Predictions 5-14-16

“Russia.. on the brink of war.”
I had a visual of a very angry Putin.
I had a visual of ships in the ocean.
“Something out of the Cuban missile crisis.. over the ship.. outrage.”

In big bold letters was the word IVY  “Rape, again and again.. blurred lines”

“In politics a Richard Nixon like act unfolds.. traitor.. fear being the dominate force.. shady hidden act will be exposed.”

The 21st is marked.



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  1. gym07 Avatar

    On the brink of war with the USA? Is that what Spirit was meaning by the Cuban missile crisis reference? If so, could this be related to the attack on the military base in California?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      They did not say the US, but we are trying to find out who. It could be? I believe the Cuban missile crisis is more about tone, a fear over what might happen next, and something involving the sea.

      1. Rob Avatar

        North Korea has just detained a Russian yacht from South Korea. It’s possible this could be the situation that escalates tensions.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Thanks I will have to look that up.

  2. Mary Avatar

    Oh my….why would Put in be angry? About what certain? Praying he is calm and bring peace to world.

    1. Mary Avatar

      Please no wars. USA so not want any war….it’s too much that hurting people, animals even the mother earth. Pray..please no wars.

      1. Mari Avatar

        Hi mary i hope you are
        doing ok. Usually you get pain
        around earthquakes. Did argentina earthquakes affect u?
        How have you been feeling?
        I had a massive migraine on tues, Wed and thurs.
        happy sinday!

      2. Mari Avatar

        Oh my. So sorry I meant happy sunday.
        Just put on my glasses

      3. Mary Avatar

        Hi Mari, I had some headaches that comes and goes last week. I think it was Monday, Tuesdays, Wednesday and Friday. Saturday I slept most of the day. Today, no headaches. It’s more frequent than I normally get once or twice a month. Also, I get emotional like weeping and sadness. It’s embarrassing. I think something definitely going on that sends us emotional mood swings. Not sure. I’m staying focus that it’s not me. It’s the earthly things that changing a lot going on like volcanoes, earthquakes and planets alignment, etc. A lot going on that affect my moods and headaches. I have the feeling that something bigger will happen in USA. it won’t be pretty that something we can’t fix the earth itself. It’s natural process for millions of years.

        Blessings to you.

      4. Mary Avatar

        Also on Thursday headache and emotional wrecked. I think Friday was a good day. I don’t remember headache that day. Was there a big quake recently? I’ve not checked yet.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      They did not say, only the tone was outrage over a ship of some kind.

  3. Dawn Avatar

    News just in from Europe: Ukraine won the Eurovision Song Contest, when Russia was favourite to win. The Ukrainian song was a VERY politically loaded (and deeply heartfelt) song about the 1944 deportation of Tatars from Crimea. Eurovision is commonly seen as froth and nonsense, but Putin is obsessed with doing well in it. I guarantee a ‘very angry Putin’ over this. I don’t know if this relates to your vision, but I think you ought to know hostility has just ratcheted up in that region.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for the info.

    2. Popi Avatar

      No way that Putin would care for a song contest that we all know its a stupid game for nothing😊

      1. Dawn Avatar

        Sorry, Popi, but you’re wrong on this one. It’s taken deadly seriously over that side of the continent. It’s like a proxy propaganda war between Russia/Ukraine or Russia/Georgia or Azerbaijan/Armenia etc. They throw stupidly huge money at it. Yes it looks ridiculous to us, but it’s been a vehicle for those simmering enmities for years.

  4. rhona Avatar

    Mary im with you praying for Putin and sending him.much light and spirit may draw the right people in to council his roth ….it wouldnt surprise me if Eurovision upset him any excuse will do for some
    thanks Dawn i agree with your train of thought and him spitting the dummy…
    blessings to both of you

  5. Joan Avatar

    IVY indicates to me Ivy league school or schools will be involved in act(s)of rape.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Or a violation. I can’t help but note the ‘Penn’ prediction.

  6. rhona Avatar

    an article that decribes how Putin just takes what he wants like pocketing a 25,000 dollar ring and a vodka filled decorative decanter of sorts deprived childhood antics

  7. Luna tic Avatar
    Luna tic

    If Putin is angry then I think this started the ball rolling. Lets hope he can control his temper and not divert attention in order to prove something to the world.

