Notes on 8-20-14

I had a visual I was walking through someone’s house, two children where sleeping in a room I glanced by. I went into a spare bedroom and stood by a window looking outside, curious to where I might be. I knew from the view I was in a large city. I walked down the narrow hall, and at that moment there was a massive explosion that shook the house. I raced back to check on the children, and as I approached heard the children screaming, glass was everywhere on the floor and you could hear several car alarms go off in the background,  their father raced in, scooped up his children and exited his house frazzled. I gasped with relief once I realized the children were safe. Then it switched and I was in the sky looking down on the city and an SUV began to oddly slow down, I have to assume they were showing me something earlier in the day. Then the vision switched again and Spirit showed a map of the United States, Spirit circled the North East US. Then I found myself in the desert, 4 men were standing next to a large cliff in the desert, several rifles where leaning against the cliff. All of them were packing clothes into duffel bags.

7-27 — means the 27th. But is this message for the bombing they just described or the Iceland Volcano I have been asking about. The number has been used before in a prediction about an attack in Norway. There is a prediction about an attack in Boston with the number 3, perhaps these numbers have accidently been mixed up. Previously it was thought that 27 could represent the 2nd, and 7 is pointing to a day, now they make a point to say its the 27th.

315 — They also presented the numbers 315, this set of numbers do not fit their normal number pattern but would imply March of 2015

“Missiles .. massive.. nuclear armament headed the wrong direction.. In about 3 weeks the summit will fail.. happiness just dead.. its like the Cuban missile crisis all over again but on a smaller scale.. Russia? Cuba?” — Spirits Voice

In other news, its time to spread our wings. Many of you have posted your own predictions in the comment section, some of them have happened. From here on out if you post a prediction in the comment section, from a spiritual source, and it happens I will be presenting a recap of your prediction just as I do with my own predictions. Please make sure your predictions are from a spiritual connection and not just opinions. Also I would encourage you to air on the side of humility when presenting your predictions, we just passed a milestone of 1 million views, keep that in mind as your writing out your predictions to share with the rest of us.

Its time to work beyond just my work, and create a community set on sharing world predictions with the world community in the hopes to alter the outcome of future tragedies, and as a group we can accomplish so much more.

127 thoughts on “Notes on 8-20-14

  1. Eric for notes on 5/18/14 the Spirits said “apocalyptic…three fifty one”, and now they are using numbers 315 before the missile crisis prediction. Do you think they could be related somehow? And about this wrong direction. Guess I’m just assuming they are pointed at the US to begin with? Now I’m wondering about the country that is suppose to be our Allie but despises us. But Russia or Cuba wouldn’t really fit that I’d think. Did the Spirits imply this would have to do with the US for sure?

    1. Yes, they really imply that Russia, Cuba and the US would have a verbal fight of some kind, threats made, etc. Its an odd prediction because nothing like that is happening. On top of that they also implied that Russia and other nations would increase there weapons.

      1. Thanks Eric. Just wanted to add…did you see on the news that General Dempsey described ISIS as having an “apocalyptic end of days strategic vision”? It reminded me of the Spirits “apocalyptic three fifty one” prediction. Also, I had this weird like split second vision (not really a dream) and I am not a precog/psychic or anything, and it may be nothing. I saw the number four and then it exploded. I said, I wonder why it had a circle around it, and then, hey Eric’s number with a circle was a date. That was it. Probably nothing but I hardly dream anything except this week I have , but probably my planets in an odd spot. Just wanted to share because it seemed odd and I can’t think what it would relate to in my life except my birth date that’s 4 Oct., didn’t feel like it was about me though. Guessing you know what I mean.

        1. Its an interesting notion. Can you please forward another message with just the prediction you got, so if and when it happens I can recap it by itself.

            1. No the comment section, I would like everyone to post their predictions, just the predictions, in the comment section so I can copy and paste if the prediction happens. Thenks

    1. Eric, you wrote, “in about 3 weeks the summit wil fail”, that could be the one from the Nato Summit meeting in the UK, because of the 3 weeks.
      I live in Brisbane, I hope that you do not mistake Boston for Brisbane,I hope it never happen to both Cities, but I am very worried.

