Predictions for 2015

The sum of what 2015 will bring.
The old era is out and a new era begins. Oh how the world will massively change under one year.
On its way out: Al Assad, old Egyptian leaders, Al Bashir, the voice of the radical right, Kim Jong Un, Ebola smashed with little left.
Arriving: AIDS breakthrough, economic ideas, democracy for northern Africa,
It’s time to sweep away the nightmares of the world and start anew

As Obama extends an olive branch to Cuba which lead to gradual change, the Castro’s bite his hand and the bridge built begins to falter.

An all out war on ISIS approaches, a coalition on one side, and a dwindling ISIS on the other.

I had a visual of business leaders and stock traders giving each other high fives, a new era of new ideas form for the worlds economy.

A strange economical idea is forming, dual nations will merge their economy, locking it together. An idea with fruit, but one glaring downside, if one of the leaders sour it all sours.. 17 months

34 thoughts on “Predictions for 2015

  1. Now this is so uplifting, Eric! This is one set of predictions that I hope come true!

  2. Me to and i heard somewhere astrology related about how 2015 was our chance for change and a chance at peace could it be because the cardinal climax which causes chaos that started in 2008 and finally ends in i believe march of this year could that be what the spirits are getting at. Have a safe and happy holidays all.

  3. well, this is a bit more like it in terms of positivity although.. 12 months is a long time. hopefully, the good stuff starts happening towards the beginning of 2015 (marchish like travis said would be cool)

    I would Like ISIS to be in the “leaving” category instead of the dwindling but maybe thats semantics i hope?

    the far right leaving is interesting. i hope that means the moderates are going to take over. I’m conservative, but truth be told the geico lizard can take over and if the US is better God bless

    1. Hi Matt – I think the dwindling phrase might be more realistic as regards ISIS. I’m excited to read that ISIS will be dwindling, if the prediction is right. ISIS is growing and has been infiltrating more parts of the world. I can’t help but think though, that ISIS must wind up doing something abominable in order for such a committed coalition to occur. I LAUGHED when I read about the Geico lizard …you do have a point! LOL!

  4. I wonder if this will be a bad thing for the US.. the china, russia, iran situations make me uneasy.

  5. theres always a lot of talk that China will bail out Russia. they will become linked economically-trading partners and militarily and become adversaries for the US not just from other psychics but other newsites

      1. its not isuppose, I guess the US and the world in general just makes me very uneasy these days

      2. Here is the thing; our grandparents certainly experienced their fair share of tradgedies/atrocities but they also saw hings get better and brighter and then they passed away. the times we are in right now, i dont see things becoming better.. maybe in peeks, however, i feel the world is spiraling downward and we will not see the better times here on earth. I used to want to have kids, i used to want to be a dad and enjoy times with my kids but not now, if you could tell me, i wont face the earthly hell you describe or like you, i would live till i was very old and then on my deathbed.. the horrbile things would begin and i would die soon after.. i’d be ok with that.. again.. what can i look forward to?

  6. I feel terrible posting things like this b/c the messed up thing is, up until about a year ago, i never thought about this stuff, now even when i read the positive books i like or hear posiive reports i think “no one knows, whats coming down the road” it really sucks

  7. Dave,
    I actually said this before, but you and i are quite simillar in whats going on in our lives.. Eric told me in a reading that the appocolyspe that I worry about doesnt happen in my life so dont worry about it, but the first thing i thought was “Eric is 8 years older than me and he said the appocolypse happens in HIS lifetime, but not mine.. that means i’m not going to live a long life, i’m only 31.. he also told me something that i love to do ends abrutly again like you I’m constantly doing math well, eric said hes very old when he dies so if he lives 30 years hes 70, 40 hes 80,.. etc etc

    the crazy thing is i’m so afraid to die because i love life so much.. my friends, my family, all the blessings ive been given.

    I want so bad to break this anxiety, i alk to Eric way too much.. hes a nice guy, great guy but to be at this level isnt good, i know that

    i want to focus on making 2015 different to be the person God wants me to be,which i firmly believe this is not it! i hope and pray this fear disipates all this BS clears and i’m good and i pray for you too and everyone on this site

    1. and Dave these predictions for 2015 are prety good.. lets hope.. when we sweep the nightmares away dreams take their place.. meant to add that

    2. Oh my. No it does not happen in my lifetime. When did I say that, very, very sorry for giving you that impression. The messages go like this: I had a vision an old man was dying in a bed from something like cancer, he was crying, totally breaking down, on the news was a charismatic leader coming to power, the old man screamed at the Television, upset he was coming to power. Spirit shared with me this was the ruler of terror, the darkest human ever. Than the old man died, he had a note in his hand that read “I promise you, you will have peace. signed ELP”. That’s the prediction, that on my death bed this dark figure comes to power, but nothing bad has happened during that moment. Nor does my death have anything to do with him actually coming to power, they are just using it as a precursor. Now the other message implies that the ‘Ambassador’ arrives sometime after the great war. But that could be 50 years after the war, don’t really know for sure.

      1. Oh cause previously you said he would rise to power sometime between 2025 and 2050 and that you were a very old man, so i thought you meant he will have been ruling and we will be apart of his terror, the famines all the horrible things of his reign.. if he just begins to rise when you are on your deathbed and you are very old , forgive me future generations, but thats not so bad for this guy and my loved ones who will prob be long gone

  8. Thanks Matt.. I definitely Struggle wih everything. Eric, does spirit ever tell you how to enjoy your daily life ( non predictions) when they show you such terror? the climate changes, food shortages, error attacks, i’m not you and all this is definitely hard on me

    1. I get to see the whole picture, what happens to humanity in the future, how truly awesome the world will become, how truly far we go as a species.
      I also get to witness the acts of Spirit and the Creator, all that they do. So in short I am quite happy.

  9. Eric – What does happen to humanity in the future and in what ways will the world become truly awesome?

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