  8. melbrake Avatar

    Reblogged this on melbrake and commented:
    Eric, had vision: Russia at war with China.. some think the US.

  9. myseventh Avatar

    Nixon like act, wasn’t he trying to use agencies such as the IRS and spying to gain control of others? And tried to hide the recordings of these conversations?
    This seems to point to the way two prominent US politicians are conducting business.

  10. MaggieD Avatar

    Nixon like act no doubt would be similar to Watergate. It was the reason behind Nixon’s resignation. It involved a major coverup involving a break in of the Democratic Nat’l Committee by the Republicans. It happened at the Watergate Hotel and office center in DC.

  11. rhona Avatar

    Swc a couple of quakes loyalty isle 5.9 depth 10 km and a 4.9 depth 34 klm.
    with Venuatu becoming highly active again it straddles the Pacific and Australian plate subduction zone Fiji is registering as well which is New Hebrides …we will c if this triggers closer to N.Z it could c north island have a shake
    blessings all

  12. rhona Avatar

    Swc hee is an update on volcanos Sinabung in indonesia has been rsised to orange alert
    Popocatepetl in mexico gave a stunning display that i couldnt get video to work
    Pavlof in Alaska possible new eruptions are all the updates

  13. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC
    The 21 st Is marked… The back to back incidents?
    I wonder if that is the exact date of EQ in CA and ? It fits the ship post ?
    Armed forces day? Full moon, (spirit had mentioned in post 5-10-15 it was the 20 th..on EQ)

  14. star48 Avatar

    ( 1st mt. St. Helen, Yellowstone,now Mt Hood activating …)
    At least a half-dozen small earthquakes recorded at Mt. Hood, Ore., since Sunday evening – KGW

    1. Mari Avatar

      hi star48
      lots going on in your area.
      follow your intuition. you will know
      what to do . white light it
      and we will help .
      good thoughts ,

      1. Mari Avatar

        Sorty if posted twice.. Still having glitches..,

  15. rhona Avatar

    Hi Star 48 first a comment on back to back quakes im.figuring Inglewood fault triggering san andreas i was reading an article that agreed with jumping as they put it or transferal of it occuring between the two
    Inglewood trending sth southeast into.Pacific at Newport could be source of town flooding ..unless that was seperate prediction
    Inglwood had a 0.9 yesturday small but smack bang on fault
    the east Pacific rise above 5mag raised an eyebrow
    so L.A San Francisco could be back to back spirit pointing North and then south
    FYI San Francisco played on radio yesturday but i asked my guides to make it twice then i as an absolute …so far nothing …
    next yellowston yes again an article was saying steam was rising from lake
    mt Hood yep magma on its travels watching closely

  16. Mary Avatar

    I noticed the silence of no earthquake in north Texas for the last 3 months. Usually it occurs like once a month or more then it ceased 3 months ago.

    Mt Hood has swamp of earthquakes. More than 11 quakes since yesterday evening. It’s very rare in Mt Hood. I suspected it has to do with volcanoes coming awake. Mt Helens has earthquakes also.

    Keep monitoring. Something is up.

    I also worry about the Oklahoma frequent earthquakes that create the pressure on ancient fault lines. It’s west of New Madrid. That’s not good either.

    Stay alert and be aware of the surrounding that are spreading far and wide. So much going on.

    Praying for peace and safe.

    1. Mary Avatar

      Keep in mind that a full moon can affect the earth such as gravity on the volcanoes. Full moon is May 21st.

      Keep watching closely. I wouldn’t be nearby the volcanoes in Oregon just in case. I can be wrong.