  2. Hi Eric, with the clear vision you had of the home and the children and the explosion, did you feel did you get a sense of the temperature? How were you and/or the children and their father dressed? I ask for getting a sense of timing. Were there leaves on the trees when you saw an aerial view of the SUV in daylight? I live in the Northeast so of course it’s disconcerting. I’ve had that terrible explosion dream (posted before July 4th on this site) that was located somewhere in Boston, I thought, at a college or university. There were actually a few explosions in my dream. My husband also had a huge explosion dream about 6 months ago – again, in Boston, MA. With all of the students arriving for school now in Boston, it would be a prime time for terrorists to hit. Opening weeks on campuses are very busy and a stranger’s arrival would not be noticed because of so many new students arriving at the same time.

    1. I did not get a timing, when does school start? There is one part left out that we said seemed inappropriate. The terrorist expected the bombing to be bigger, otherwise I will be asking for clarity. It should be interesting to see if the 27th brings anything.

      1. Eric, depending on the school, some students are returning to school now and up to the middle of September. Private schools tend to start later, while public schools can being at the end of this month of August.

  3. omg Eric! Maybe with your dream and the one I had last week we can piece together a location? I live in upstate NY, but am originally from a small town called Poland…its is near Utica, Ny…in my dream I was driving down a big straight hill I know all to well…for some reason I took a left on a new road and turned the car around back to the main road…when I went to go left the bridge was closed and was being worked on with the construction men…I went left and had to stop because a wedding rehearsal was going on in the road…but yet I watched the wedding party in their dresses slide down a huge plastic tarp and they were having a blast getting all mud sliding…I thought “why are they wearing their dresses?” Just then I got out of my car, and a huge explosion went off on top of one of the small mountains setting the trees and everything on fire! It was then shown to me again two more times..the mountain exploding….I was running down the hill fast towards town…another women was running with me…I looked over at a home I know very well and it was covered in dirt and debris….I looked down at my feet and we were running in about a quarter of an inch of sand and dirt…I looked behind me to see a huge avalanche of dirt, and rocks coming toward me…I then woke up. I lived it in my dream like it was really happening…the last time I had a dream so vivid was a few months ago and I was living through a huge, and I mean huge destructive earthquake in LA.

    1. I can’t believe what I just read regarding YOUR post, you blew me away for I was just going to write that I though 315 was the area code and wham I read your post. I question because there is a strange now vacant house and actually is a dead dog for the woman who owns it lives downstate and she breached a rent to own so the guy moved out. She can’t sell it, she has way too many codes violations and what makes no sense it that it was said she owes about $65,000 on a house that should have been paid off years ago. I can’t help but sense there will be an explosion in that house to collect an insurance value. Not that long ago a gas line was placed in that home and only a couple years ago there was a gas explosion that killed an old lady in Whitesboro, NY area.

      The house is on a hill in an upscale area, massive taxes and more. She and her friend bullied the kid out of that house and now it is vacant. He had until Aug 31 to move but left over a week ago. When I read this thread, read your post I couldn’t believe it. I worry for we are trapped next door and if that blows will that blow into my window, take my care and hurt my ‘kids’ or kill us? This woman is a dangerous woman who is connected, her husband is an ex-con and she is deeply ‘connected’ for if she were to pull off this ‘explosion’ the DA, officials will do nothing for they are ‘connected’ dangerously ‘connected’!

      1. My comment “….I worry for we are trapped next door and if that blows will that blow into my window, take my CAR and hurt my ‘kids’ or kill us?” I wanted the word car, I meant car for my car is in direct line to that gas line into that house and the car is parked right next to my window.

      2. it is still mafia connected in the Utica, Whitesboro, yorkville, etc area… I seen the country side though….not city…it was outside of the city.

  4. maybe the gas line that runs from Canada through Ny state? Or the underground tunnels the military uses to move nuclear war heads underground in the area? Griffiss air force base closed, but we all know the base is still very much running, and storing nuclear war heads.

