Predictions 5-3-16

“The Butcher is dead. Many will celebrate his demise.” – Spirits Voice


A Butcher has been used to describe an evil leader. They have in the past referred to President Al Assad of Syria as a Butcher. But they have also used it for other leaders. 

Its unclear what 9:57 means, usually 57 means the 5th or in 5 days. This means the 5th or 8th/9th is marked. But what does 9 mean? 

“In India a great famine is coming, this year. One of the worst.” — Spirits Voice

They also pointed Africa, the Refugees of Syria, and other parts of the middle east, they are saying that famine is coming with a vengeance, and it starts this year.

“A horrible train crash.”

I had a vision I was crossing multiple trains but one of them was completely black.

Spirit implied Germany. It could be a derailment.

78 thoughts on “Predictions 5-3-16”

  1. Maybe 5th month may
    7 days one week from now
    On the 9th

    Or 9 weeks from now in the 7th month
    which is july. On the 5th of july

    I need to think more on this but it seems like the
    9 Stands on one side and the 5/7 together

    1. Erdogan is a “Butcher”: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says …

      Videos of erdogan says assad a butcher …

      Maybe someone will confuse them and get rid of both on the same day…

  2. Do you think the famine predictions for this prediction relate back to the black horse from 5/2?

  3. Hi, Eric,
    I don’t know if you needed this translated into Spanish, but here you go. This is your last prediction, 5-3-16

    El carnicero está muerto. Muchos celebran su fallecimiento.


    Los Espíritus han usado la palabra “carnicero” anteriormente para referirse a un líder maligno. En el pasado se han referido a el presidente Al Assad de Siria como un “carnicero”. Pero también lo han usado para otros líderes.

    No está claro qué significa 9:57; por lo general 57 significa el 5to día del mes o dentro de 5 días . Esto significa que el 5to, 8vo o 9no está marcado. Pero, ¿qué significa el 9?

    ” En la India una gran hambruna viene, este año. Uno de las peores.” – Voz de los Espíritus.

    También señalaron África, los refugiados de Siria y otras partes del Medio Oriente, están diciendo que la hambruna llega con una venganza, y comienza este año .

    ” Un choque de trenes horrible. ”

    Tuve la visión de que estaba cruzando varios trenes, pero uno de ellos estaba completamente negro .

    Espíritu implicaba Alemania. Podría ser un descarrilamiento.

  4. Today is very upsetting news as Cruz dropped out the presidential bid. He made a huge mistake and there’s more delegates to count such as CA. I don’t get it. I’m very upset. Praying that it will be prevented from Trump winning the election. Otherwise, USA will be in huge graveyards.

    1. I cannot say I can agree with you on that. Hillary did nothing short of killing 4 US ambassadors and still doesn’t think she did anything wrong.

    2. mary, I have ALWAYS believed, that the election for us president, has the help from the spirit world as well, as the people who become president, are the best ones taking office, in America, even though, we think we elect them! I always say prayers, that the best person running, out of all others, will be elect, and trust GOD, to do the rest, besides, most people should have known, that the house and senate, really has the power to make changes, unless, a president, as to go around them, when nothing gets done….. on a private note, my intuition, is telling me, that Hillary will be president, womens energies are so needed, to heal negative planet earth, do not worry, GOD will always intercede, what I would worry and really pray about, is the very BIG weather CHANGES growing, that will change planet earth, and all of us, who still dwell here. to all others,,, this is not a post for political partys, I just wanted to give you what I see and feel………

      1. The President should not ever go around Congress, but should find a way to work with them. Yes, it can be done and has been done. Separation of powers is what not only makes us great, but protects us from Tyrants. However, when good men (women) stand by and do nothing……

  5. Reading of the atrocities south of the Texas boarder, could the butcher be a cartel leader? Being that there have been several cases where body parts are left in ice chest or boxes in city centers or meeting places just to make a statements.

    1. It could, but the word butcher was originally used to describe Napoleon because of the amount of deaths under his thumb was so massive. I believe anyone they are talking about would have to fit that situation. So it could be.

      1. the Butcher’s Apron is a common name for the British Union Flag, particularly among former colonies, which certainly suffered many deaths in their independence struggles

    1. hi rhona
      same lines i was thinking about the 9 standing on one side and the 5 7 together on the other side . it feels like the 9 being separated from the 57 with : means it represents a longer time from now. and eric’s past prediction re assad is in line with this.
      what do u think about 9/12 (5+7) ? so many possibilities but maybe collective intuition will help..