  17. rhona Avatar

    mary if this posts twice its a glitch
    hi how are you? wel i hope
    yes here is some info on mt Hood
    she had notable activity in 1781-1782-1805-1907 she had several swarms in 1980 and 2002 ..she made it with a 2.2 onto erathquake map today
    she is only a few hundred miles from Star 48 ..sending light and love to the mountain aling with the cascades and mt st Helens …yes we must keep in mind 21t or at least the full moon as a noteworthy date ..prayers for Portland s safety
    blessings to you

    1. Mary Avatar

      Hi Rhona and blessing to you! My husband visited Mt Hood and saw beautiful water falls. I asked If he felt the quake last evening. It was small at 1.6 magnitude. He said he just left there. He is staying in Oregon for a week and should be home this Wednesday late night. I researched the history of earthquakes in Mt Hood and was surprised that it occurred last night because it doesn’t happen often. However, it documented that it had 200 quakes in few days. That was about 20 or so years ago. The scientist said not to worry. That was back then. But we need to keep our eyes opened just to be safe. Never know when it hits. Another thing that mt.. Helens also recently experienced the swamp of quakes. I need to have another look at Yellowstone. I’m also concerned for Oklahoma because there is very little known history of quakes in the past. Not talking about these last 10 years. It’s the pattern of quakes and the volcanos. Yes, there’s are volcanoes but the question is where exactly located. It made me wondering if that also the volcanoes where there are frequent quakes along the ancient fault lines. Also the New Madrid is not far from Oklahoma where there was huge quakes in 1811-1812. The history itself can repeated.

      Heard so many theories but just keep eyes opened to be aware of as there’s a lot of things we don’t know in past history. Because unfortunately I believe the history can and will be repeated itself. No doubt.

      Praying everyone to be safe.

  18. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 your in a meat in the sandwhich spot there with yellowstone Mt Hood and mt st Helens ….im on site again as inuition is leaning toward St Helens so put your energy grounding deep into earth and it may help lessen outcome no.doubt already are
    blessings stay safe

    1. star48 Avatar

      Rhona, jules104,
      ( got an unlimited data use plan today.yippee)
      I met an indigenous shaman today..whoa, 😳
      says there will be many volcanos.yellowstone eruption ,will not be a noteworthy one ar r his time! As I nodded my head…listening
      he says ah your spiritual too…so the main focus he “saw ” what spirit saw about SD, ,
      He said he had ” seen them at the border, and crossing”
      also multiple volcanos. Events… He started to tell me about a supervolcano..and we got interrupted..we exchanged ctc info..he is aware of Mary Greely, Dutch, and a solar site..he wants me to see.,I mentioned This site..he knew of Eric..
      Started also giving me planting of food information…
      will follow through in the next few days..
      Just got home from the data store..( hrs ,hrs there)
      So hopefully can contribute without any barriers in the future…blessings to everyone..

      1. Mari Avatar

        Hi rhona/ jules/ Star48
        do any of u remember the reference to the strange green light seen over southern CA a few weeks back Was that right before an
        earthquake? I just came across this
        “Fiery meteor explodes and earthquake lights glow over Yellowstone”

        do u know if this has happened
        prior to other earthquakes? Could it be an indicator?
        is it worth looking into?

        1. jules104 Avatar

          Hi Mari I was just mentioning that to Star48 the other day. I’ve seen strange lights in the Mojave Desert back before I think it was the, Loma Prieta earthquake in San Francisco. Not sure if that’s from the magnetic field or electricity or gas or what. I’ve heard other people say they have seen it also before earthquakes. Sort of seems like what you see before a tornado or hurricane maybe. But lower to the ground. My opinion/experience anyway.

        2. jules104 Avatar

          Mari see this link on earthquake lights.

      2. jules104 Avatar

        Wow can’t wait to hear more Star48. Sounds interesting. Not surprised that he picked up on your being connected to the Spirit World. Glad you got your data usage plan all worked out. Blessings.

  19. jules104 Avatar

    Sorry I know this has nothing to do with this but not sure where to put it. Macromolecule may be end all of viruses. Just good news I wanted to share.

    1. Mary Avatar

      Wow….fantastic news!! Yay!!! Let’s hope it stays that way…..for better to cure the viruses.

      Amen! 😉

      1. jules104 Avatar

        I agree Mary. So glad. Hope it all works out.

  20. jules104 Avatar

    Here are two older posts that I found with the Cuban Missile crisis references. I thought there was a post a while back about things going down hill between Cuba and the US but I haven’t found it yet. Will keep looking. I’m not sure if these help but one had dates I think.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      We will have to wait and see how related they all are.