      1. jules104…. the base is a business center now, but if you look at what kind of business it is, it is mostly government related businesses. The Nukes are very much still there…underground….tunnels and tunnels of them…it scares me because my daughter goes to RFA right on the base. The MVCC college is right there too. 315 is the area code of that area… 315 covers a huge area of NY State. The base on one side goes into the country side… I can remember growing up, and everyone knew if we ever had nuclear war that the base was on the list to be first hit…I didn’t see a mushroom cloud though…it was just this huge fire explosion and I could see all the pine trees engulfed on fire…I mean a lot of trees! When it was shown to me the two other times I noticed the trees were emphasized…I could see every needle and branch glow with fire. The whole mountain and it was spreading to the mountain next to it. The city is only 10 minutes away from the base is Utica…and there are a city full of immigrants there from Bosnia, and from the Arab nations. Not singling them out, but Utica was the area during the Bosnia crisis people were brought to. The Arab population has grown a lot, along with people from Asia. There are several prisons in the area as well….Utica is known as a mini NY City with drugs due to it being between NY City and Buffalo, and the boarder. So the things that were emphasized were the trees on fire, the explosion…bridge construction, wedding (odd one), and the debris, and small mountains, and no place to go. I couldn’t drive through the bridge, or wedding.

  5. Eric I would think this is just a coincidence but wanted to add it just in case. I was trying to see if there was any other association between 351 and 315 other than they are the exact numbers but in a different order. The only thing that came up was that they add up to 666. Just thought that was strange since the three fifty one was together with the apocalyptic and the 315 was before the nucleur missles. Also you recently had the prediction on the teenage boy. What are your thouhts? Surely just a fluke I’m thinking but want to make sure the Spirits aren’t trying to tell us something to watch for in the future.

    1. Jules104, I just found a reference to a —-315 Boston College, Brighton campus address.. Have not checked areas around Waterfront, Financial District, Government Center, or Copley Square reference (Someone’s precog dream area?)
      What are your thoughts?

      1. Hi Star48. My thoughts are it has a cobblestone looking tower and is a Jesuit University in the NE. Fulton Hall 315 Graduate Admissions and Career? Is that what you were referring to or did you see something else? I think you could be on to something. There is also a Merrimack University in Andover, Mass on 315 Turnpike. I really think the terror attack will be somewhere around Boston. I hope we can catch those who have terror in mind and black souls beforehand. Curious what Eric is feeling about it.

      2. Hi Star48. Hope you got that previous reply. I answered via the site and not the thread. Hmmm… I think. I’m so not the computer tech genius for sure. I noticed that Boston College also looks like it has a lake or something near their stadium. There are so many Colleges/Universities in the Boston area though which is on the water.

    2. I don’t think is odd at all…. we are the ones who have been chosen to come at this time, and to serve…it’s our choice to do so…I have a wonderful intuition to help others and I do…Eric has an amazing gift he is sharing also and I am so grateful his is! I just this past year started to have the “vivid” dreams of advents…the thing is, I cant say it’s odd because everything happens for a reason, but my dreams started soon after I found this site. we are all having clues to put together as a “team” or as “one” as I was told, to help. There is defiantly
      a “clue” in the numbers adding up to 666.

      1. That was my thought too, I can’t be the only one they are communicating these world events to. The power of a group effort is greater then just my own messages.

  6. Eric, on posting 8-3-14 Spirits clarified the TERROR attacks to 2 areas correct.?
    .”Spirit also clarified that in their several messages about terror attacks there are two separate events, a situation in NORWAY and another in the BOSTON area, their timeframes are completely separate. However it is questionable whether I might have mixed up the timing”
    So now we have dates, to figure out and exact area ?

    1. Yes they are clearly talking about two events and two different times. I think what is confusing is one of the events unfold in multiple locations, kind of like 9/11 unfolding in different locations.

