess most North Koreans haven’t had a choice of their roles in anything though such as the military personal too. Praying they just hand over the leader and that’s that. 🙏🏻

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