  21. jules104 Avatar

    Here is the other post about the bridge built to Cuba faltering, along with the posts on 8/20/14, and 2/7/14.

  22. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 how timely just look at that a problem that lead to a blessing wonderful…very happy you wint hqve any more data keep us updated with the shamans meetings ..glan to hear hear he passed on good news of Yellowstone ….
    Mary im.sorry to read of your pain ..does it help toput your feet and hands in warm water alsi the fleshy part of palm under thumb uf you apply pressure quite strongly it can relieve the pain ..i have dine that many times with success too Mari ehat are we going to do with you two
    Jules 104 great news about Viris attacker ..we are entering an age of medical blessings happy people in good health is ajoy to wish for the balance is odd though terror on one hand destroying life and science extending it
    enjoy your waking hours all x

  23. swampy11 Avatar

    Several places to keep apprised of symptoms from earth sensitives. Here are some:, (look at dreams/prophecies, earth groans, etc.)

  24. star48 Avatar

    SWC, just a note on Russia, still playing tag with Air forces…poking at NATO,

  25. rhona Avatar

    Eric Star 48 Swc
    Yunan had a 4.9 quake today …i know it was ticked as happened but seeing the other ptedictiins with the Yunan one
    “South American tsunami rubber band”
    “Flag drooping down on its pole”
    “Visual of U.S. flag in wing of plane” then it goes on and mentions military
    These are on 3-29-16
    here is data on quakes one on 17th one on 4th may could be a marker

  26. stress Avatar

    Russia against NATO, because of Baltic states!?

  27. star48 Avatar

    encounter between Russian jets and Israeli jets..
    No looking to good …

  28. star48 Avatar

    Eric, Sexual assault ..
    .Mormon church gives statement..on BYU

    Statement: Mormon Church says there is ‘no tolerance’ for sexual assault at Brigham Young University – @KSLcom

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for the info.

  29. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 it worse take a look at thus ive 45 after shocks.i would love to know whats happening up.there… thanks for your help its amazing…

  30. rhona Avatar

    Jules104 Eric SWC No that term for our indigenous people is from old school mentality and it may still be used by some i have not heard it expressed that way in a very ling time …yes Jules Apparently it is quoted from our now ex prime minister i hope its a miss quote thiugh the tone must have been there.
    Fracking is alive and extensive in many areas Mereerie…west Walker…Jackson …
    Norther Territory arr making a stand against it…the McArther basin is another area of concern …
    Uluru is sacred ground to indigenous and all Australians that cherish our land it must be protected and respected at all costs
    one if my sons was initiated into a clan at sandstone West Aust…my sisterinlaw is part aboriginal my husband works closely with a couple of medicine men at the mine whi graciously gave him a cap for me ti wear that is reserved for them at the mine sites after my operation..i treasure them two caps actually …

    i attach a link about gas and oil production thats been operating for years yes Eric im appauled at the big buck taking priority over the land owners our indigenous who are the caretakers and the ancients of this land
    like all peoples they have their problems but we need to respect their rights..
    blessings and thank you for your interest

  31. jules104 Avatar

    Hi Rhona, that is so neat that your husband works alongside medicine men and they gave you two caps. I am sure they recognize your spirit as being one with theirs. And again so neat that your son was initiated into a clan, and your daughter in law is part Aborigine. My daughter through her new job works closely with the three Native American tribes here in this area, and she’s surprised at how much animosity still exists between the City Council Members and the Confederated Tribes. It’s pretty much the non natives won’t work with the natives and don’t understand why they’d have a problem with such things as, bio solids being dumped onto their Ancient Burial Grounds. Mind boggling right? I totally understand why, if the ex Prime Ministers statement was not taken out of context, he is now the “ex”. Hopefully one day people will be able to stand up to these big business oil drilling and fracking companies and say enough. You have to do this in a responsible manner if you are going to be drilling, fracking, extracting in the first place. I think we will reap what we have sown now at this point in time though. I just hope we can reverse it eventually and help our planet heal itself in the end before she just kicks us right off. Blessings Always.