      1. Eric,
        that is why I was getting confused., of course.. So two or more explosions in Boston..
        In differant members of a ( 4 man)cell! So Glass buildings.. College,,restaurant location..are all possible….
        I wonder if it is possible to put a crimp in their plans by trying to figure out where they will rent SUV’s (plural?) any thoughts?
        Do you have google earth.? looking down on Boston may help locate the buildings…

        1. No I don’t think so. Too many moving parts, and we are asking for more. What I know for sure: There are two attacks, boston and Norway (however it could just be a place like Norway in Europe). They show three different locations, a college, a stadium or a place of bleachers, and a mal or strip mall like setting with a rural community. The numbers 27 and 3 consistently show up. They have showed 4 terrorist twice. One of the explosions are set around fireworks, one of the explosions are set around a sports event. Finally they imply twice that one of the explosions are a car bomb. What I will do is line them all up and ask for clarity

        2. Hi Star48. Did you get my reply via site? What do you think about the “Boston Seaport World Trade Center”? As far as I can tell its a hotel also and amphitheater and has ballrooms etc. They are having the annual Mass Brewers Fest on 29 August there. The building is in the water district. Also Schooner Race with fireworks over the harbor from 29-31 August, but that’s in Gloucester, Mass.

  7. Jules104, Eric, — I am still checking on 315 and Boston references.. Lots..
    I am trying to check only Boston areas only.. Need help if not in Boston proper..
    Frankly I am getting a little overwhelmed..
    Tall buildings with access to homes?
    Or apt/condo’s near tall buildings? Near water?
    a posting comment from someone about restaurants? I think I need to stop and meditate…
    Any imput?

      Hi Star48. I found this info on an event happening on 29 August at the “Boston Seaport World Trade Center”. It is the annual “Mass Brewers Festival”. It looks like this building is also a hotel with Ampitheater and stadium seating, in the water district. Also there is a Schooner Festival/Race in Gloucester, Mass from 29-31 Aug with fireworks over the harbor. The restaurant was from Eric’s posting and is in his notes on 29 August 2014, I believe. The cobblestone tower/castle with newer buildings around it, then a restraunt shown.

      1. Hi, Jules104, I looked on Google earth at the looks like an extension or a building on a pier..there are some glass buildings at the foot of the “pier” I cannot see an opening for an amphitheater. However my version of google earth is from 2011.
        I think the Copley Square has potential.. I am hesitant regarding seaport location..
        Let me do some more exploring on G earth and get right back to you.,
        I keep thinking why —the reason –they would target that area? Can you take a look too…if you see it from above looking down you can see what I am talking about..

        1. Hi Star48. I have been looking on google earth and would have to say that the Copley Square area and Northeastern University area, which seems to be pretty close since Northeastern University is spread out over a big area looks like. I noticed the Boston Fine Arts Museum with some type of athletic field “Wentworth” and student dorms/residences also. My thought are the Hancock and Prudential which would affect the University don’t you think?

      2. Fenway stadium, home of the Boston Red Sox, is there, too. It’s all within a half mile of the University and Copley.

      3. Star 48 – Yes, the universe shows us things through symbols – this I believe. I would add a strange thing today. A friend of mine showed a balloon flying over his neighbor’s house today on Facebook. It was a large black balloon (like those with a gondola – that large it was) with a red paw print on its side. Ironically, these are the colors and the logo for Northeastern University’s mascot, the Husky. I don’t know what to make of it except to add to your list by saying the Husky’s paw print is also recognizable for Northeastern U in Boston.

    2. Star48, I think the original post for “Terror Attack” and the tower/restraunt was from 2/10/14. Also noticed that Gen Dempsey recently said this about ISIS. “Apocalyptic…end of days”. It reminded me of the post in which Spirits said “apocalyptic three fifty one”.

      1. Eric, and Lia—I thought of a way to hone in on a particular college….
        Boston College- has open bleachers in a stadium..I started looking at others ..
        All of a sudden I thought.. Let’s get a symbol for the college Eagles..
        So I looked up Harvard- Crimson
        Northeastern – Huskies
        Boston College- Eagles
        So spirit can help with a symbol..what are your thoughts?

  8. Jules104, and Eric, I forgot to add the “SUV oddly slowing down “brought to mind car bombs..
    The four men reference.. Cell reference also added to confusion..

    1. Hi Star48. Car oddly slowing down…car bomb is what I thought also. Possibly parked there earlier. I wonder if Eric got anything of a description for the SUV he saw. Color, make, model possibly?Probably doesn’t mean anything but it seems I have been drawn to the big glass building I think they call the “Hancock” bldg. It’s in the center of downtown Boston from what I remember. But I’d think that would be an office building. I know how you feel about getting overwhelmed at times. I’d take a break and meditate for some clarity on the subject. I’m hoping Eric might have some more clues soon on the terrorist attacks predicted. Though I know Spirits wanted to discuss natural upcoming disasters.