  6. Oh geesh this sounds creepy, Eric, considering the last message I sent you regarding the May 9 elections.

    1. hi roxiee
      can u send me a the may 9 elections post… something is in the back of my brain that i need to figure out..
      thanxxx and happy day!

      1. I think elections will be ok. I think there
        was someone very wicked but he is now
        not a threat. Maybe he went underground
        out of the forefront that was the one
        to worry about

  7. 9.57 means this. bible

    As they were going along the road, someone said to him, ‘I will follow you wherever you go.’ And Jesus said to him, ‘Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests; but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head.’
    in other words god laughs for he who plans. Looks like son of man is about to do some serious traveling and kick some ass.

  8. Hi mari this is the 3rd time i have tried to reply to your post geesh its hard work with techo glitches
    yes i agree and then when you add human and situational influences into the mix it can make time frames off
    im sure spirit will.update us closer to the time
    stay well blessings

    1. Also keep in mind ‘In 2’ and 9:57 is their code, my opinion is just that an opinion, the important thing to do here is after the event happens to see what the code really meant.

  9. Can also be
    Judges 9:57
    God also made the people
    of Shechem pay for all their
    wickedness. The curse of Jotham son of Jerub-Baal
    came on them.

  10. benmadigan Swc hey this is weird i was reading your comment benmadigan and on the radio the Battle of New Orleans wss playing on radio ….the British ships are coming is a line from the song …
    maybe the British take him out ..whoa…

  11. Star 48 oh my much light is needed in for this African plight. this is huge much assistance is going to be required
    the time is now before it worsens ..preparedness by governments that intend to help with any form of relief ..much prayer given

    1. Yes it is a bit confusing. I would agree it sounds more like he passes in Sept/Oct. However it is also very possible that its not assad at all. Their is also Omar Bashir and Kim Jong Un that are truly evil leaders.

      1. I don’t even like saying I want someone dead, I just feel that’s not right, but… Venezuela is also suffering with its leaders, I know it’s not war or anything, but they sure are pure evil running my beautiful country. Deep in my soul I hope is one of them, if not Maduro, so we can have a better place to live, but I also feel that if this ever would happen, new leaders would be the same with corruption, taking everything in their pockets and less for the people. I think it’s just sad, or is it just me almost giving up hope. I don’t know.

  12. Re some different posts abput crossing the
    border. , the 7th, 5/7 Today el chapo
    Born in 1957 also known as butcher
    is unexpectedly being transferred to
    the US. When they left prison
    thete were many colorful houses

    I dont think this is the same butcher as in prediction
    but it os interesting for those posts that
    mentioned these details

  13. SWC, what is it that people want to ” butcher ” other people
    See.Philippine presidential Rodrigo Duterte says he will ‘forget the laws on human rights,’ vows to ‘butcher’ criminals – AFP

  14. Eric. On the visual of “The Butcher is dead. Many will celebrate his demise.” The number 9:57 could mean 9 weeks and 57 days. i counted from the day you posted this visual, and it stopped on july 21st. it’s 8 weeks from the date you posted it though, but maybe the spirits made a little mistake, because it’s only 1 week in difference. So you posted this on 3rd may, which was a tuesday. I don’t know, but if you meditated and recieved the visual on that sunday, maybe the counted that as another week. It’s hard to explain.

    1. Wow that’s horrible. I have way to much food Star48. I’ve been seeing a lot of situations on the news lately like this. It’s begun right? I hope and pray they get relief. Blessings

  15. Eric, New Jersey…Train Crash,,,
    Early signs indicate Hoboken, NJ, train crash accidental, not terrorism, say 4 law enforcement officials; NTSB, federal rail officials responding – WNBC

  16. Eric, SWC, Update NJ train crash,,

    At least 1 death confirmed in NJ train crash, medical examiner says; estimated as many as 100 injured – WNBC

    Update…..a few minutes ago updated to 3 dead..

  17. Eric, SWC
    Statement: NJ Transit on crash in Hoboken: At approximately 8:45 a.m., train #1614, a Pascack Valley line departure from Spring Valley operating to Hoboken, struck Hoboken Terminal building on track 5. Initial reports indicate multiple critical injuries. Rail service in/out of Hoboken is suspended due to the incident.’ – @byMikeDavis

    Side note….track 5

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