  32. rhona Avatar

    Hi Jules104 my sister inlaw is part aboriginal Jules not my daughter -inlaw.though i can see how you read that seeing as i was talking about my son
    i think what your daughter does is really neat ..I wonder if th shoe were on the other foot how happy would people be.if bio solids were dumped in.cemetaries gee whiz there is always alternatives and with a little more yeilding a solution is usually found..maybe this is why mother earth is speaking so loudly because we her children are conflict .it really does boil down to respecting cultural values and beliefs with no intention of abuse ridicule or deflamation from anyone …i would hate to see what would be taking place if nit for yours and.our indigenous if earth being our mother they surely represent her tru children an aunt or uncle in.a way they vow to protect the earth and how can that be wrong? caretakers…we need their energy to help balance the vibes energeticly they probably accomplish more than we realise
    blessings to you and yours

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Well said Rhona. I agree wholeheartedly. Blessings.

  33. star48 Avatar

    Putin sacked every Commander in Baltic Fleet, — because refused to confront western ships.,

  34. star48 Avatar

    scandal…..hidden information……released..
    America airlifted 400 million to Iran.. To free prisoners ..

    US airlift of $400 million worth of cash to Iran coincided with January release of 4 Americans detained in Tehran, officials briefed on operation say – Wall Street Journal

  35. star48 Avatar

    Fallout is starting..
    .excerpt.. Will make Iran -Contra look like..jaywalking..

    Rep. Bill Johnson, R-Ohio, on report US cash shipment to Iran coincided with hostage release: ‘For decades, American foreign policy has been to not pay ransom for hostages, because to do so only encourages more kidnapping of Americans. Not only did the Obama administration violate this common-sense policy, it did so secretly. I will call on the Speaker of the House to appoint a special investigation committee to get all the facts on this very serious violation of American policy. If true, this would make the Iran-Contra affair look like jaywalking.’

  36. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    No fly zone would require war.with Syria and Russia,

  37. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,

    Russian Tate newspapers predict direct military conflict with us as it compares Syria stalemate to Cuban missile crisis.

  38. star48 Avatar
  39. star48 Avatar

    Could make Putin angry! Kerry wants RussiaN War crimes investigation over Syria
    (27 bombing on hospitals since July)

  40. star48 Avatar

    Eric, a first move like chess?
    Russia deploying largest naval force…

  41. Lisa Avatar

    Hi eric Russian ships are sailing by my country I think tomorrow which is the 21st, I live in England so you think this could be it ?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Lets hope not.

  42. Lisa Avatar

    Do the sprits say anything about it .

  43. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

    The Spirits have said they see a massive increase in tensions between the west and Russia, a sort of on the brink of war. But that’s an escalation that isn’t there yet.

    1. Lisa Avatar

      Do they think war well happen

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        I do not, it seems very Cuban missile crisis like.

  44. Lisa Avatar

    Thanks Eric your a star, the media in this country are putting terrible things in the press at the moment which try’s to scare people x

  45. star48 Avatar

    Ref::In big bold letters was the word IVY “Rape, again and again.. blurred lines”

    At least two reports of sexual assault involve the fraternity, including one from March.
    Temple U Frat President charged

    Another excerpt..
    The fraternity was suspended last month as a part of a months-long investigation into sexual misconduct, underage drinking and drug use. Goldstein, 21, was removed as president when the investigation began.

  46. star48 Avatar

    Ref::In big bold letters was the word IVY “Rape, again and again.. blurred lines”

    College..John Jay..
    Professors ran swamp of Drug dealing and sexual assault..

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That does sound like the predictions thanks

  47. star48 Avatar

    Ref:::In big bold letters was the word IVY “Rape, again and again.. blurred lines”

    7 women sue Dartmouth , alleging sexual misconduct by Professors.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I will check it out thanks

  48. star48 Avatar

    Ref::::In big bold letters was the word IVY “Rape, again and again.. blurred lines”


    The only two fraternities at Swarthmore College have decided to disband amid outrage over documents containing derogatory comments about women and the LGBTQ community and jokes about sexual assault.

  49. star48 Avatar

    Ref:::In big bold letters was the word IVY “Rape, again and again.. blurred lines”

    12 men arrested in statutory rape case involving an Alabama university
    “The girls were making contact through social media connections and then coming onto our campus or adjacent to our campus to meet these individuals,” the university attorney said.

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