      1. Jules104, in my 315 searches I found many references to many car rentals..locations, on Boston.
        Got confused.

  9. Hi Jules – I had a pre cog dream about being at a college or university and at least 2 explosions and ash all over the place after the explosions. I am a BC grad. Yes, it has towers of stones for buildings. The reservoir is nearby the stadium, too. Of course, Boston University also has a stadium and the Charles RIver is across the street. It can be overwhelming. My husband’s dream about large explosions was in Boston, close to the Prudential Center area where the John Hancock building is located. Hope everyone will be safe. Say prayers for all!

    1. Hi Lia. I remember when you shared that dream with us and have thought of it since then. I will be saying prayers for Boston and Norway and the Icelanders. As I know all of the others on this site will be too. Lately it seems like the whole world needs prayers! Blessings to you and your family.

    2. Hi Lea, do you have Google earth? Can you take a look. To see if you can identify which college? Also your husband dream.. Could it be the taller building? Maybe we could try to get a direction..N,S,E,W

      1. My husband’s dream was of the Boston area nearby Northeastern University (that’s where he was in the dream). He felt that the bombs were coming from the Copley Square area down the street. Copley Square is where there are two tall glass buildings; the Prudential and the Hancock Buildings. Both are filled with offices and retail centers and restaurants are at the bottom of the Prudential. I had no idea where I was in my explosion dream. It may not have even been in Boston, though that is my reference point. I thought Cambridge, Harvard, MIT but I am not sure of that at all. I was INSIDE the buildings during the explosions, so that is why I don’t know for sure. The dream was much like 911 with persons walking and falling due to their inability to breathe – the ash was everywhere and we were all dressed in business attire. When I have these dreams, I experience it as if I were living the event. It is so frightening and so vivid that it differentiates my other “ordinary” dreams.

  10. Just one additional irony – the address for Northeastern University is 350 Huntington Avenue in Boston. 351-353 is a two family house that is for sale on the same street.

      1. Northeastern University is It is diagonally across from the Museum of Fine Fine Arts in Boston, Ma. Now that I think of it, Eric, wasn’t one of your predictions about artwork shattering, or something? It had to do with a spider predictions earlier this year.

        1. Hi Lia. I was thinking the same thing. Museum of Fine Art. I think it was “the art of war” and maybe around the time of the bridge prediction also. I noticed across the street from the Museum there are Student Quads/Residence buildings and some type of “Wentworth” athletic area. Praying for Boston!

      2. Hi again, Eric. The website I gave you doesn’t really show pictures of the campus. Just google “Images of Northeastern University” and some good photos pop up.

  11. Eric,
    , I have located symbol for MIT – Engineer–mascot –Beaver
    Boston University–Boston Terrier (dog Black and white). Should I continue in this vein?
    I have discovered that the Hancock tower is the tallest bldg in New England and the Prudential is the 2nd tallest..

    1. Omarie, hi.
      .I think Jon Blue had many visions about that happening in October…

      1. Oh yes, Star 48. You are right. Jon Blue was telling us of his grandfather’s warnings from the afterlife. I also had a precog dream about Chicago about a year ago. Job Blue’s description was so memorable to me.

  12. Hi Star 48 and Eric,
    Eric, from your notes on 8-3-2014: “In 30 minutes, the horror arrives.” That puts it around the 2nd or 3rd.

    Many thought “the horror” was Ebola coming into the USA, but maybe the Spirits were talking about ISIS/ISIL all along. Just a thought. Will keep on praying that we/everyone can find a way to stop them🙏

    1. Omarie – good catch – I forgot about this entry of Eric’s. Hope you are wrong, but it feels like it’s possible. Hope not.

      1. I hope its all wrong too, but I do question that ’30 minutes’ could just be a reference to a situation close to the end of the month, which again might point to the 27th.

    2. Hi Omarie, not sure on what the horror is, but I have been asking. On another note it could very well be the 2nd or 3rd, but I took it as the end of the month, which brings us back to a message of the 27th.

  13. I had what I’d say was more of a split second vision then a dream the other morning since I was inbetween sleep and waking. All of a sudden I saw the number 4 and it exploded. I thought to myself, I wonder why it had a circle around the number, and then, oh Eric’s number with a circle around it was a date. But even that thought was like part of the dream/vision. It was pretty odd in the sense that I haven’t had that happen before and it didn’t feel as though it was even about me. Hopefully nothing will come of it.

      1. My initial thought was…that was strange…It was really quick. It’s really hard to say for sure if it was a man made or natural explosion. I’d lean more towards man made, but not certain. It just seemed like it was more about the “feeling” of it being BIG! And I didn’t initially think of the four as being a date, but then I heard myself say the part about yours with a circle was a date, (that was referencing the 31 circled). I definetley felt as though it was about one of your predictions. Like your Spirits were showing me something to tell you. Does that ever happen?

      2. Hi Eric. Thought this was strange. I woke up saw they had the 6.0 earthquake in Northern California so I was going to write a comment on it. Put in the subject spot on your site Northern California earthquake to see if I should comment there and what comes up on it is, 3-2-14, you had the number four with a circle around it in that prediction. I think that quake was suppose to have happened already but it really seemed odd to me that I had that dream earlier this week about the four with a circle around it. Also, just another strange thing. Putting boxes in recycle yesterday and one of the boxes had “Vacaville” on it and it really stuck out to me to where I was saying Vacaville…Well on the map this am on news for the earthquake there is Vacaville. Probably just a coincidence. Anyway praying for Northern California.

  14. Mitmits2001 and Eric and Jules: Eric said he had a vision of 4 men in the desert, packing duffle bags. Back in May, Eric said something about the spider and “4 songs.”. Jules’ dream is unusual. the “4” in Jules’ dream makes me think of a pool table and the 4 ball. Also, the 4 seasons comes to mind. There is a ” Four Seasons Hotel in Boston, MA not too far from where we were discussing. Jules’ dream could mean an explosion in 4 days. I suppose we could read too much into it, but thought I’d send out some thoughts.

    1. Hi Lia. Thank you for trying to discern that vision. I find myself second guessing everything and what it could mean. It did feel as though it was meant as some piece of info for Eric and this site and not about me.

    2. Lia look at Eric’s post for 3-2-14 on Northern California earthquake. Strange. He has a four with a circle around it.

      1. Hi Jules – Now that is odd! Don’t know what to think about that…but it’s too coincidental to be brushed off. Thanks for pointing that out to me.

  15. Feeling uneasy as tomorrow is the 27th. I’ve been following the threads. My Hubby works at Children’s Hospital which is in that area. I look like a wacko when trying to warn people. All of the info being posted is so true though. The dorms, Northeastern, Fenway, Copley Square,the IGA building, the Art museum, there is a mall inside the buildings at Copley. There are also some historical buildings that could be cobble stone like. I hope this doesn’t happen. etc. etc. I truly wish there was some way to effect change. Has anyone gotten any more clarity on this?

    1. We are expecting one of the predictions to happen tomorrow, but keep in mind it could be the Volcano, or the start of the hurricane, or another earthquake. I know 27 is a part of one of the terror attacks, but my thought was tomorrow might be about the Volcano mainly because that is what we were talking about at the time. Be open to the idea that it could be anyone of several predictions, I am sorry I have caused that uneasy feeling.

      1. Hello Eric. Thank you for your reply but please don’t ever feel bad for causing uneasy feelings. I appreciate all that you do. Thankfully nothing happened today but I know timing is tough. I just wish we could all learn love over hate. I don’t understand how peeps can be so in humane and evil. Maybe we could all pick a time and a day to pray collectively to bring about change. Love over Hate that’s my hope.

        1. They are drawing out one very large ‘O’ so even though nothing happened on the 27 they are expecting something soon, again my thought is the Volcano.

  16. The Mount VULCANO on Papoea New Guinea errupted on the 28
    so Eric was right, I saw that yesterday in a brief moment on tv.
    Strange it is here so quiet, so nobody saw it on the news ?.
    I live in Australia

    1. Hi anton2a. No I didn’t see that particular event on the news. But I’m not surprised because I haven’t even seen the Bardarbunga Volcano in Iceland on the news yet. I have begun to search for the actual news these days. Sort of crazy that a lot of things don’t get mentioned that are definitely news worthy. Thanks for pointing that eruption out. Here is a link if any others haven’t seen it either.

  17. Jules104,
    hi I sent that info to Eric directly.. As well as the Costa Rico 3 eruptions.

    1. Thanks Star48. I hadn’t even seen the Costa Rica eruptions. My daughter said, oh I saw that on Facebook. I guess that’s where all the news is found. LOL.

      1. Jules104,
        I did not know it is on Facebook. I have been monitoring earth sciences for years on different websites. .Geology has always been a interest since childhood..I will have to checkout Facebook postings.. I have been a little nervous using that medium for anything except family bulletins…

        1. I don’t really use Facebook either except to see what’s going on with my son and daughter in law in Japan. He’s in the USAF. But glad you are monitoring all those sites so this site can be kept aware of everything going on around the world.

  18. Jon Blue, said about 1 week before the eruption : “The Volcano prediction is about to happen… Also there was just a PBS documentary done of the three Iceland volcanos just in the last few weeks.

    No..No.. Jon B. I have not forgotten, what you said a week ago, nobody gave you attention, but I … still admire you for your gift, I like to hear more from you… Yes.. I like this “club”

  19. Eric could these four men who said they are members of the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK) be the four men who you saw in the desert packing duffle bags? They told Homeland Security they were fighting against ISIS and that their destination was NYC.

      1. Eric, Jules, I posted PKK info on Sept 24,14 .,about Turkey concerns info on PKK..also about nurses helping ISIS fighters in Turkey..

        1. I remember reading that article Star48. It doesn’t make sense that the PKK would be wanting to terrorize the US to me though since they are fighting against the ISIS group. I was just wondering if they were telling the Authoriries the truth of who they are. It says that their stories checked out though. Seemed pretty coincidental to me still.

          1. Jules104,
            just because they were against ISIS does not mean they are good guys..
            AQ and ISIS are also fighting.,
            Politics does not necessarily identify the “bad guys” Over time some groups finally show there true colors.

            1. Thanks Star48, I agree. Also about the prediction for Russia and US missles and Eric saying they implied a massive nucleur weapons build up. Here is an article I found while googling what “missile modernization” is. Did they have that news on cable networks? Anyway sounds like this prediction to me. I have two links but I have to send them seperately since I can’t get this darned iPhone to behave.

              1. Jules104.. I have had a great laugh…about the iPhone…I thought it was just me..

  20. Jules104, great articles
    ..justifications on both sides..MAD. (Mutual assured Destruction)
    Never ends ..just evolving.. I thought prediction would be more like the Cuban Missile Crisis.
    That was a scary time..I remember it well.

  21. I have an idea to slightly increase the degree of probability of your predictions that arrives very soon … etc.

    Used astrology on you.
    Empirically list the periods where you have validated very precise predictions, published predictions that have been realized quickly, or many predictions validated almost at the same time.

    This can become interesting,if parameters are clear from the investigation (a recurrence of a configuration in 75% of the cases)
    It will anticipate possible periods to produce accurate predictive results.

    1. We actually discussed that idea, we were about to do it, but because we present the raw version of Spirits message exactly as is there was a concern it would be confusing for readers who don’t know a lot about astrology, we do plan to refocus on timing after we get this rollout of predictions that happen very soon.

  22. I can be in touch with the director of a well-known news agency.

    Do you accept that I communicate to him, advantages information on the predictions … or you prefer the discretion? …

    What are your guidelines for communicating your predictions about journalists, public authorities ?

    1. Yes please. Spirit and I are open to any act that brings awareness to these predictions because awareness will eventually alter the outcome. Even if we help avert just one tragedy it would be worth it. The flip side is, the media is a touchy, sticky, situation, Spirit insist on me being humble, so how does one relay our successes without coming off as arrogant or showy? They want the work to speak for itself to ensure that humble state. Which is why there are no pictures of me and my bio is at a minimal. It’s the message that holds all weight. So yes pleased contact you associate.

      1. I warned this person and other authorities in France of the risk of a negative event on a boat, a yacht very soon. Presumably at the Cannes Film Festival.

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